Metal Slug Infinity — Basic Guide for Beginners

Metal Slug Infinity — Basic Guide for Beginners Guides


Basically these are the things that you improve to get stronger and push more stages.

  • Character (soldiers): In MSI, characters are earned via dungeons (to be explained below), loot boxes and ‘store’ purchases. Characters are upgraded when multiple of the same character cards are collected. For example, 10 Marco cards get you a 1* Marco, collecting another 30 Marco cards will allow you to upgrade him into a 2* Marco.
  • Vehicle (slugs): Slugs are vehicles that allow the player to ‘skip’ stages, running off a slug energy that regenerates itself rather quickly. You cannot skip past your highest achieved stage. They also contribute to firepower in PVP/PVE and spawns occasionally. They are upgradeable in pure levels with a slug resource. Slugs are upgraded when 3 of the same type and star* are fused together (into a random slug of a higher star*)
  • Global soldier level: Soldier level is upgraded based on maximum stage achieved (100 stage = 1 level). It will be updated when you do a reset.
  • Global stats buffs (war books): These are resource-bought buffs that adds stats globally to specific types, such as REGULAR ARMY health boost, damage boost, defense boost, AIR SLUG attack, defense, etc. They are upgradeable by another farmable resource.
  • Mastery level: There are 3 types of soldiers in this game – flame, electric, and physical. You can upgrade their individual stats with medals – resources earned during reset. These stats are global and persist through resets.

Metal Slug Infinity

TYPES OF RESOURCES and how to farm them

  • Gold : These are naturally occurring from defeating enemies and from quests. Quests are auto-farming and you just need to unlock them as you get more gold. Gold is used to open and upgrade quests and also to enhance character levels. All these will reset upon .. reset.
  • Medals: You earn these resources when you reset the game. All your quests are removed and everything begins at stage 1 and level 1 again. Medals are used to mainly upgrade mastery levels and also to purchase soldiers and slugs. IMO after the first day or so of playing you should always be buying them with medals since they are essentially insignificant (You would easily earn 100s million medals per reset and each soldier/slug costs 20k)
  • Gems: The paid resource. Gems are used to purchase a variety of things throughout the game, such as soldiers, slugs, medals per reset upgrades, refreshing PVP opponent, etc. They are given very generously and are also IAPs.
  • Honor coins: These are green looking coins which are awarded via daily ranking in your PVP. They are also given rather generously from achievements, logins and random rewards. Honor coins are used to purchase WAR BOOKS, upgrading the enhancement level of characters, and you can also buy slugs/characters with it.
  • War books upgrading resource (Boot camp): There are several types of this resource – Red, blue, yellow, green and stone books. Each warbook upgrades with a mix of 2 of them. They are all farmable using the same shared ‘ticket’ resource. You can choose which book to farm in their respective dungeons. You do not consume tickets from losing a dungeon, so push as much as you can.
  • Soldier RARITY upgrading: These ‘cards’ can be farmed in the soldier dungeon. More characters are unlocked to farm based on the global soldier level. They also have their own ‘ticket’ resource, typically capped at 10 per day.
  • Slugs RARITY upgrading: While technically not a resource, slugs can be drawn from a rather quick-regenerating resource called Excavation site*.* Simply enter that tab and start pulling slugs. As mentioned earlier, slugs are upgraded by fusing them together.
  • Slugs LEVEL upgrading (Slug camp): Slugs are leveled using a circuit-chip looking resource. You can farm them in Training Camp from the slugs tab. These dungeons are only fight-able with slugs and thus you need stronger slugs to fight stronger levels, regardless of your soldiers. They have their respective ‘ticket’ resource, typically capped at 10 per day. You do not consume tickets from losing a dungeon, so push as much as you can.


I don’t really understand the mechanics yet but it seems like Global soldier level is the main factor in PVP. However, the rarity of your character and slugs are important as well. Given that, I have lost battles when my soldier level, character and slug rarity completely outclasses my opponent. While not often, don’t be surprised when it does happen. PVP runs on its own ‘tickets’ as well, which regenerates 1 per hour. Winning a fight gives you 1min of boosted speed.

Soldier, war books and slugs store

The game offers a refreshable (every 12 hours iirc) store that you can purchase soldiers and slugs from. These nothing spectacular and are just really normal and default. However, they are really cheap and is available in several resources – medals, honor coins and gems. Typically I will buy out the medal ones and gems/honor coins if I like it.

There is also a war books store which offers random war books (refreshable too) for 300 honor coins each. You should focus on 1 or 2 type of soldiers you want to buff instead of spreading across everything.

Unit types

Every unit has several classification attached to it, I will just describe them using my own terms.

  • Affiliation – Soldiers and slugs are split into 3 affiliations – REGULAR, REBEL and ANOTHER. Regular are the good guys (marco, tarma, trevor, etc.), Rebel are the bad guys (literally every enemy in the MS games) and ANOTHER are the aliens in the games. These types are strong against each other as such : REGULAR > REBEL > ANOTHER > REGULAR. These types are buffed by war books, so try to put your entire arsenal as the same affiliation.
  • Elemental mastery – Soldiers and slugs are also classed into 3 different elements – Physical, Flame and Lightning. There’s no particular way how these are classified and the SAME type of slugs can come in different elements. A character can only equip slugs of his/her/its own element. These are buffed by mastery level – upgraded by medals.

Certain dungeons will have type restriction such as: NO REBELS, NO FLAME, NO REGULAR, etc. So make sure to keep a sufficient pool of units and slugs to do dungeons.

That’s all I have for you guys and if anyone wants to take the information here to add into a wiki/official guide/thread or whatever feel free to do so and it would be great if you could credit me as well.

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