39 Tips — Seven Guardians Beginner’s Guide for good start in the game

39 Tips — Seven Guardians Beginner's Guide for good start in game

In Seven Guardians you will be in control of an army of seven different units that you can summon to fight your battles. We’re going to take you through some general tips for combat, unit upgrades and what to farm.

Player Tips

  1. Wait for an optimal base stat before putting elements onto 6-Star Runes
  2. Get Fury Archer from your first Base 5-Star (Yellow) Ticket, even if you think you have a good Archer already
  3. Inform yourself on how to use your free Base 4-Star (Purple) Ticket before using it
  4. Do not use Base 4-Star units fodder, even if you have duplicates. You will need them later
  5. Do not upgrade a Base 2- or 3-Star unit to 6 Stars solely for the 3 Diamonds
  6. Never use Diamonds on the Premium Hero x11 pack
  7. Only start buying meat when you can auto-farm stages 7-10 or 8-10
  8. Do not use all resources like Friendship Stones, Diamonds, Honor Points or Gold. Keep a healthy reserve and wait for their respective spending events to get bonus rewards
  9. Sell all XP Elixirs
  10. The deployment order for Auto Mode can be rearranged. While in Story mode, on the screen before you actually enter battle, you’ll see a small button on the left-hand side under your party that says “Configure”. Click that button, and you will be able to customize your deployment order for Story Mode, Tank War, Chapter Boss, Daily Boss, and World Boss
  11. When activating Auto Mode, turn off the settings titled “Inventory Alert”, “Hero Slot Alert”, and “Battle Lost Alert”. The Inventory and Hero Slot Alerts will automatically cancel Auto Mode if either of those spaces are full; if you turn them off, however, you don’t lose anything.
  12. The overflow will just be sent to your Mailbox for you to claim later. Turning the Battle Lost Alert off means that Auto Mode will continue even if you lose a battle. This is a good thing, but make sure your win-rate is at least 75% before doing this, otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of gold
  13. Do not waste gold upgrading your Stronghold Towers until you’ve reached the endgame
  14. Don’t worry about Runes until endgame. Feel free to slot them into your Units, but enchanting them with elements should come much later
  15. Do not waste gold upgrading Tanks until you have the Seraph and/or Fury Tanks
  16. For World Boss, used ranged Units only
  17. Get Silverwing Archer from your first 4-Star Ticket
  18. Do not spend Honor points on anything except Fury and Seraph shard tickets
  19. Be aware that Seven Guardians often runs spending events, where players will be rewarded for spending certain amounts of in-game resources within a given time-frame. These spending events have included gold, Honor, Topaz, and Diamonds.
  20. Do not sell gear. Either use it for upgrading Borr gear or extract it for Mastery Shards
  21. The primary resource you will be fighting for is gold. Everything else is manageable
  22. Don’t upgrade anything to +5 unless you’re immediately about to rank it up to the next star level (exception being 6* units). It can lead to you wasting lots of resources on characters you end up burning
  23. Get Fury Archer / Silverwing Archer ASAP
  24. You can sell extra Heroes
  25. Sell all XP potions; experience is not a scarce resource, the money you spend to use them on your units is
  26. Be sure to regularly click the ingame “Event” link and read through everything. Take advantage of Events
  27. Finish all of your Daily Quests
  28. Do not waste gold upgrading gear until you have 6* equipment
  29. Buy the Daily Diamond Pack for $2.99
  30. Buy 300 Stamina per day every day
  31. Spend Honor Points on Seraph / Fury units ONLY
  32. Focus on a single strong PvE team. Getting as high as you can in the Chapters will open up new Quests with great items, as well as provide a high as possible Story clear for the best possible auto-farming experience, gold, items, and Heroes
  33. Don’t sweat Arena; it doesn’t help your Guild, give you experience, or offer a chance at Units or Shards
  34. Participate in Stronghold and Tank Wars as often as possible, even if you lose
  35. Never use duplicate Base-4 or Base-5 units as upgrade fodder; they are necessary for Mastery
  36. Make the most out of your 3 party slots. Set up 1 party as your main squad for PvE & Bosses; set up another party for auto-farming, making sure to include fodder units that need the experience; set up another party for auto-clearing Sanctuary
  37. Purge your Friends list of inactives daily. Always keep your Friends list full
  38. Participate in every Chapter Boss encounter you can, even if you do virtually no damage; the Participating reward alone is worth it
  39. Upgrade tank and use as many as possible

Video Guide for 7 Guardians

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