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I hope you’re enjoying Crush Them All.
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Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet
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I hope you’re enjoying Crush Them All.
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Kingdom of Heroes — Beginners Guide, Tips and Tier List of Heroes
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Guides, Tips and Walkthroughs for Mobile Games

Who played for real, with full immersion into the process, knows how guides, tips and walkthroughs are important for mobile games. The game is much more complicated than an appliance with a manual. Game is life. It is incredibly difficult and even sometimes impossible for starters to understand how important it is to achieve something in the Game – to pass the next quest level, to level up the character in RPG or to play perfectly for the orcs in a real-time strategy. This takes a lot of time and nerves. But not everyone can go through the game all by oneself. Sometimes you just get stuck somewhere and don’t know what to do and where to go. It is in such cases guides and tips are necessary for. These can be gameplay, character leveling up schemes, descriptions of successful strategies, walkthroughs and tips to find all the hidden stuff. It all depends on the type of game and your interests in it. Guides are in demand and they are written by those who have gained a lot of experience in the game and are ready to share it. You won’t search the iron manual in the Web, but you’ll search the gameplay if you stuck somewhere and cannot move further. Everything is clear with the iron. But the game world that was born in the head of a developer is not always so clear and simple.