A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

This guide specifically deals with runes, its systems and uses within the Godzilab game ‘Crush Them All’. This guide assumes the reader is already fully aware and understanding of all other aspects of the game.

Getting Started

The first step with runes is actually acquiring them. Rune chests can be awarded through expeditions or daily challenges, earned when achieving VIP levels, bought in the blitz shop or from the hero shop page. If possible, try to gain as many runes as you can. Your rune bag can hold a maximum of 300 runes and with 23 different types of runes there are a lot to collect. When you consider how many heroes there are, each equipping up to 9 runes each, the amount of runes needed really can skyrocket.

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

The quickest way to gain a solid amount for quick use is the 20 flooz rune chest. While the star level is 1 – 3 only, the initial aim is to go for quantity over quality. Some runes are very rare while many are quite common so expect to see more of some than others.

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Every hero has a weapon and every weapon begins at level 1 with one slot available for a rune. You can view a hero’s weapon and it’s runes by tapping on their hero card. To increase the number of rune slots available for use the weapon needs to be upgraded. This requires resources and common weapon catalysts that can be earned by completing expeditions. When upgrading weapons at higher levels you will require rare and epic catalysts which can only be earned in Blitz mode PvP.


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All


Each weapon requires different materials depending on the hero’s element and class and different weapon catalysts depending on the weapon level. The maximum weapon level is 9 and so 9 runes per hero is the current max. Weapons also evolve in appearance when upgraded to level 4 and again at level 7.

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Runes of the same type can be combined into sets of three, regardless of the individual runes star level. You cannot equip more than three of the same type of rune. Creating a set gives a huge bonus to the hero and this is the core of the rune system. Upgrading your heroes weapons to level 3 is necessary for creating these rune set bonuses. Runes of star level 1 and 2 are free to unequip whereas all higher rated runes require a ‘rune chisel’’ to remove. It is recommended that when learning and testing out rune setups you try runes that don’t require chisels to remove.

Weapon upgrade costs

Upgrading weapons can become difficult with resources and weapon catalysts at times hard to acquire. This list shows the costs to level up a weapon each step of the way.

Weapon Level 2

Resources = 10
Common Catalyst = 2

Weapon Level 3

Resources = 50
Common Catalyst = 4

Weapon Level 4

Resources = 200
Common Catalyst = 8
Rare Catalyst = 1

Weapon Level 5

Resources = 600
Common Catalyst = 16
Rare Catalyst = 2

Weapon Level 6

Resources = 1500
Common Catalyst = 32
Rare Catalyst = 4
Epic Catalyst = 1

Weapon Level 7

Resources = 2500
Common Catalyst = 64
Rare Catalyst = 8
Epic Catalyst = 2

Weapon Level 8

Resources = 3500
Common Catalyst = 128
Rare Catalyst = 16
Epic Catalyst = 4

Weapon Level 9

Resources = 5000
Common Catalyst = 256
Rare Catalyst = 32
Epic Catalyst = 8

Try to focus on your most important heroes first such as Crushers and support heroes for events and frontline knights and barbarians for PvP. Don’t forget how important set bonuses can be and try to upgrade weapons three levels at once to allow a new rune set to be fitted.

Rune levels & stats

Not all runes are created equal. There are many different aspects to what turns a good rune into a great one. Here are two examples of runes and how they can vary. Both are Guard runes straight from a chest.

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

  • Star Level – Ranging from 1 to 6. The more stars the higher the initial primary and secondary stats and the greater the set bonus. Also higher star runes have more potential rune levels. You cannot increase a runes star level.
  • Rune Level – Next to the rune name. Spending rune dust levels up the rune and increases primary and secondary stats. New secondary stats are also unlocked at set intervals. Notice the difference in rune dust cost. Tapping the info box in the top right can show what boosts to stats the next level will bring.
  • Set Bonus – Only activated when three of the same rune are equipped, the description will light up when applied. The additional ‘per star’ stat depends on how many stars that particular rune set has.
  • Primary Stat – This is chosen at random from a set list and doesn’t always compliment the rune it’s on. This stat can decide whether you keep or break the rune for dust. Scroll down past rune types for more information on primary and secondary stats.
  • Secondary Stat – Not as important as the primary stat and just as random. The values are smaller but there are more of them. Attack range and movement speed are two stats exclusive to the secondary stat slot.
  • Break – Whether you need more rune dust or you need more space for new runes, once you break a rune you can’t get it back.
  • Level Up – Save this button until you are sure the rune will stay on a hero. You will never have enough rune dust.
  • Bind – Tapping this will lock the rune to the weapon. Remember you will need a rune chisel item to remove runes with star levels higher than 2. You cannot equip runes of higher star levels unless the weapon level is high enough.

The Power Of Runes

Runes and rune sets have the ability to drastically increase your hero power. You will see greater increases in power when equipping runes from heroes with higher stars, both normal and awakened. This can help you when trying to squeeze more power into your heroes to complete an expedition. Below is an example of just how much runes to influence hero power.

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Gold Knight now has three 3 star runes equipped

From these numbers it is clear to see that equipping runes to heroes gives a good initial boost, even if they are 1 star runes. A good strategy when increasing hero power for expeditions is to upgrade weapons to level 3 and equip a common 1 or 2 star rune set such as Vitality, Defence or Damage. This will provide a boost to arena and blitz if you use that hero and it doesn’t cost any rune chisels to remove.

Gun Lord artifacts are also linked to hero power and will increase with every rune you equip to any hero. The more heroes equipped with more runes, the greater the increase to the stats of Gun Lord artifacts and the more attack, defence and health of every hero in your Slay Boss Event teams. However in Blitz mode where your opponents are chosen based on your own hero power, you will find yourself facing stronger opponents as a result of your hero power increasing so be prepared.

Rune Chests

This is a list of all the current rune chests and what they can award. The first two are available to buy from the hero shop page. The first chest is also a daily challenge reward. The second is awarded when reaching certain VIP levels. The rest can be found very rarely as rewards for expeditions or in the blitz shop.

Rune Chest

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

20 Flooz

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 3 star level

Chance for any rune type


Epic Rune Chest

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

90 Flooz

Gives 6 runes from 1 – 6 star level with at least one being star level 5 or higher.

Chance for any rune type

Assassins Chest


Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Precise, Splash, Rage runes only

Nature Chest

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Resist, Helpful, Vitality runes only

Ice Chest

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Frozen, Chilling runes only

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Phalanx, Nimble, Guard runes only

Solar Chest

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Dazed, Stunning runes only

Valken Chest

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Burning, Ignite runes only

Viking Chest

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Intelligent, Damage, Wrath, Swift runes only

Voodoo Chest

A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

Gives 3 runes from 1 – 6 star level

Poisonous, Blight runes only

Runes List

There are 23 different types of runes each with their own strengths and weakness. Some are rare and sought after whereas others are numerous and versatile. Each rune also has a rating for value and rarity and a suggestion for when or where the rune set bonus is best suited. The value rating is based on how useful the rune set is in either PvP or Slay Boss Events and the rarity rating is a rough guide to how often the rune is found in chests. Less stars = not useful or found easily, more stars = very useful or hard to find.


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Critical Rate +10% +0.5% per ⭐
Use – Crushers, DPS heroes
Equip this set on your Crusher in Slay Boss Events or to your favourite hero in PVP to improve damage output by making heroes do critical hits more often. High rate of attack heroes may get more critical hits per second which is handy especially in PVP.  Precise runes are hard to find but is one of the best rune set for increasing DPS.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Attack Area of Effect +10% +1% per ⭐
Use – Scud, Pirato normal attacks. Xak, Onyx, Atlantus, Seigfried secondary attack.
Good for Arena, Blitz, Staging. Attacks that have a blast area are increased and can reach more enemies. This rune only expands existing AoE radius, it does not make a heroes non AoE attack AoE.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Critical Damage +50% +5% per ⭐
Use – Crushers and high damage heroes for events.
Team the Rage set up with the Precise rune set, multiplying its damage output further by giving critical hits more chance to activate. Heroes with already high Critical Chance, attack speed or frontline heroes in PVP can make good use of this set.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Resist Chance +10% +1% per ⭐
Use – Arena, Blitz, Frontline heroes such as Knights and Barbarians
This Set prevents your heroes from being stunned, frozen, burned, poisoned etc. It will keep your frontline alive longer by negating enemies DoT attacks and allowing them to continue to attack instead of suffering from freeze or stuns.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Support Shield +50% +2% per ⭐
Use – Slay Boss Event, Merlinus, Water Goddess, Xak, Green Faery,
More support shield health means your heroes are better protected whilst shielded against event bosses. You can equip on a support hero who has a lower star level or weaker health artifacts compared to your other support heroes to boost survivability
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – HP +60% +6% per ⭐
Use – Arena, Blitz, Barbarians, Knights
Only use this rune for PVP events. 100% HP doubles the Health of the hero it’s equipped to in PVP. Knight shield health also gets a boost from using this set. These runes are very common. Equip spare ones to heroes to increase power in expeditions.
Rarity – ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Bonus Gold +50% + 5% per ⭐
Use – Staging Heroes

Equip this set to your staging heroes, preferably Rogues who already have a double gold per kill perk.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Frenzy Chance +5% +0.5% per ⭐
Use – Event – Crushers, freeze heroes. PVP – DPS heroes, Fire heroes.
This set increases the chance of the hero it’s equipped to spawning in a frenzy. While it’s only a small percentage, this really increases your chances in Slay Boss Events, where it may work well on a Crusher hero or a hero that freezes the boss. Try combining with other rune sets in PVP to make use of the 2x Attack speed. Adds to Furiosas Chance to frenzy other fire heroes.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Freeze Time +20% +2% per ⭐
Use – Water element heroes, Thorn
This set extends the time an enemy is frozen for. Can be used in PVP or Slay Boss Events. Ice Cube and Valkyrie can use this set by itself, however any water hero can utilize this set if also equipped with the Chilling rune set
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Freeze Chance +5% + 0.5% per ⭐
Use – Water heroes.
Can be used in PVP and Slay Boss Events, it gives any water element hero a small chance to freeze enemies with every attack. This can pause bosses, letting you do more damage or can stop an enemy in PVP long enough to turn the tide in your favour. Add the Frozen set to increase freeze time or the Swift set for more attacks per second increasing the freeze chance further.

Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Knight Shield HP +100% +10% per ⭐
Use – Arena, Blitz
This set is best used to bolster your Arena and Blitz frontline when using Knights. As knight shield health is 20% of the heroes final calculated HP, combine this set with Vitality to further increase shield HP.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Dodge Rate +10% +0.5% per ⭐
Use – Arena, Blitz
This rune set has the ability to reduce damage received throughout a battle and increase hero survivability in events and PVP. Equip to a frontline hero that will benefit from increased dodging and pair with sets that extend life such as Vitality or even Guard.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Defense +60% +6% per ⭐
Use – PVP, frontline heroes
Attack – Defense = damage dealt. This rune set will reduce the amount of damage the hero receives from every hit. While not as popular as Vitality or Damage sets for PVP, Guard is common in rune chests and a set is quick to build up. Equip spares on heroes to increase power for expeditions and blitz.

Rarity – ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Stun Time +20% +2% per ⭐
Use – PVP, Lancers, heroes with the Stun perk
Add to any hero with a stun perk or who has the Stunning rune set equipped. Stopping an enemy from attacking is very useful in Arena and Blitz but has no effect of Bosses.
Rarity – ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Stun Chance +5% +0.5% per ⭐
Use – Arena, Blitz
Gives a hero the ability to stun another players hero. Equipping this set to a hero with a fast attack speed or an area of effect attack will increase the chance of seeing a successful stun in PVP.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐️


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Burn Time +20% +2% per ⭐
Use – Alda, Spyro, Spark, heroes with Ignite rune set
Burn damage is equal to the heroes attack every second that the burn effect is active and this set extends that time further. Any Fire hero with the Ignite rune set equipped can also make use of this set. Burn effect is also stackable, meaning bosses and heroes can have more than one burn effect placed on them.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Burn Chance +5% +1% per ⭐
Use – Fire heroes without ignite perks
Equip this set to any fire element hero to give them a chance to burn their enemies. Higher attack speed heroes benefit from this set more.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐️

Set Bonus – Ultimate Reload Speed +5% +0.5% per ⭐
Use – Slay Boss Event, Staging
Reducing the time it takes before activating a heroes ultimate can have its advantages. If your game speed doesn’t quite get you that last ultimate in before time runs out or you want to reduce time between crusher ultimates or support shield, try this set out. Also can be used for quicker ult spamming during Max Stage Events.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Attack +60% +6% per ⭐
Use – Arena, Blitz
Artifacts aren’t counted in PVP and so this attack buff more than doubles the attack of the hero it’s equipped to. Use extras of this rune on expedition heroes for higher power ratings and on long range fighters for Blitz. This set is the starting point for many PVP setups and combines well with Precise, Rage, Frenzy, Ignite, Burning, Poison and Swift.
Rarity – ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Ultimate Attack 100% + 10* per ⭐

Use – Slay Boss Event
Ultimate attacks do 20x a hero’s normal attack and this rune set increases that amount even further. 100% ultimate attack will double this to 40x your heroes normal attack and this multiplier is added after the event boss attack buff is added. The more attack buff your guild has built on a boss, the more effective this rune becomes. Combine this rune set with Intelligent to give you more uses per battle.
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Attack per Second +10% + 0.5% per ⭐
Use – Crushers, DPS heroes
Increasing the number of attacks per second immediately increases the damage output of your hero. Crushers in Slay Boss Events and any your best hero in PVP can make use of this set. It combines well with heroes that can stun, burn, freeze or poison, or can increase the effectiveness of rune sets such as Precise, Rage, Frenzy, Damage or Wrath
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐⭐️


A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Poison Chance +5% +1% per ⭐
Use – Earth Heroes except Thorn
Poison works the same as Burn Damage, doing 100% of hero Damage every second and can stack multiple times. High rate of attack earth heroes have a better chance per second of poisoning.
Rarity – ⭐⭐️



A detailed guide regarding Runes — Crush Them All

⭐ ⭐
Set Bonus – Poison Time +20% +2% per ⭐
Use – Thorn, Earth heroes with Poisonous rune set
Just like the other status effect runes, extending the time an enemy is poisoned for increases the damage dealt when a hero is poisoned. Poison can stack multiple times
Rarity – ⭐ ⭐

Primary and Secondary Stats

The star level of the rune will determine how high the base value of the stats are with the rune level able to increase that value further. Every rune has one primary stat only yet depending on the star level, a rune can have many secondary stats. 1 & 2 star runes start with no secondaries, 2 & 3 star runes start with one, 4 & 5 star runes start with two and 6 star runes start with three secondary stats. Upgrading any rune to level 5 will unlock another secondary stat, level 10 one more.

3 Damage runes with the same primary stat. All are upgraded to max level to show how higher star levels give higher primary and secondary stats. Spending rune dust to max the primary stats allowed them to double their base value.

Here is a list of all the stats you will find in various runes.

  • Bonus Gold
  • Health
  • Attack
  • Attack Area of Effect
  • Attack per Second
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Critical Damage
  • Defence
  • Movement Speed (secondary stat only)
  • Attack Range (secondary stat only)

Stat Percentages

  • Area of Effect has a 3% buff per star level
  • Attack per second has a 1% buff per star level
  • Secondary exclusive stat buff movement speed increases by 0.3% for every star and attack range increases by 0.75% for every star. (This value is rounded up to the nearest 0.1)
  • Attack, Defence and HP primaries have recently been nerfed to 6% per star level
  • Critical Damage has been nerfed to 5% per star level
  • All other Primary rune stats have a 10% buff per star level and these can also appear as secondary stats at a rate of 1.5% per star level
  • Rune specific primary stats (shown below) have a 2% buff per star level

Rune Specific Stats

These runes have a small chance of their primary stat being a small extra boost the same as and on top of their unique Set Bonus.

  • Freeze Time – Frozen Runes
  • Stun Time – Dazed Runes
  • Burn Time – Burning Runes
  • Poison Time – Blight Runes
  • Ultimate Reload Cooldown – Intelligent Runes

Quick Guide to Sets

Runes can be very confusing and complicated as seen from the amount of info and potential variables throughout. The following is an attempt to categorise and lay out what to do and hopefully what not to when building up you heroes and their rune sets.

Arena and Event Rune Sets

These are runes that have uses in both Slay Boss Events and PvP (Arena and Blitz). While some may not be good choices strategically, this list just shows they are universally adaptable.

  • Precise        – Critical Rate
  • Rage            – Critical Damage
  • Frenzy          – Frenzy Chance
  • Chilling        – Freeze Chance
  • Ignite            – Burn Chance
  • Swift             – Attack Per Second
  • Poisonous   – Poison Chance

Arena Only Rune Sets

These rune sets have no effect in Slay Boss Events or the buffs they provide are insignificant when combined with the boosts that artifacts give.

  • Splash     – Attack Area Of Effect
  • Resist      – Resist Chance
  • Vitality     – Health
  • Phalanx   – Knight Shield Health
  • Nimble     – Dodge Rate
  • Guard       – Defense
  • Dazed       – Stun Time
  • Stunning  – Stun Chance
  • Damage    – Attack

Try to find runes with primary stats that compliment the set bonus and try to avoid ones that don’t. Avoid buffs that increase AoE for non splash damage heroes and bonus gold for example. When it comes to arena setups, any runes with extra health or damage are good choices.

Event Only Rune Sets

These rune set bonuses have little to no effect in arena or require Ultimates to be useful. While freeze, burn and poison do cause damage in arena, they are yet to prove themselves worthy of taking up rune slots in weapons that could otherwise be given to more reliable buffs.

  • Helpful        – Support Shield
  • Frozen        – Freeze Time
  • Burning      – Burn Time
  • Intelligent   – Ultimate Reload Speed
  • Wrath          – Ultimate Attack
  • Blight          – Poison Time

Staging Rune Sets

These Rune sets have a positive effect on staging, whether it be general village leveling or possible increase to staging speed to for Max Stage Event. Also keep an eye out for runes that spawn the Movement Speed increase skill as a secondary perk when using rune dust to upgrade Rune levels.

  • Splash        – Attack Area Of Effect
  • Spoiling     – Bonus Gold
  • Frenzy        – Frenzy Chance
  • Intelligent   – Ultimate Reload Speed

Arena Rune Set Combinations

Some Runes work better on certain heroes. Use this list to help choose which rune sets you should place on which type of hero.

Knights – Vitality – Phalanx – Damage
Barbarians – Vitality – Damage – Rage
Samurais – Vitality – Damage – Guard
Gunners – Damage – Splash – Stun
Archers – Damage – Vitality – Guard
Supports – Vitality – Guard – Damage
Magicians – Damage – Vitality – Guard

There are many rune sets available for Arena, however many are rare and it can be difficult to create one or more sets. Watch your battles and decide which hero dies quickly and needs more health, or which hero survives but requires more attack. Save rare rune sets such as Precise, Rage, Frenzy, Swift and Nimble for your high star heroes, or your favourite frontline hero.

Slay Boss Event Rune Set Combos

Crushers – Precise – Rage – Swift
Supports – Helpful – Intelligent

Bosses are so varied and their weaknesses are diverse. Crushers are the mainstay of Slay Boss Events and as such they will require your strongest Critical Runes. Boost Support shield health to make survival easier and the rest is a balance between dealing damage in Events while still being useful in Arena.
Try equipping Valkyrie with the Frozen rune set and maybe Water Goddess with Chilling and Frozen to Freeze Bosses. Remember that Bosses can’t be stunned!

Thank you to everyone that has helped me in understanding Runes and Crush Them All in general. This guide wouldn’t look anywhere near as good without the support of Funshark, one of the tireless artists and my source for all the beautiful images. Thanks to Moleki for his constant efforts and designing the whole rune system, Kaybae for his input and influence throughout each new step and Kader for helping to create a fun and happy online forum where much of the game discussion takes place. Thank you to my guild for their support and feedback.

This Guide is always unfinished. If you see anything that is incorrect, has changed or needs adjustment please contact me or the devs. Tag them on discord. They love that.

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