A Guide to Guild Boss Raids — Endless Frontier

A Guide to Boss Raids — Endless Frontier Guides

This is a guide to Guild Boss Raids where I am going to talk about how to maximize your raid damage in mobile game Endless Frontier.

1. Hardware

Due to the huge amount of soldiers fighting on the same screen, your hardware’s CPU is seriously challenged in boss raids. If your hardware is too slow to perform, even ten more knight level won’t help your damage. Generally speaking, newer version of IPad is the best choice, then the latest iPhone and Samsungs. Emulator is usually the worst choice.

A Guide to Boss Raids — Endless Frontier

Before every boss fight, I recommend to restart your device, which will help with the fluency of the fight and increase your damage. If your device is really too slow, try to restore its factory settings.

2. Setup your army

The army you deploy is your source of damage, and below is the recommended setup (I don’t take credit for this since it was posted by an KR player a few months back, while I only added Valk to his setup)

A Guide to Boss Raids — Endless Frontier

When you are attacking any boss other than #2:

  • Succubus – Skeleton Warrior
  • Valkyrie – Musketeer
  • Fairy – Elf Warrior
  • Sorcerer – Orc Hunter
  • Fairy – High Elf Archer

The 2nd boss requires a different setup, since it cannot be damaged by melee units:

  • Succubus – Warlock
  • Valkyrie – Musketeer
  • Fairy – High Elf Archer
  • Drummer – Orc Wings
  • Fairy – Poison Archer

3. Raid Skills

Raid skills as we know, greatly improves army performance in raids. Although I do not have exact number, I believe after you maximize your raid skills use, the total damage bonus from skills will be over 50%or even 80%.

My recommended skill setup for max damage is ABB, which A is attack power OR attack speed, and B is the other after you have chosen A.

How to maximize skill use? Due to the latest batch of honor units reducing skill CD by up to 40%, I will analyze it from two extreme situations:

1. Zero new honor units, which means your raid CD reduction is zero, and the CD of skills are 40 50 60 seconds respectively.

  1. Step 1 – 15 seconds into combat, use skill 3
  2. Step 2 – Right after skill 3 run out, use skill 1 and 2 simultaneously
  3. Step 3 – Wait until skill 1 and 2 both completed CD, and use them simultaneously again
  4. Step 4 – After skill 1 and 2 run out, use skill 3

The largest damage boost here is the two set of skill 1+2 (Attack Power + Attack Speed), which multiplies off each other. Waiting for 15 seconds at the beginning of combat ensures most of the troops are on the battle field to enjoy the skill boost.

2. Max 40% Skill CD Reduction from New Honor Units, which means the skill CD become 24 30 36 seconds.

  1. Step 1 – 10 seconds into combat, use skill 1 and 2
  2. Step 2 – RIGHT AFTER skill 1 CD completes, use skill 1 and 3
  3. Step 3 – RIGHT AFTER skill 1 CD completes, use skills 1 and 2
  4. Step 4 – RIGHT AFTER skill 1 CD completes, use skill 1 and 3

Emphasizing on the RIGHT AFTER because you do not have even one second to waste if you wish to utilize this strategy to its fullest potential, otherwise the final set of skill 1 and 3 will not be able to run its full duration before the raid ends.

This is THE most damaging skill setup with 4 full sets of Attack Power + Attack Speed.

However if your troops are having trouble surviving boss attacks, you should at least change skill 3 to Heal, then just keep on using Skill 1+2 on CD and skill 3 on demand.

4. Pets

Every time before you attack a boss, you should change your main pet to increase damage.

For all bosses except #2, you should use Devil, since it boost Skeleton Warrior’s damage, while Skeleton Warrior is THE CORE of your army that’s going to be responsible for 50% of your overall damage output.

Useful Units For Guild Boss Raiding

For boss#2, use Squirrel to boost both Poison Archers and High Elf Archers.

To summarize, do those when you are boss raiding:

  1. Restart your device
  2. Set your main pet according to Chapter 4
  3. Setup your army according to Chapter 2
  4. During the raid, use your skills according to Chapter 3

May the mighty beast fall before your swords.

Useful Units For Guild Boss Raiding (Video)


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