Age of Magic – Beginner’s guide

Age of Magic

In the game, the heroes that can be earned are divided into light (blue shards) and dark (red shards). The starting heroes (more on that a little bit later) are gradually replaced by stronger ones from player level 40 onwards. Roland is the first playable hero you have. He should also be replaced by other heroes from level 40, since his shards can unfortunately only be obtained via the light campaign. Because of this, you can unfortunately not develop it further than the 6th star at the current status.

Level help – step-by-step.

In the first chapters you will unlock the following heroes:

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Rogar in Act 1, Chapter 3


First and among the weakest tank/defender in the game. It gets a little more interesting later in the game, because on the one hand the Dragonkin faction is now well pushed by Cathbad’s abilities and the Dragonkin faction has now been expanded to include some new heroes and their boss. Here it is advisable to replace him as soon as possible with either the Arekhon Guard or Magnus (currently the best tank in the game). Rogar is now also part of the new mercenary faction and is a good support for Denaya because of this and his boss mark. In combination in the „Late Game“ together with Drakonir and the other Dragonkin much stronger.

Taneda in Act 1, Chapter 6


First melee fighter you get in the game. Taneda, since completing the High Elf faction, is much more interesting and stronger than when she started. (Along with other high elves) his blood rose ability does a lot of damage and should not be underestimated. Can also be used for the Daimyo Event. Nevertheless, from level 50 it is still advisable to heroically farm Swampkiller as a replacement via Act 4, Chapter 11. The Swampkiller (SK short) can then also be used very well until the endgame. Furthermore, you can use her very well to unlock the second best tank in the game for Siegfried (event hero) later. A more detailed explanation of the event heroes follows later in the guide.

Bellara in Act 1, Chapter 8


The first light sorceress unlocked in the game. On the one hand, Bellara can be used very well until you unlock Rok (event hero), because she can let an opposing hero skip one, later even two turns. Secondly, she can also be used very well for the Siegfried Event (see paragraph above). Currently very interesting after the rework of Denaya (leader ability) in combination with Denaya and the Swampkiller and thus very well usable – and playable until the endgame.

Kharannah in Act 2, Chapter 6:


The first light healer in the game. Kharannah is often later replaced by Azariel and/or Lucky. But she does have it´s merits to use midgame (roughly levels 40-65) and even endgame (levels 65-80). In the lategame (level 80 90) very strong in a pure dragonkin team!! She can revive one, later even 2 fallen heroes and her general healing abilities are not to be underestimated. She also belongs to the dragonkin faction, which can now benefit from the druids like Cathbad and the other dragonkins including Drakonir. When combined with Denaya, she gains a speed bonus.

For chapters that have not yet been completed, the general rule is that the healers or weaker heroes should always be targeted first. Do not play new chapters in auto mode. You are probably better than the KI. If you decide to use auto play anyway, you can also tag an enemy hero to give the KI a target.

Chapters that you have completed with 3 stars can then be completed in a „quick fight“ using the memory spheres. This is particularly useful later for farming. A very good tip to get the three stars per chapter easier at the beginning: only use one of your own heroes in the battle formation (e.g. Bellara because of her hide ability), plus a very strong friend. This circumvents that all your own heroes must survive to reach the three stars. In that case, the one hero you set up counts as all.

Level 10-19

Keep increasing your own level until you unlock friends. Once friends are unlocked, you can ask for support from strong players in global chat to make things a little easier in the campaigns. You can use the strongest dark or light hero of your friends every 24 hours after use for support. This greatly increases the speed at which you advance in the campaign. The global chat is unfortunately somewhat bugged. If messages aren’t updating or a message you sent doesn’t appear, go to the game’s settings and toggle chat on and off. Alternatively, you can exit and restart Age of Magic. This will update the chat. A bit cumbersome but unfortunately usually not useful in any other way. In this level range you will receive a starting offer for Azariel and/or Lucky (two of the best healers in the game as of today). If you are willing to spend money on Age of Magic, this offer is definitely worth it and will make your progress in the dark campaign much easier. Otherwise, shards for Azariel are only available in the market (not recommended) or only in the raid shop later. As soon as you are in a clan and play raids, it is advisable to save the raid tokens until Azariel is available in the raid shop. Since the release of other dark elves in this combination also indispensable. Both Lucky and Azariel are some of the most universally applicable heroes in the game and can be used very well in almost any team combination.

In the Dark Campaign you will unlock:



Sharazar will be unlocked as the first hero in the Dark Campaign. Unfortunately, his situation is like that of Roland. The shards can only be farmed via the dark campaign. As of now, it cannot be given more than 6 stars. However, in contrast to Roland, it is definitely worth pushing him over equipment and hero levels. This is due to his Shapeshifting ability, which unlocks at gear level 5. This makes it possible to copy any opposing hero for up to 2 turns. The advantage that should not be underestimated is that each opponent can also partially copy the bosses that cannot yet be unlocked by the player himself. In addition, it doubles certain passive abilities and bonuses from certain spells. An advantage not to be underestimated for PvP battles (player versus player) in the arena and also in tournaments (more on that later).



One of the first kobolds you get. It is definitely worth developing it up to the minimum requirements for Rok (event hero) (see requirements for event heroes). Since an update, only farmable in 2 nodes of the light heroic campaign. No longer in the arena shop! Has been replaced by Cernuol.



The kobold faction’s tank and hero of the dark campaign. Here, too, it is advisable to develop him further because of his supportive team skills and subsequently for Rok. Due to the early and quite frequent availability of the various kobold shards, it is recommended to develop event hero Rok (see section on event heroes) as the first event hero. Useful goblins here are Zytima, which can be used very well until the endgame. Next the already mentioned Grok and Torak and as the first dark healer Kobolok. Shni is recommended as the fifth goblin. Here it can be argued whether Jagg as the strongest DD (Damage Dealer) would not make more sense. However, it should be noted that Jagg does not bring any team support (synergies) for the pure kobold team, which you will definitely play for a while in the dark campaign and in the arena. However, Jagg is used by many until the endgame due to ist good damage. The kobolds will play a much bigger role with the upcoming rework of their leader.

Level 20-29

If possible, continue to work your way into the dark campaign. During the course of the campaign you will unlock, among with other things, the first demons (Infernus, Abyss Hound) as well as a number of dark and light campaign heroes. The dark campaign will later become important in order to

  1. be able to farm certain items for gear levels 8, 9 and 10, and
  2. of course, in general, additional hero shards in heroic mode. After the update at the beginning of November 20, Act 6 is finally available here. In the heroic mode of this act and only here you can now farm Roinar and Lokhir, two very important heroes of the dark elves!! Act 7 is now also available, the two druids Irma and Wieland and the dark elf Llael can now be farmed here. Another new feature of this update is that after completing an act in the campaigns for the first time, you now get a three-day double reward in all heroic missions!! So here only complete the last act when you have enough energy (e.g. saved from the passes) available to be able to use it to the maximum. (Only once possible).

Valley of Treasures (VoT)

VoT is basically a campaign that offers silver (much higher yield than in the normal campaigns), skill cubes and another route to hero shards. In the VoT, try to get to the late chapters as quickly as possible. To do this, use the help of strong friends. You should keep the coins you earn for the time being so that you can then invest them at the right time (e.g. in Sacrif or Drako from level 50). An explanation of the VoT Shop and the most important shards follows below. The Valley of Treasures will soon be expanded to include the next act and a heroic mode.

Skill cubes

Skill Cubes increase the level of your Hero Abilities and they come in different tiers. Initially, you will only have a small supply of skill cubes. Use them sparingly and initially only on heroes you want to play actively for a longer period. As the game progresses, you will gradually accumulate level 1 to 3 skill cubes, which can later be used at any time for heroes you wish to level up. Arena

Battle other teams of players to climb the leaderboard and increase your daily reward. The arena offers a good passive gold income, so you should try to climb up the leaderboards quickly. A rank between 200-500 brings you 50 gold per day, which you can and should invest in energy refreshes. When you unlock the arena, you’ll be put into a pool of up to 20,000 players who unlocked the arena almost at the same time as you. Keep updating the list of possible opponents until you find a player with a lower squad power than you or a team that suits your team very well. Your defending team is the team you last attacked with. A balanced team with a good defense therefore keeps you in the rankings. It is generally recommended to complete your 5 possible arena fights every day (at least 3 for the daily quest, also because of the healing potions for the tournament !!), in order to rise to a good rank as quickly as possible. This becomes increasingly difficult in the mid and late game. The daily gold gained in this way can very well be reinvested in additional energy, as already mentioned at the beginning.


At level 28 you unlock the ability to join a clan. Use this chance and join an active and good clan as soon as possible. You should pay attention to the member search in the global chat and it is definitely recommended to use Discord (external chat app) for communication. It can be difficult to find active clans via the clan search. As I said, Discord is very helpful here to get better information about a specific clan in advance and to get in touch. Otherwise, it is always advisable to, at least, exchange a few sentences with a clan member via global chat in order to be able to better assess whether this is the right clan for you. Joining a clan has many benefits. On the one hand a good community to get tips and help. Second, more friends for your own friends list. Thirdly, the possibility of earning clan tokens for the clan shop via daily clan quests (see separate overview). Fourth, to be able to play daily raids for raids/clan tokens with the clan from a certain point and also to be able to participate in the clan wars, since certain heroes such as Gloriana are only available in the clan war shop. It is important to be friendly with one another in a clan and to make your contribution to the community or, if you don’t have time, to tell your clanmates. The daily clan quests can be seen in the Quest tab once you have joined a clan. The clan quests are repeated weekly and always start at 5:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. (summer/winter time). Sample times!! Duration of the clan quest is always 24 hours.

  • Monday: Tomb of Horror
  • Tuesday: Campaign Energy (Heroic)
  • Wednesday: Challenges
  • Thursday: Campaign Energy (Normal/Heroic)
  • Friday: Arena fights
  • Saturday: Valley of Treasures
  • Sunday: Energy in the campaign.

Stores and recommendations


Here are a few suggestions and recommendations for the individual shops in the game. Most importantly, don’t spend tokens on heroes you don’t actually need or need at the moment. In this case, save the tokens in order to use them sensibly and purposefully. The individual shops have different reset times, for example 1 p.m., 7 p.m., 10 p.m. and midnight for the market (times can be offset by one hour). That means if you focus on a specific hero or piece of gear, it may be possible to buy shards or pieces of gear up to 4 times a day with correspondingly saved tokens. And please also note that certain heroes only appear in the shops once you have unlocked them or reached a certain player level. For pieces of equipment in the shops, it should be noted that items only appear in the raid and in the clan shop from level 60 and items in the other shops from equipment level 7, for example, can only be acquired from level 61. This can be helpful, because up to a certain strength you can’t get the corresponding items in any other way.


In general, it only makes sense to buy equipment for silver in the market. Never buy shards or equipment for gold! Don’t buy the equipment in advance for silver, only buy it specifically when you need it for a specific hero. As always, be very careful with your silver.

Arena shop

Although available in the arena shop, goblin shards can only be farmed via the campaigns, the free chests and bonus shards in the Tomb of Terror (from level 40, see below). The only exception here is actually Kobolok, since it can only be farmed in one chapter in the Valley of Treasures. Otherwise, it is recommended to buy Rok Shards (as soon as you have unlocked him) in the arena shop, Xaart Shards, since he is one of the top 3 healers in the game, and later Succubus Shards. Later then shards for Cernuol, since this is currently only farmable here.

Tomb of Horror shop

Level 40 unlocks the Tomb of Horror. More detailed information and tips will follow later. In this shop it is recommended to get the dwarf Angrim and the high elf Hotei right from the start. These two should replace midgame heroes like Roland, Rogar, and/or Taneda. You can also use Angrim very well later to get Kage (event hero). Even if you have unlocked Trorin at some point, the dwarves are very useful in conjunction with him. Other heroes in the shop that you can get are: Valley of Treasures shop

All heroes in this shop as needed as you want them or then need them. For example, Infernus if you prepare 5 demons for Succubus, otherwise it can only be farmed in Valley of Treasures in one chapter of the campaign. Since an update, as soon as you have unlocked them, you can also purchase shards for the Archon Healer Scarif and the Dark Elf tank Drako in the Valley of Treasures shop and only here. It is advisable to save the currency for these two.

Clan shop

In the clan shop, the most important hero to start with is Lucky. As soon as you have reached the 6th star here, you can purchase shards for Siegfried after unlocking. All other heroes available here again as desired and as needed. Softy shards have also been available in the clan shop for a while now.

Raid Store

As soon as you raid daily and regularly (more on that later), you should definitely only buy shards for 3 heroes here. Azariel, Maedb and Tiros. The shards for these heroes are only available through the raid shop. So don’t buy raid tokens for other heroes in this shop! At least until you have these heroes on 7 stars. After that, only Maeglin is recommended for the extremely important Wildelf team.

Clan war shop

One of the most talked about shop in the game. Here it is recommended for type 1 mana crystals to only get shards for sneaky beaky and then to pick up the crystals either for silver or for other heroes who might come. Shards for Hotei can be purchased in addition to the Arena Shop. For Mancrystals type 2 the following order is recommended: Gloriana, Stealthy and Kabuto. Idrill if desired, as it can now be farmed in one stage of the campaign. Don’t buy any indigo runes or experience potions!!! .

Token shop

Since the introduction of the arcane star system, there has been the possibility of increasing the star level of certain heroes in exchange for silver or gold tokens. On the one hand, heroes without arcane stars are unfortunately only offered here at the very beginning. On the other hand, the offer is based solely on a random principle based on the Arcane Stars your heroes already have.

  • 1st Arcane Star = 1 Silver Token
  • 2nd Arcane Star = 5 silver tokens
  • 3rd Arcane Star = 10 Silver Tokens
  • 4th Arcane Star = 50 Silver Tokens
  • 5th Arcane Star = 150 Silver Tokens
  • 6th Arcane Star = 100 gold tokens
  • 7th Arcane Star = 150 gold tokens

You can get silver and gold tokens either by completing daily quests (silver), through the Magic Pass, or through tournament rewards (silver and gold) or money ☺ Magic Pass Shop

Here you have the opportunity to buy various things for magic coins that you can get through the Magic Pass or money. The most sensible thing here is either the magic chest for shards of rare heroes for 10 magic coins, or swapping them for arcane coins for 5 magic coins. 5 Magic Coins = 1 Arcane Chest.

Arcane Chest Shop

Here you can now buy Arcane Chests for certain Arcane Star levels for various Arcane Coins (1 to 7). You can obtain arcane coins via the challenge Battle of the Strongest (usable bosses usable) or by completing the daily quest (500 arcane coins), as well as in raid 6 in the individual nodes of the raid and by completing the new challenges for the first time. Arcane coins from arcane 4 you only get from the smaller arcane chest before !!

New shop resources

Here you can now either open a box for silver or a box for experience potions for 2 new currencies that are available in the new challenges.

Level 30-39

Keep working on the already suggested heroes. If you get stuck in a campaign, specifically farm gear for a hero to the next level. With the search function in the equipment menu, you can immediately see which nodes you should unlock in the campaign with the help of a strong friend. Really try to level up hero by hero and not too many at once. It is also important to note that you keep your top 5 heroes more or less the same strength, otherwise it can get extremely difficult in the Tomb of Horror (more on that later).

Level 40-49

In this level range we slowly enter the midgame. Here it is important to slowly but steadily part with certain heroes. Below are a few overviews of possible team variants in this level range and how to replace them.

These are the starting heroes. Don’t overinvest in these heroes, with the possible exception of Kharannah and Bellara. Replace Rogar with the Arekhon Guard or Magnus as soon as possible. Replace Roland relatively quickly, since the stars here unfortunately only have the Campaigns are to be increased and he can currently not reach more than 6 stars. Taneda can now also be used very well in the endgame in combination with other high elves. Bellara is a good alternative to Rok until you get it due to her ability to let opponents skip a turn. If you want Siegfried, you have the first barbarian of the 5 necessary barbarians, who is a little more developed. Since the rework of Denaya very important in combination with her!! Kharannah is a good healer, but the evasion and better availability are definitely arguments in favor of Lucky (that’s why focus on Lucky).

Tomb of Horror (ToH)

You unlocked ToH, perfect! The Tomb of Horror consists of 12 linear stages of increasing difficulty. The higher the level, the higher the reward. The difficulty of the stages depends on the combined strength of your top five heroes. Therefore, always keep your heroes at approximately the same level. According to Playkot, the opponent teams are also made up of opponent teams from your arena. 3 out of the 5 heroes are used by your opponents in your arena. The remaining 2 heroes are taken at random from the hero pool. Make sure you always reach the last level here, because this is where the highest rewards (10 gold, additional free hero shards and a good amount of silver plus a few arkane token) are available. Speaking of silver! Always complete the Tomb of Horrors as it is the easiest and meanwhile highest source of silver. A little tip for the clan quest on Monday (Tomb of Horror): Start the first fight on Sunday and stop immediately. This gives you the start for the daily quest, but you can save the 12 runs from Sunday for Monday evening. In total, 36 passages in the grave are possible for the clan quest. It is important to note that you do not restart after the night reset from Sunday to Monday, otherwise you will lose the one „saved“ run again.

Level 50-59

Congratulations, 50 is a big milestone. Hopefully by then you’ll have your Rok or Succubus shards together and just waiting for the event to unlock them.

If you haven’t received Rok or Succubus yet, or you still don’t reach the requirements, don’t give up. Continue until you have fully met the requirements. Don’t leave Rok or Succubus half-finished, as already mentioned, the events keep coming again. When you reach level 50, certain hero shards are now also available in the individual shops. Keep working on your desired midgame team in order to be able to keep up in the arena and in the tournament, or to become even more successful. As already described, certain starting heroes should definitely have been replaced by now. Once you’ve got Rok and Succubus, you can start thinking about the next event hero and your future endgame team. At the same time, this will be important in order to successfully fight in the clan in the raid.


There are recurring unique events and recurring event campaigns such as for Balthazar, Sandariel, and Goblinia Sweetvoice where the hero shards are also only obtainable through them.

The recurring events give you the opportunity to acquire special heroes. These are almost all important for the endgame in the game. The events come at certain intervals (some longer, some shorter) and a distinction is made between the event heroes, for which you get shards in the shops after unlocking them (Rok, Succubus, Siegfried) and those for which the shards are only available in the Events exist (Kage, Tsuna). All event heroes are obtained by collecting specific faction heroes (e.g. dwarves for Kage) with specific levels, stars and gear tiers. It is important here to always only prepare the heroes for the targeted event hero, otherwise you run the risk of neglecting your main team or quickly running out of silver.


Has an AoE (Area of Effect) sleep spell that puts all enemies to sleep. High critical damage and chance. Very strong in any occupation. Equally important is ist speed. This is often useful to get ahead of your opponent’s move but has low HP. This event hero is the fastest and easiest to get. The Rok Event repeats itself approximately every 3 weeks. As already described above, note the 5 necessary goblins and how and where to farm them best. More shards for Rok after activation in the arena shop.


Can prevent up to 3 heroes from using skills other than standard attack (2 are random targets). This makes it perfect for eliminating enemy healers. Succubus is recommended as the second event heroine, since the required demons are the second easiest to farm and the course of the campaign is also ideal. The 5 necessary demons are fixed, since Abaddon is very tedious to farm. The Succubus Event also returns about every 3 weeks. More shards after activation also here in the Arena and Tomb of Terror shop.


Prerequisites here are 5 heroes of the brotherhood of the guardians of Arrat at level 50, 5 stars and equipment at level 5. This brotherhood currently includes: Lucky, Softy, Sabertooth, Myrddin, Cathbad and Dreverad. Shards for Sacrif after activation only in the Valley of Treasures shop. Here it is recommended if you want to get them beforehand, save the approx. 210,000 tokens that are necessary to bring them to 7 stars !!


The second best tank in the game at the moment. Due to his ability, all opponents at the beginning of the fight can only attack him. The required 5 barbarians are in third place in terms of difficulty of farming. Here, too, we have already dealt with 3 of them in more detail at the beginning (Bellara, Silvermoon and Swamp Killer). The other two are Atiles, Aratar or Denaya, depending on how you play. Denaya is heroically farmable in Chapter 7, Act 6 in the light campaign. Atiles and Aratar can be farmed in 2 chapters each in the light and dark campaign, as well as in the Valley of Treasures shop. The same requirements apply to Siegfried as to Rok and Succubus, only with 5 barbarians.


One of the two more special event heroes. On the one hand, the event only returns here every 2 months. On the other hand, it is possible to get Tsuna with 3 stars. However, in order to further upgrade them or to get them to 7 stars, you have to play through the event to the end. Tsuna is very often played in pure villain teams or as a 2nd half tank or of course in the very strong beast team.


Kage is basically the same as Tsuna. You can also get him from 3 stars, but you can only develop him further for the event, as far as the stars are concerned. The recommended dwarves are Hargrim, Velundar, Gassar, Angrim, and Ambror. Ambror absolutely because you need him for one of the challenges. Kage is one of the top endgame heroes for Arena. Of particular note here is his deathblow, which can prevent heroes from reviving or healing and is guaranteed to hit. Kage is also very playable in combination with other high elves, especially with his cute Orihime.


Even for one of the newer event heroes, the requirements are similar to those for Kage. 5 Ra’Archne with level 70, gear 7, and 7 stars. It’s also more likely to get, but to get it full in terms of stars, these are the requirements. Arthus: the archon boss, for him the heroes of the brotherhood „slaves of the abyss“ are needed. Succubus, Kage, Abaddon, Rok and Balthazar. The Arthur Event is the first Legendary Event. The special feature here is that you only get Artus with a full 7 stars. The prerequisites are the above-mentioned heroes with level 70, 7 stars and equipment level 7. Balthazar: the first hero of the renegades (mage) The special feature here is that the Balthazar event returns every 3 weeks in the form of a small campaign. Here it is then possible to collect currency for a chest, through which you can then get your shards.

Balthazar is needed for Artus and can be played very well in a team with Abaddon, Xaart and Succubus, especially in the Dark Campaign or in the Blood Emperor Raid.


the second and newest legendary event. The boss of the dark elves. As with Artus, you only get her after completing the event with 7 stars. Well, she can currently only be used very well in a pure Dark Elf team as a counter to the Archons or Archon teams including Roinar (Blue Artus). Sandariel, Roinar, Tileana, Siegfried and Tsuna with level 70, gear 7 and 7 stars are required to unlock her!!


the boss of the wild elves. As with Balthazar, it keeps coming in the form of a campaign. She is usable in pure Wild Elf teams, But as a leader, Gloriana is recommended here !! The Wild Elves are currently one of the strongest teams in the game. You need the heroes of the vengeance squad with the requirements Tileana: The ranger of the wild elves. A very strong heroine in a pure wild elf team, against undead and demons and also in combination with Tsuna. Unlocking them requires 5 heroes at level 50, gear 5 and 5 star wild elves.

Blood Emperor

The boss of the Arekhon undead comes in the form of an event raid, which was started with the Horrorween event. The raid from this event was originally supposed to be repeated about every 8 weeks. You can use special raid tokens that can be won here again open a chest to get his shards.

best heroes of Age of Magic


the boss of the High Elves. Like the Tsuna and Kage events. Was originally supposed to appear every 90 days, but hardly sticks to it. Orihime is definitely much better suited as the leader of the high elves.

Goblinia Sweetvoice

sorceress of the goblins. The goblin team is extremely strong and is still totally underestimated by many!! It comes in the form of a small campaign like Balthazar and Sandariel. Prerequisites here are 5 heroes of the „villain group“ with the corresponding node strength.


The boss of the goblins. Event in the form of a raid like the blood emperor. Probably again for Christmas.


From about level 40 and a team strength of your top 5 heroes of about 15,000 you can successfully participate in the clan raids. As you can see, there are various raids (portals) here. These are broken down into different player requirements. You usually start in your clan with portal 1 or 2. The only difference here is the number of participants. If your clan is not yet completely full of 30 members, it can make sense to play Portal 2, since it costs significantly less portal stones than Raid 1 but also has a higher level requirement and is therefore more difficult. The required portal stones can be earned daily in addition to the clan quest by each player. For one blue or/and purple energy you get one portal stone.

The images shown refer to Portal 1 for 30 players for explanation. As you can see, these are divided into 3 teams. Each team plays the same map with the same opponents. Each map is divided into lines (lanes) where different enemies and boss groups are waiting for you. Each opponent is located in a socalled „node“. The goal as a team is to defeat as many nodes as possible. It is important to note that the average of each team’s results is critical to achieving the appropriate reward tiers. It makes sense here to divide the players evenly into the individual teams based on their top 5 squad strength. Some weaker players should co-lane with a stronger one. Since there are 8 lanes, this is very well possible on 2 lanes, since there are 10 players per team. The calculation base for a team should be one third of the total squad strength of the whole clan. As an example: The 30 players of the clan together with their respective top 5 hero team have a value of 600,000 points. Then it is important here that each team has a value of 200,000 points in order to set up the teams in a balanced manner. This can then be divided relatively well and quickly using the clan overview, sorted by arena squad strength. Of course, these values should be recalculated about every 2 weeks, since every player gains strength.

Once this classification has been made, you can start accordingly. Here are a few basic things to keep in mind. On the one hand, lanes that have been selected can only be changed at specified junctions. That means there’s no turning back. Secondly, it is important to know in the individual fights that here, in reverse to the tournament (more on that later), dead and injured heroes can be healed and revived with the help of healing kits.

These healing kits can be obtained from the Tomb of Horror and from the Live by the Sword challenge. Since an update, the maximum number of health bags that can be collected is limited to 1000.

It also makes sense to leave a fight when you realize that you can no longer do it or that you can only do it with great losses. You might lose 10 energy by leaving, but reviving a hero costs 50 healing kits, healing only 20! Since healing kits will always be scarce, this option is always preferable. Through daily raiding, every player who at least joins the raid acquires raid tokens. As soon as the clan as a team reaches at least one reward level, the rewards increase here, of course. As an example, we see the raid reward depending on the placement in portal 3 if at least 30% has been reached. As you can see, in addition to the raid tokens, there is silver and a chest that can contain important items (especially in raids 5 and 6). In Raid 3 there are 4 items from the selection shown on successful completion (at least 30%). In Raid 4, this increases to 8 items.

A raid always runs for 24 hours from the start. The result calculation at the end can take a few additional minutes. It’s also important to know that just joining the raid without having fought yourself entitles you to receive rewards. In general, this is only interesting for players who cannot help the clan at all due to the strength of their heroes. Otherwise, every participant should also do his or her best to ensure success. In the attached video from Pulcho, you can get a first impression of how a raid works or is played. Basically, it makes sense to use the available energy (50 if full) as quickly as possible during a raid to „gamble away“ in order to activate the automatic refreshment here as quickly as possible. Refreshing 1 raid energy takes 15 minutes, so in 2.5 hours you have collected 10 energy for a new fight. It is therefore possible to recharge approx. 96 raid energy during a running raid and theoretically complete 14 fights. Here, however, it must be noted that the energy is not automatically refilled at the start of the next raid, but that the refresh continues. So allocate your energy accordingly. For example, it is best to start a raid around 8 p.m., use your first 5 fights (50 energy), and then do another 5 fights after about 12 hours. This gives you almost full energy again at the start of the next raid.

At the end of the Raid topic, a small overview where you can see which of your own heroes are most effective against certain opposing factions. This is mainly intended as an aid for the following higher raids (raid 4/5)

Level 60-69

In this level range, you will probably start working on your third event hero (Siegfried is recommended). Furthermore, you should slowly commit yourself to an endgame team. This becomes all the more important the higher your own arena rank increases and of course also for the later higher raids. From this player level you should really only develop the desired 5 top heroes in addition to the heroes for the next event. Changing heroes, for example to be able to adapt to different opponents, only makes sense from level 74, otherwise your resources will be divided among too many heroes. Silver is already massively scarce in this level range anyway.


At this point, another important note on the further upgrades of the individual heroes. The cost of leveling up the heroes, as well as increasing to the 6th and 7th star, costs massive silver from here. (6th star 1.8 million / 7th star 6 million silver. Yes, you heard that right – 6 million silver :O). Don’t try to keep your heroes at your character level here. You will run out of silver. Do not level up again until you reach the next gear tier that requires a higher level. Save some silver to ensure your main crew can reach 6 stars. Don’t get the 7th star until the gear level has increased to 10! Basically, increasing the equipment usually brings more than the level and also costs far less. From equipment level 8 and up, some items will only be available for gold or via the raid reward and certain shops. Do not be tempted to spend important gold here! If you have patience you can also get the parts via the raid or after the refreshes via the shops for tokens. Again, remember, when leveling up gear, always focus on one hero first. If this has reached the next level, then only take care of the next one of your top 5.

Level 70-79

You are definitely in the endgame now! But don’t stress about it, you will spend a lot of time here. However, you will also need this time to prepare your heroes for the Arena, the Tournament and Raids 4 and 5. We have already shown and presented some hero suggestions to you. Now you can further develop your top 5 heroes, concentrate on the last two event heroes and draw the first heroes so that you can adapt more flexibly to opponents in PVP and in the raids.


First: The system divides into groups at the start of the tournament based on the combined strength of your top 5 heroes. It starts with the team that was last used in the arena on Thursday. Tournament start time is the same worldwide. So, with us, high noon is 12 noon (summer/winter time). The division into the respective group can be controlled by various tricks, but not by using a children’s birthday team in the arena beforehand. The system then still depends on the top 5 heroes of a player.


From the end of a tournament, NOTHING will be spent which increases the strength of the top 5 heroes. This will then wait until the start of the new tournament, or you can probably start safely after the last arena fight on Thursday after twelve o’clock (i.e. within 24 hours before the tournament). Since you save your arena fights until 6 p.m. on Fridays for the clan quest, you don’t run the risk of fighting with the stronger team in the arena, but at the same time you can invest the last of your energy for upgrades in a more targeted manner. The system then draws the value of the top hero team, e.g. 15,000 at the moment. This value is then also visible to everyone else in the group until you carry out the first fight. After the start of the tournament, everything that upgrades the heroes is spent. So you can reach a strength of 18,000, for example, and you are far superior to most of the participants.

Tournament start

You have 40 battles and 1000 healing bags at your disposal. In the upper right corner you can sort your arena group by strength with the button „Ready for battle“, so in the best case you are now at the top. Then you look for „easy“ opponents. During the week you should fight different teams in the arena to see where you have strengths and weaknesses. Due to the changes in the tournament, you can no longer do a lot of fights through diligence/time and thus secure points. Instead, you should rather win 40 fights without losing your own heroes in order to achieve the maximum number of points. The points are calculated from your own team strength + opponent team strength. Example: As an early strong team, Lucky/Azariel/Xaart plus Swampkiller and Rok are easy to reach, the biggest challenge is Azariel, which must be farmed via Raid Tokens. With this team, I then first look for all opponents who don’t have Azariel, so that with my team combo I can usually achieve secure victories. Of course, caution is advised when the opponent has a strong defender, but that should also work in most cases. Then I choose opponents for the remaining fights with teams or similar teams that I have had good experiences against in the arena over the course of the week. So, the arena has become much more tactical. Depending on when you start, you may have already finished 40 fights, this can be seen from the number of points. With the above-mentioned strength of 15k, the 1st would have about 600k points in the perfect case. You can calculate at any time what minimum strength your opponent needs to have in order for you to collect enough points. Score 1st place minus your points (which you hopefully are already quite high due to certain victories) divided by the remaining fights.

This guide was created by @Rizer | Rico (Andurils Flammen) written and edited by @Dr. Derpenstein

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