Aiden Tokens in Honkai Star Rail: How to Get and Use


Aiden Tokens in Honkai Star Rail: How to Get and Use

In Honkai: Star Rail, Aiden Tokens are special items needed to use Dream Slots, Golden Gachapon and other slot machines installed in Aiden Park . In this guide, we will tell you how you can get them in large quantities and where exactly you can spend these chips.

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How to get Aiden Tokens in Honkai: Star Rail

There are two varieties these game chips: regular and gold (in a single copy). This guide will only cover the first tokens, as the second is mined and used completely differently than silver “coins”.

Aiden Token Store

The easiest way to get these tokens is to purchase them at a specialized trading post located on Penaconia. Information about its location and prices will appear a little later.


At this point in time, it is not known exactly how these items will be obtained. You may need to complete mini-quests or talk with the inhabitants of Penaconia.

How to use Aiden tokens

These chips can only be spent in one world – Penaconia, that is, in other places they are completely useless. There are several ways they can be used.

Entertainment facilities

In the Golden Moment location there is Aiden Park, where various slot machines are installed: golden gachapon, dream slots, and so on. To use them, you need Aiden tokens (1-2 pieces).

Aiden Tokens in Honkai Star Rail: how to get and use

You are guaranteed to receive a reward when playing slot machines, but its value will depend on Lady Fortune. You may receive one of the following prizes:

  • Materials for character elevation and guides with experience points.
  • Materials for upgrading light cones and cave relics.
  • Consumable items and crafting materials.
  • 4-star light cones introduced with the release of Penaconia and featured in the Light Cone Passage.
  • Unique profile avatar.
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The Great Tree

The gathering place for the “builders” of Gresaville, where you can talk to the main bird and pay her 1 Aiden token in order to find out where the origami bird may be. There are 60 such birds in total, and they are not marked in any way on the map, so the help of the Great Tree will be very useful. However, you can save some tokens and just watch our guide to finding these creatures.

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