All achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.0: how to unlock hidden achievements


All achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.0: how to unlock hidden achievements

In Honkai: Star Rail 2.0, achievements are unlocked by solving puzzles, fighting various enemies and exploring new locations. This guide covers unlocking all new achievements, including hidden ones. We will occasionally link to other guides that go into more detail on solving puzzles and completing missions.

How to unlock all achievements in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0

There are 97 new ones to unlock in update 2.0 trophies, ultimately receiving 520 star jades. Next, we will look at each achievement separately.

 All achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.0: how to unlock hidden achievements

Thirst for Battle

Good Night Kitchen – Defeat at least two opponents in the same battle using the Kitchen Accident of the Overcooked One from the Troupe “Nightmares.”

Surprise for everyone – In one battle in a row, switch 3 pcs. Mr. Round Screens from the Nightmariki troupe to the Surprise channel.

Hazardous waste – Let the Royal Bucket overcome 1 pc. allies.

Everything is predetermined – Inflict at least lvl 1 on your opponents. Arcanum status when Black Swan uses the Accepting Truth, Rejecting Appearance technique to engage in battle.

S-sorry! – Freeze at least 1 piece. opponents in one hit of Misha's superpower Oops-I'm late!

Sparkling Sparkle – Get 1 pt. skills in one battle, using Sparkle's superpower The merit of thousands of people.

Endless sweetness – Reflect 1 pc. bottles of soda using a shield in the battle against Sweet Gorilla from the Nightmare Troupe.

Existence Drives to Death – Defeat the Memory Zone Meme “Something to Death” with the only character able to act.

Silent Burning – During the battle with Stellaron Hunter Sam, break through Sam's vulnerability before he first will enter the Secondary Combustion state.

Ignite my heart, burn my body – During the battle with Stellaron Hunter Sam, use skill points with the ignition effect and reduce HP by 1 pc. allies to a level below 2%.

Moment of Joy

Forward Movement – ​​Use the Dreamer ability to walk across the same bubble bridge several times.

Parallax – Interact with the Eye of Dreams for 1 minute. 2 or more times.

Why do birds fly? – Interact with the Bird-Shaped Dream Module for 1 minute. 2 or more times.

Penrose Triangle – By changing the angle, make a Penrose triangle on the Dream Boundary.

Stories of a Card Sharper – Cheat and win a special reward on Wheel of Fortune.

Fragile as a Horn – Use the Dream Horn consumable and use the skill on the wrong opponent.

Introduction to Psychoanalysis – Synthesize any of the following consumables: moment of betrayal, fleeting happiness, moment before death, incendiary atmosphere, fog of doubt, moment of freedom.

Rules are made to break them… – Break the rules of movement so that Penaconia's vehicle crashes into you.

Oh no! Shield! – Make sure that a Penaconia vehicle hits a billboard.

Truth must flow in a stream akin to money – Spend 1 pc. battles with Dr. Ratio as a support character.

Our Memories

Let the Wind Fill the Sails – Complete the Back in Action IV mission and witness Mincy's departure.

Don’t shake your soda – Use Bubbles for the first time.

Light at the end of the tunnel – And don’t give up in times of trouble.

He grew up under this sun – Maybe… it's time to let go.

East of Eden – Witness the story of a fleeting cosmic star.

Crime and Punishment – Witness the story of a “good man” .

Time to Dance – Complete the companion mission “Whirling at the Masquerade.”

A shield of good deeds will cover a person – Witness the life struggle of a scientist.

Zoologist in the Dream World – Overclock 1 pc. Hound statues.

Try… Feel – What is the use of the Clockwork Mechanism? Channel the emotions of 1 person. in the Dream World.

A surge of heat – Clockwork helps bring yourself back. Allow 1 piece. emergencies in Clockwork.

Heartbeat – In dreams, even emotions are tangible. Collect 1 pc. gears of emotions.

I understand you – Can you cope with the temptation to get into your soul? Direct the emotions of at least 1 person. in the Dream World.

My Favorite Car – Park your car in the special parking spot of the Dream Hotel.

Break Even – Earn enough by calling a taxi.

The called party is unreachable – Not all locations can be reached. Call an unavailable number.

Urban Glasses – Pour cheap wine into a crystal goblet.

Heart of Stone – Pour rum into a crystal goblet.

Ultimate Champagne – Pour golden champagne in a crystal goblet.

Don't pick anything sinister – Not all urban legends are just legends. Pick up the mysterious cassette.

The Wolf of Glaux Avenue – Find out why the money thrower broke.

Every player has his own justification – Witness the finale of the story of the legendary God of Gamble.

Fallen Angel – Find out the true origin of Xunsan.

Rashomon – So who crashed into whom? Witness the unfolding of a car accident on Glaux Avenue.

Pepeshi Mystic – Pepeshi or Doppler? Find out who the real pepeshi are in the hotel lobby.

Planet of Celebrations and Six Alfalfas – What is more important: love or aspirations? Help Go-Ray recycle trash in the Dream World.

Interpretation of dreams – Look at the dreams of 7 people. via dream communication.

We're All Friends – Check out all kinds of animated billboards.

No Man's Symphony – What if a joyful musician became even happier? Max's music has become even more joyful.

Take the Path of Gluttony… – Eat Vitaly's dancing horn.

In the rabbit hole – Listen to the mysterious whispering of various objects in the Dream World.

In the rabbit hole – Listen to the mysterious whispering of various objects in the Dream World.

Between the sky and you – Return to the old place alone.

Do you see the stairs? Climb! – Try climbing the stairs at the Dream Frontier. Only you won't succeed.

Gravity Falls – Admire the amazing waterfall in the Child's Dream.

Lucky Striped – Collect more than 1 Aiden Tokens.

Game – fire! – Find the main prize hidden in the Dream Slots.

What, no pepeshi? – Talk to Cielo while playing as a character lower than her.

Deja Vu – Find yourself in a familiar setting in the Dream World. Yes, this is a trash can!

Urnakhamon – Challenge all the Royal Buckeyes in the Dream Hotel, Golden Flash, Child's Dream, and the Dream Frontier.

Rear Window – Inspect all the locked rooms in the hotel.

Enemy Pepeshi – Insult every Pepeshi you encounter. Try to touch the ball on the head of each pepeshi in the Golden Moment.

Worst Nameless – Show Pom-Pom a special dream bubble.

Gateway to Distant Stars – Adventurer or Pirate? Listen to Colleen's story about the universe.

It's simply amazing – Witness a great vision. Collect comments from Family members about the Dream Boundary.

Dreams of Trusts – Everything here is my invention! Listen to the conversation between LaRose and Forla.

The Long Goodbye – Let the darkness of her past recede. Witness the story of Lew Archer.

Eat twice, cut once – Eat too many cones at once in the Golden Moment…

The Economy of Oti – When everyone gets rich, no one gets rich . Shoot the money launcher many times on the streets.

Comprehend the Unfathomable

This Side of Heaven – Activate 15 Dimensional Anchors on Penaconia.

Dreams of Penaconia – Open 120 chests on Penaconia. For receiving the achievement, 10 star jades are awarded.

Space Walk – Complete the mission “Slaughterhouse” and reveal the truth about the Dream World Hotel.

Tweet? – Help 1 pc. origami birds return to the Great Tree.

Tweet! Tweet! – Help 60 pcs. origami birds return to the Great Tree.

Keep up with the times – Repair 15 items. walkers of the World of Dreams.

Whose dream is this? – Witness miracles for the first time in the Dream of a Child.

This endless garland – Connect the unimaginable passage through the Eye of Dreams for the first time and walk through it.

Gorgoa – Earn rewards 10 times in the Mosaic dreams.

Fly Me 2 the Balloon – Break Mr. Stone's special ball in the Golden Flash.

Balloon Gakuen 2 – Break Mr. Stone's special ball at the Dream Frontier.

Balloon Impact 3rd – Break Mr. Stone's special balloon in the Child's Dream.

Penacony: Balloon Rail – Break Mr. Stone's special balloon in the Dream Hotel in the Dream World.

I'm already eighteen! – Visit the Rise and Shine bar for the first time.

All These Young People Are Sad – Enter the special room at the Dream Hotel for the first time in reality.

Jack of all trades – Climb the bridge for the first time from dream bubbles using the Dreamer ability.

Wolves Among Us – Collect all of the Hanu I Adventures.

The enemy must overestimate your shortcomings – Collide heavy objects in Hanu Adventure without crushing opponents.

At escape speed – Make rocket teleportation last more than 1 second in Hanu Adventure.

Full Vigilance – Escape from death in The Adventures of Hanu.

Sleep Learning – Collect 15 reading items on Penaconia.

The Path to the Stars

Do you remember me? – At the beginning of your journey, you meet an unexpected companion…  Meet Acheron in the unknown Dream World. For receiving this achievement you will be given 10 star jades.

Development of the land of dreams – You have arrived in the incredible land of dreams! Reach the Golden Moment. For receiving this achievement you will be given 10 star jades.

A Night Called Tenderness – See how the stars fall in the sky of dreams. Find out the secrets of Firefly at the Dream Frontier. For receiving this achievement you will be given 10 star jades.

In pursuit of sweetness – Find unexpected joy in the Dream World. Escape from the shadow of “death”. For receiving this achievement you will be given 10 star jades.

Old friends, new friends – Plunge into the warmth of the ocean of memories… Fight Sam, the Stellaron Hunter. For receiving this achievement you will be given 10 star jades.

If I can save one heart, the whole of Penaconia will go crazy… Witness the second murder. For receiving this achievement you will be given 10 star jades.

These are all the achievements that can be unlocked in update 2.0 for Honkai: Star Rail. We hope that our guide will help you get them.

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