All Mirage Velurium puzzles and mysteries in Genshin Impact


All puzzles and mysteries of Mirage Velurium in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact 3.8, puzzles in Mirage Velurium are found literally at every turn. By solving these riddles, you can open treasure chests, unlock new passages and earn achievements. In this guide, we will tell you where to find all the puzzles with drops, gibberish, preprints and multi-colored lanterns, and how to solve them.

Tips for solving puzzles in Mirage Veluriam

As you explore this huge amusement park, you will come across many unique mechanisms and creatures that you can interact with in different ways to solve mysteries. Next, we briefly describe the general points on their use. We advise you to keep the Velurium Mirage interactive map in front of your eyes in order to better navigate the terrain.


We are talking about the so-called Hydro Eidolons – these are unique creatures that cannot talk, but love to play hide and seek with people, taking the form of various objects. When you find the right item, you will receive a reward.

All puzzles and riddles Mirage Velurium in Genshin Impact

All Mirage Velurium puzzles and mysteries in Genshin Impact

However, these creatures are not only interested in hide and seek. Sometimes they create a variety of puzzles using their unique transformation skills. Therefore, if you notice an unusual little thing that is surrounded by bubbles, then carefully inspect the area for a mystery.

All Mirage Veluriam's puzzles and mysteries in Genshin Impact

Chukh-Chukh's Gibberish

< p>This vehicle moves on rails located in different parts of the region. It not only allows you to relatively quickly get to the important locations of the amusement park, overcoming mountains and caves, but also to participate in exciting challenges.

The fact is that waves of jubilation can be released from a gibberish, thereby destroying fluttering tomatoes. Various rewards are given for their destruction. Sometimes you will also have to change the path by clicking on a special

button in timeAll puzzles and riddles Mirage Velurium in Genshin Impact

to switch to another monorail.


Sometimes you will see streaming projectors that broadcast a simple picture on the screen. With these devices, you can get inside and explore these two-dimensional spaces.

Inside you can find chests, some of which may contain Hydro Eidolons. In addition, by changing objects outside of the preprints, you can influence the environment inside them, which can help you solve the puzzle.

Colorful lantern

In some places you can find colorful lanterns

To solve the puzzle, you first need to look at which gem is hanging opposite the lantern and the blocked chest, and then pick up the corresponding lens and install it into the device. As a result, you will unlock the chest and be able to pick up its contents. Sometimes these puzzles are hidden behind challenges, so look for red marks nearby.

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