Alternate ending in Dead Space 2023: how to open


Alternative ending in Dead Space 2023: how to unlock

In Dead Space 2023 Remake, the alternate ending is a secret ending that was not present in the original game. When you open it, you will receive a hidden achievement called “Convergence” (Reunion). In this guide, we will tell you what you need to do to unlock this end of the story.

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How to unlock the alternate ending in Dead Space Remake

First of all, you need to completely beat the game at least once, and on any difficulty level, even the lowest one. As a result, you will be able to unlock an additional mode “New Game +” (New Game Plus), which allows you to replay the story with the accumulated progress.

Dead Space 2023 alternate ending: how to unlock

In this mode, you can upgrade your costume to level 6 and fight a new type of enemy – phantom necromorphs. Another new addition will be unique collectibles: the obelisk fragments (Marker Fragments). There will be 12 of these figurines in total. You will meet them in almost every chapter. We have indicated their location in a separate guide.

Dead Space 2023 alternate ending : how to open

Dead Space 2023 alternate ending: how to open

Dead Space 2023 alternate ending: how to unlock

You will have to find all 12 fragments, and then, before the beginning of the 12th story chapter, go to the office of Captain B Matius (marked on the map as Lt Commander V. Holt), located in the Executive Quarters, the path to which can be found in living compartments (Crew Deck).

In this room you will find a table with 12 pedestals in which you need to place the found fragments of the obelisk. Then complete the story and watch the final cutscene, which has some differences from the regular ending.

If you are too lazy to go through the game again and collect figures, then just watch the video posted above. Judging by its content, this is still not a canonical ending.

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