Battle Night – Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Meta Tier List of Heroes

Noche de Batalla - Guía para principiantes, consejos y lista de niveles Guides

Welcome to beginner tier list guide + tips for Version 1.4.0. This list will serve as a general guidance of how strong each characters are in the game and what to do in order to maximize your resources to its fullest potential. However, please note that this is an idle game and it will take time to grow your account/characters, so please don’t feel the need of rushing your account’s growth by using your resources excessively. At this point of time resetting accounts/re-rolling seems pointless as your account’s progression will heavily be based on account level and in game resources. The PVE progression scale very well through chapters and you will need a solid line-up to progress further. With that being said.

This list will comprise of heroes + tips (at the end) that i have personally used and had experience with, this is from a almost fully F2P player (VIP 1 perspective) and also heroes that i have seen used by top rank players in the game at the moment.

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Noche de Batalla - Guía para principiantes, consejos y lista de niveles


  • Fodder: Characters that are used as materials to upgrade another character.
  • SH; Senior Hire
  • PH; Perfect Hire
  • Energy Orb; Material to rank up your heroes (Star+)
  • Forging Part; Material to forge your Blueprints
  • Exclusives; Equipments which will grant extra stats such as Crit rate or Damage % based on your Camp AND Main and Sub Weapons for Specific Characters.
  • Sets; A set of 4 equipments in order to activate set bonus.
  • Twisted Hourglass; A material used to reset and regain back every single resources you spent on specific character. Only obtainable via Events.
  • Senior Twisted Hourglass; A material used to reset Orange hero only. You will gain back the resources used FULLY in terms of fragments (yes you are able to re-create the same hero with the reset-ted materials)

Character Rarity: Orange> Purple> Blue> Green

I will list down all the camps and their important characters that you need to keep (don’t use as a fodder) as they are materials for other important Orange characters.

Video of gameplay

Guide and Tips

There are currently 6 camps in the game


Lore; Machine They even look like “ordinary people” compared to other camps’ talent. For their own faith and love, they decompose their body and merge with mechanical with unyielding will. The whole process is a narrow escape, the lucky person who survive finally is respected as “Reformers”.

  • Consists of 6 blue, 5 purple, 2 orange units. DO NOT SELL/USE Heloise (BLUE) as she is needed for fodder material for Poll (ORANGE).


Lore; Tamer The whole world was in shock when people found that some human can communicate with animals. But panic and prejudic began to spread when people noticed that those human can also become powerful by absorbing animals’ mana.

  • Consists of 9 blue, 6 purple, 2 orange units. DO NOT SELL/USE Leah (BLUE) as she is needed for fodder material for Phoebe (ORANGE)


Lore; Martial Martial artists is a group of people who advocate Kungfu and fighting skill. They are born with great power and regard developing the potential of human body as their life pursuit. As a matter of course, endless training has let them possess unique fighting skill.

  • Consists of 8 blue, 5 purple, 3 orange. DO NOT SELL/USE Mayne (BLUE) as she is needed for fodder material for A Zhao (ORANGE)


Lore; Nature It is unclear whether it was the evolution of human or magical supernatural phenomenon, some human can feel the endless energy in the natural, and use it, even some human began to merge with vegetation.

  • Consists of 9 blue, 7 purple, 3 orange units. DO NOT SELL/USE Camilla (BLUE) as she is needed for fodder material for Kratos (ORANGE)


Lore; Fallen Violent people who were regarded as nuts, they usually have strong resistance to poison, and can upgrade their power with bio-chemistry, but the morbid desire to power also let them lose their humanity.

  • Consists of 7 blue, 6 purple, 3 orange units. DO NOT SELL/USE Evelynn (BLUE) as she is needed for fodder material for Dreyfus (ORANGE)


Lore; Hacker The strongest camp who take ‘high-tech’ as their relief. All of them possess top fighting talent and superintelligent. The strongest research ability and the most advanced combat equipment has enable them to determine the order of border city.

  • Consists of 7 blue, 6 purple, 3 orange units. DO NOT SELL/USE Daria (BLUE) as she is needed for fodder material for Samuel (ORANGE)

The blue characters mentioned above are the only blue characters that you need to save because they are materials for orange characters. I did not include characters like Charlotte, Harpe, Wassily or Beamon as their respective materials do not consists of different blue fodders.It is highly recommended for you to spend your gems purchasing extra units slot, you need a lot of fodders in order to evolve + Awaken your character later on. Planning and hoarding wisely is advised.

General Tips

  1. Save your perfect hire coins, Arcade Tokens, Bullets for their respective events. Its a recycle event in order (meaning they go in this cycle per month) Bounty Event > Perfect Hire Event > Arcade Event > Dawn Comission Event. 1 Perfect Hire (PH) coin = 15 SH coins, so save it for the event. You will need at least 80 PH coins in order to get rare hero fragments from the event. 
  2. Spend your gems on Senior hire (SH) coins (160/180). You can sometimes get these coins offered in Hyper space Or trade merchants on the map. Grab if its 2 SH for 360 gems, 5 for 1k or 10 for 2k gems. You can also buy PH for 1k price on these respective places.
  3. Make sure you tweak your characters skill tree/route depending on the mobs you are going against.
  4. You will need 920 Energy Orbs to get a character from 1-5 star. If you made a mistake, make sure you use Twisted Hourglass to reset as you will get all your resources back but use it wisely as it doesn’t come so often.
  5. Hoard your fragments and use them when you really need to, you never know when the game will update and release extra stuff for you to spend your resources on.
  6. Flowers token you receive from friends is very important. You can sometimes buy SH or Energy Orb in the shop, so i would recommend removing anyone from your friend-list if they have been inactive for a day.
  7. The stat “Tenacity” reduces crit rate received from enemy (meaning enemies will have lower chance of proc’ing critical attack on your unit that has high tenacity”. The other stats are self-explanatory.
  8. You will get quests for Harpe and Phoebe as you progress in the game, these 2 characters are very good and given to you free so use them wisely. You will get free Purple Harpe + Exclusive weapons and free Purple Phoebe, these 2 will be able to carry you through many chapters, so all you need to do is just continue playing as Harpe’s fragments will be given as daily log in (to make him orange) while Phoebe after you completed Special Mission Case 4.
  9. Do your dailies, dont bother spending so much of your arcade tokens before reaching level 60. You can get 10 spins for the price of 8 arcade tokens when your account is level 60.
  10. If you wish to understand more regarding the battle effects while you are fighting mobs/arena, there is a ”?” symbol on the top left of your screen during the fight. You can click on that to gain more insight regarding various effects that you are receiving during the battle.
  11. Current account/character level is capped at 130 while maxed out Awakened characters could go up to 145.

Tier List 20201 ( S+> S> A> B> C) — Best Heroes

In this tier list, i will not include green characters that are generally used as fodders. This list will be based on 2 factors, (PVE/PVP)

S+ = Characters that have good awakening potential that gives them the upper edge over S tier characters. These characters with their Awakened skills gives significant improvements over S tier characters.

S = Characters that can be considered usable throughout the whole game content (early to end game). Which possess superior abilities in their respective categories be it in terms of damage, defensive, support or sustainability.

A = Characters that excel in the early to mid game, would still be usable in other parts of the game such as Hyper Space/Guild boss/ Dawn Cinema. They are situational characters.

B = Characters that excel well in the early game. However are most likely replaced in order to cope with end game content.

C = Characters that excel in early game. You use them in certain part or chapters in the game, they can be a situational tank or damage dealers. These characters are also sometimes only used because of their talent skill as well.

The picture version is a simplified version for beginners. I have added all blue characters in the game except greens. This simplified picture version means; Overall USABILITY throughout the game. The characters in tier S and S+ should be prioritized. I have put BLUE version of respective characters in S tier (meaning if you get them early on, they will make better impact for your team overall performance.)


  • Heloise (C/C)
  • Finley (C/C)
  • Black (C/C)
  • Elva (B/C)
  • Minamoto (B/A)
  • Naomi (B/C)
  • Poll (S+/S+)
  • Gilbert (S+/S)
  • Sone (S/A)


  • Leah (C/C)
  • Archer (C/C)
  • Dawn (C/C)
  • Arteta (C/B)
  • Garuda (A/S)
  • Cassini (B/C)
  • Caledon (B/C)
  • Arae (C/B)
  • Phoebe (S/S+)
  • Nymeria (S+/S+)


  • Mayne (B/C)
  • Khun (B/C)
  • Billy (B/C)
  • Westerly (B/S)
  • Tiger (B/C)
  • Hanna (C/C)
  • Charlotte (S/S)
  • Wassily (S+/S+)
  • A Zhao (A/S)


  • Caitlyn (B/B)
  • Caroline (C/C)
  • Camilla (B/C)
  • Eunice (C/C)
  • Lyse (B/C)
  • Patroclus (B/B)
  • Phonoi (B/S)
  • Kratos (A/S)
  • Harpe (S/S)
  • Raphael (S/S)


  • Tucci (C/C)
  • Thane (B/C)
  • Evelynn (B/C)
  • Skadi (A/S)
  • Attis (B/C)
  • Grinborth (B/B)
  • Arngreene (S+/S+)
  • Dreyfus (S/S)
  • Misteltein (S+/S+)


  • Rowen (B/B)
  • Daria (B/C)
  • Alisha (C/C)
  • Christina (S/B)
  • Gasol (S/S)
  • Fino (A/B)
  • Sayung (S+/S+)
  • Beamon (S+/S+)
  • Samuel (S+/S+)

End Game Tier List

Priority: Very good end game characters.

Situational: Fit in when you have certain team composition in mind; Dodge/DoT team

Limited: Usable till end game, but limited to Purple rarity.

  • Ideally your end goal is to collect all 16 orange characters in the game (15 for F2P) as Arngreene (Hell Baron) is only obtainable via VIP 9.
  • Some characters are situational, depending on which chapters you are on and how you manage your resources will coincide well with how you progress. No characters are REALLY bad generally (except fodders) it will depend on how you build them and also RNG factor.
  • This list was made based on solely my own progression and how I’ve felt personally using and also going against (in arena) these characters. This list MAY NOT be the RIGHT or MOST accurate TIER LIST as these things are SUBJECTIVE. If you have opinions, please leave a constructive criticism to help make this list better.
  • The list ranking above is based on the character’s END GAME USABILITY.
  • Will continuously update this list further as the game grows.

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