Best Wizard builds in Diablo Immortal


Sorcerer is the best elemental damage in Diablo Immortal. Build Guide.

The Wizard in Diablo Immortal is one of the underrated classes that owns the magic of various elements. While mobile, enjoyable to control, and effective in solo play, he also excels in group play with skills that deal massive area damage. However, in order to achieve certain heights by pumping this character, it is important to understand in which direction to develop.

Below will be The best Wizard builds in Diablo Immortal. Let’s analyze the main skills used in PvP and PvE, ordinary and legendary gems, attributes, Paragon, as well as equipment and weapons.

Wizard in Diablo Immortal

Advantages and disadvantages of the class

Next, the “cons” and “pros” of the presented class will be considered, which will help you understand whether it is worth spending time on leveling this hero or it is better to pay attention to other characters games.

    • [+] High AoE damage.
    • [+] Having skills that can keep enemies rooted for a long time, as well as inflict other debuffs.
    • [+] Ranged oriented.
    • [+] Excellent mobility due to the “Teleport” skill.
    • [+] Skills look very impressive, one of the best animations.
    • [] Skill addiction with a long cooldown.
    • [] Depends on preset rotations for better skill efficiency.
    • [] No survivability (compared to other classes).< /li>

General and special attributes [Characteristics]

The main attribute of a Wizard as a magic class is Intelligence. Stats like Fortitude and Vitality are needed for this character to increase armor stats, armor penetration and increase HP.

Worstthe attribute for the Wizard is Strength. The Willpower boost on the legendary equipment, in turn, can be considered exclusively for PvP activities.

Intelligence+1 attack rating;
+0.3% damage.
Fortitude+1 defense rating;
+1 attack rating;< br />+0.1% armor;
+0.1% armor penetration.
Vitality+1 Defense Rating;
+1 Attack Rating;
+30 HP.
Will+1 defense rating;
+1 attack rating;
+1 resistance;
+1 efficiency/power.
Strength+1 total combat rating.

Regarding special attributes— first of all, you should pay attention to the stats that will increase the damage dealt by the character:

  • increased crit chance. hit;
  • increase the damage dealt by the main attack (for the effective work of the skill “Magic Missile” or, for example, “Electroshock“);
  • increased damage against other players (under PvP).

Bonus attributes [Reforging Stones]

You should be careful when choosing reforging stones, since each of them involves spending Eternal Orbs (donation currency). The best bonus attributes for the Wizard are:

  • Wildfire Stone – “after defeating an enemy, you have a 2% chance to summon a hydra, < em>spewing fireballs”.
  • Vengeance Stone – “Your basic attacks have a 2% chance to increase your damage dealt by 100% for 1 second .“.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter builds

PvP and PvE talent tree [Paragon & Enhancement]


Survivor is the first talent tree aimed at PvP, which is worth using the Enchanter to fully participate in battles against other players. However, as soon as the gladiatorenhancement” (Level 50 of Paragon), it is worth switching to it to raise the following main characteristics of the class: survivability, armor penetration, resistance; and also to purchase additional boosts, for example, “Death Cheat“.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter builds


Speaking of PvE activities, The Fighter is an improvement worth paying attention to after reaching the maximum level. It will not only increase the damage dealt to monsters, but also increase the overall survivability of the hero. And after reaching level 150 of Paragon, you should pay attention to Enlightened Mind, especially if the exploration of the world is tied to group gameplay.

The best legendary equipment [Armor and weapons]

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter builds

Next, in the table, legendary equipment and weapons for the Wizard will be presented, which are considered the best due to stable active buffs for the “actual” class skills that are present in the most popular builds.

Легендарный subjectActive effect for “actual_skills”
Main weapon “DevastationMagic Whirlwind now summons a tornado that damages enemies in a straight line, but the skill can no longer be charged;
— increases the maximum number of charges to to 2.
Edge of Entropy” main weaponFission damage increased by 10%.
Add. weapon “Unrepentant Storm– the maximum number of charges of Magic Whirlwind increased by 1.
Add. weapon “Devouring VoidBlack Hole moves forward a short distance, pulling enemies in and dealing damage.
Cowl of the AbyssBlack Hole radius increased by 20%.
Chest “Starcaller’s VeilMeteor radius increased by 20%.
Chest “Frost’s Robe” RavagerIce Crystal now summons a Freeze Crystal that deals high damage over time and applies a stacking Chill effect.
Kin’s Ice Grip” ChestFrost Beam now casts a more powerful beam after a short delay, freezing and damaging all enemies in its path.
Scorching Judgment” ShouldersCleave now ignites enemies for additional damage over time.
Shoulders of CataclysmMeteor damage increased by 10%.
Starcaller PantsMeteor now deals damage over time to enemies in the area, but no longer stuns.< /td>

Regular Gems Pack

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsRuby [+ HP]Use until you get Tourmaline.
Best Diablo Immortal Wizard buildsTourmaline [+damage]One one of the main “yellow” stones, which is worth using in both PvP and PvE.
Best Diablo Immortal Wizard buildsAquamarine [+ Armor]Use until you get Sapphire.
Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsSapphire [+ Armor Penetration / ArP]One of the main “yellow”< /em> gems that are worth using in both PvP and PvE.
Best Diablo Immortal Wizard buildsCitrine [+power / efficiency]Combines with Topaz – one for two or two for one.
Best Diablo Immortal Wizard buildsTopaz [+Resist]Combines with Citrine< /em>— one to two or two to one.

A set of legendary gems

In the first case, a list of starting Legendary Gems that will pair well with many of the Wizard’s skills.

In the second case, best considered legendary gems to strive for in order to transform your character into an invincible and multitasking caster.

Diablo Immortal PvP Wizard build

Next, we will look at two PvP builds, one of which is aimed at supporting allies with enemy control, and the other with a more aggressive approach.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter builds

Best Wizard builds in Diablo Immortal

An instant movement skill that can be used to “jump” into the thick of things and instantly deal high damage with other abilities.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsMagic MissileAdditional single target damage that can be combined with other skills that deal devastating blows to enemies.
Best Wizard builds in Diablo ImmortalScorchExtremely effective in conjunction with the “Memories of Xiaoyu” helmet< /strong>

These spheres explode on impact with an enemy and apply the Ignite” debuff to them when activated.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsIce ArmorUse to place yourself in an ice barrier for 8 seconds. When the skill expires, the shield explode sand deals damage to all nearby enemies, also inflicting the Frostbite debuff.

The debuff reduces the movement speed of enemies by 40% for 6 seconds.

Lightning FlashUse in conjunction with Teleport to deal devastating damage to enemies.
Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsMagic MissileAdditional damage to a single target that can be combined with other skills that impose various negative effects on enemies.
Best Diablo Immortal Wizard buildsBlack HoleAn amazing AoE skill that “pulls in” crowds of enemies.
Best Diablo Immortal Wizard buildsMeteorPreferably use in conjunction with Black Hole.
Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsTeleportationDo not use a skill thoughtlessly to increase the distance between the Wizard and an enemy player in case of danger.
Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsFrost BeamGreat ability to keep opponents in control.

Best Set Set [Secondary Equipment]

The Untouchable Charlatan is considered an ideal additional set in PvP for the Wizard – a set focused on increasing survivability and armor.

PvE build of the Wizard in Diablo Immortal

Best Diablo Immortal Wizard buildsMeteor– Summons a huge meteorite that deals damage and stuns enemies in the area of ​​effect for 3 sec.;
– The fire trail of the meteorite burns enemies, dealing damage to them for over 6 sec >.

Note: Effective in conjunction with Burn and Magic Whirlwind.

Best Wizard builds in Diablo ImmortalBurn– releases a burning orb that knocks back enemies and deals damage to them;< br />- the sphere leaves a fire trail, which also deals damage.

Note: Effective in conjunction with Meteor and Magic Whirlwind.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter builds Magic Whirlwind– releases a stream of wind in the specified direction, which deals damage to enemies and knockback them;
– when charging for a long time, the range and knockback distance gradually increase, and damage increases.

Note: Effective in conjunction with Meteor and Scorch.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter builds< /p>Ice Crystal—Creates a massive ice crystal nearby that deals damage to nearby enemies over 12 seconds and applies a Chill effect that reduces movement speed by 30%;
– When the duration expires, the crystal explodes and also deals damage, inflicting a Chilling debuff that reduces movement speed by 80% for 6 seconds.

Note: Effective in conjunction with Splinter and Frost Ray.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsFission– Channels a beam of pure energy that continuously deals damage to enemies hit and applies a debuff that increases incoming damage by 2% for 1.5 sec.;
— debuff stacks up to 5 times.

Note: effective in combination with Ice Crystal and Frost Beam.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsFrost Ray– Channels a focused beam of ice that continuously damages enemies hit and inflicts Chill, reducing movement speed by 12%;
– The debuff stacks up to 6 times.

Note: effective in conjunction with Ice Crystal and Cleave .

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter buildsMagic Arrow– Releases a bolt of magical energy at the enemy. Magic Missile‘s ultimate grants power of frost for 12 seconds.

Note: active spam attack on par with Electroshock.

More details about each “working” link of the “relevant” skills presented can be found in the “Recommended development options” section presented in the game itself. To open this tab, you must:

  • go to the “Character Window” through the “Inventory”;
  • click on the symbol in the form of a bib located above the “Decorative Items”.

Best Diablo Immortal Enchanter builds

Best Wizard builds in Diablo Immortal

As an additional build skill from the above three skills (in addition to Magic Missile) you can choose Teleportation or Ice Armor, depending on the difficulty of the raid event or dungeon.

Best Set Set [Secondaries]

The best set set for an Enchanter is considered to be a two-set build – Issatar Overflowing for 4 and Splendor of the Winds at 2 things. They perfectly complement each other, offering the following bonuses to the character:

  • 2/6 Splendor of the Winds: applies a positive an effect that increases movement speed by 15%.
  • 2/6 Issatar the Overwhelmed: speed after killing an enemy movement is increased by 30% for 2 seconds.
  • 4/6 Issatar the Overwhelmed: Damage dealt by basic skills is increased by 2.5% for each 5% bonus movement speed.
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