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The Shortest Guide for Black Desert Mobile Guides

The Shortest Guide for Black Desert Mobile

  1. Get to lvl 70.
  2. Follow the quest until completion for your main character.
  3. Start adding alts once your main character is at lvl 60. You can do 12 alts at the moment with black pearly…14 with white pearls
  4. Build camp up to lvl 8 and work your nodes and merchantry
  5. Gear up and knowledge up
  6. Always check patch notes on patch days to see what is new. (
Обзор] Black Desert Mobile – самая красивая MMORPG для Android и iOS

As strange as it may be to hear this, but Black Desert Mobile is the usual gacha game. Yes, it gives the impression that it is still something more, like an RPG or an action game. But no, everywhere we are engaged in gathering, where the basis is the usual random. That’s what you need to understand when you read this beginner’s guide when you first start playing Black Desert Mobile.

  • Farming at red drops versus silver over time: I’ve already commented a ton on this throughout the thread. I’m a believer of silver over time, but that’s just me.
  • Special boss rushes: Only do special boss rushes consistently with your stamp income. This is going to vary from person to person but special boss rushes are about 1/1000 stamp exchanges give or take. The multiplier for them varies wildly, but the way to get good consistent specials over time is to do them one at a time. This averages out to your midpoint of a multiplier of probably around 12000-15000 for all of them which is respectable upward movement. You avoid getting any 30x50000s of course, but you also avoid 30x2000s which is FARRR more important. So exchange 1 by 1 and don’t rush them with a multiplier. If this is going to take you a lot of time, bring your multiplier up to 2 (which is what I do).
  • Shakatu coins: This is the ultimate RNG in the game because the reward is so great, but in general, shakatu will give you more later. You should roll your coins for the highest that you can expect to get which is enough oranges to craft a jin. If you have a jin in that slot already, don’t roll the coins. You can maybe roll for your alts if you’d like, but PA will just give you oranges over time way faster than they will give you reds over time, meaning orange value will DECREASE and shakatu coin value will INCREASE as pinks and shit are added. Shakatu coins are really hard to play smartly, but in general, the smartest thing you can do is save them if you don’t really truly NEED more CP. If you’re at least at sausan, you’re probably realistically just fine for now.
  • Roman number enhancement: This one… sucks. If you fail shakatu coins, you at least can justify with with black spirit exp. If you fail special boss rushes, you at least got 20 for 1 entry. If you fail this, you actually go backwards. This is the first and only situation so far where the game basically forces you to deal with RNG and you can’t put it off. The best you can do is make solid low risk decisions over a long period of time. Here’s what I do, and I’m going to bold where people think I’m being too conservative, but this is what I personally do for low risk:
  • No scrolls going from +40 to PRI. No restore on fail.
  • Valks 10 going from PRI to DUO. No restore on fail.
  • Valks 50 from DUO to TRI. No restore on fail.
  • Valks 50 from TRI to anything higher. Restore on fail. Stop at PEN.

This will likely leave you with a bunch of Valks 10 that you’re going to be tempted to use. You can if you want, but that’s violating solid low risk gameplay over a long period of time. Instead I bank those and use them when my alts start to awaken their gear. To prepare for an enhancement attempt from TRI onwards, I set aside a certain number of attempts corresponding to what I’m going to, acknowledging that I do NOT want to fall lower in CP by the end of it. An attempt is defined as 1 pristine, 200 restore, and 1 valks 50. If I have less materials than my rule says, I stop attempting until reset when I can get more valks or restores. I don’t buy restores or valks with BPs; I just wait it out, buy only restores on hot deal, only valks 50 with silver and I pick up every restore bounty that I naturally pops up.

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  • DUO to TRI: minimum 3 attempts worth of reserve (3 pristine, 600 scroll, 3 valk 50)
  • TRI to TET: minimum 5 attempts worth of reserve
  • TET to PEN: minimum 7 attempts worth of reserve

Keep in mind this is what I reserve; not how much I expect it to actually take. You may succeed on the first and keep the rest of that reserve for another attempt. Here’s an example of my method.

I’m going from TRI to TET with 5 attempts worth. I try and fail. I fail the restore. I’m now going from DUO to TRI with 4 attempts worth. I have enough enough attempts to do this according to my flow chart, so I proceed. I succeed. I’m going from TRI to TET with 3 attempts worth. I don’t proceed because I need a minimum of 5 attempts worth banked.


Currently for merchantry (if you’ve been doing it daily), you should be about level 30. If you’re not, you’re missing something. If you don’t have a white wagon already, get it. Make sure you use the same yellow workers, level 50, each time. Start with 15 of each material and 16 of another until you have 498 LT to start. Double up to 30 or 45 as needed due to your starting supply. In your first town, find out if something is selling in the next town and buy out that item. No one cares about the red/blue numbers; just buy whatever will sell in the next town and buy the entire stock. Only buy specialties if no blue items sell/you’ve bought all useful blue items and it’s a profit in the VERY next town. Otherwise, only buy blue items My personal route is this:

  1. Florin, calpheon, glish, heidel, velia, west guard.
  2. West guard, velia, heidel, glish, delphe, calpheon.
  3. (START THIS RUN WITH 798 LT) Calpheon, epheria/florin (depending on which sells for more), epheria/florin, calpheon, behr, trent.
  4. Trent, behr, calpheon, (epheria if food), florin.

When you reach the last town, if you know there are events nearby, buy the food and go get them. When you buy food in merchantry, it doesn’t add to your outside food, so it must be spent in merchantry. You can use it to get some events around the last time and then leave. End your run by buying 15-30 of resources in the last two towns. You don’t need to buy hundreds or your storage will get all fucked up. At any time you just need about 100 of each.

EDIT: People have posted some routes about just confining your run to the two cities in Balenos and building rapport in only those cities. I tried it and it’s not for me personally so I’m sticking with the same route that I posted above. The route isn’t bad though. It sacrifices the “SSSS” but we already know that this really isn’t worth getting that much and the proximity of towns is way better for total merchantry level, and you build rapport faster from just those two towns. Read about it below.

EDIT: People below are saying that food does carry over outside of merchantry, something that I originally though didn’t. It’s better now to buy the last food in the last town and just carry it over.

Try for more events instead of bigger rarity. I very commonly go off the beaten path for epic events though and I suggest doing the same on the offchance you get a boss.

SSSS is nice, but not even close to important. An S chest gives you like 6 boss stamps as the absolute best drop. An orange chest from an event can give 50 boss stamps. So… if you think going to a pocket of events is going to mess up getting an “S” on total sold or something… reevaluate priorities. Orange chest from events are by far the best thing you can get, so go for those white combat events. You want them and you want that combat level up as high as possible as soon as possible.

Go for wandering merchant if it’s 500-600 away but not more. Otherwise skip him. Or skip him anyway. You do you.

At every town, exchange resources. You will always get more than what you pay. Once you hit 120 rapport, keep an eye out for crystal chests, relic fragments (bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it), and boss stamps.

Lemme know if you’re still having issues with this.

How do I get more CP?

  • Boss stamps are the most reliable way to get CP. They give you shak coins for black spirit/potentially good pulls for you or your alts, they give lightstones, and they give black stones. The knowledge is the true gem though. You need to be doing a HUGE amount of boss stamps at the highest difficulty that you can get an S. Do everything you can to get more.
  • Don’t use your tablets if you’re at 50 knowledge already. Just do the bare minimum to get your dailies or camp questions done.
  • Get jins with better crystals. Get at least +11 on all your CP enchants and at least +5 on all your accessory enchants.
  • – Don’t neglect black spirit. You should shoot for around 165 if you’re below that number. If you’re above it, get higher without falling under a bil.
  • Don’t go crazy for t5 pet CP. PVP pets and boss damage pets are way better anyway, and pets right now are super expensive so don’t waste resources going after them.
  • Relics go to +1, accessories to +3, and gear to TET. Don’t go over those numbers unless you’re okay with the possibility of loss.
  • Finish your collections. Get all the world knowledge.
  • Not CP, but do the titles too. Having the LT and the health is worth it. The ones marked “rush mission” just mean that it’s a mob that will register for a repeatable in that area. (ex: troll rush mission just means kill trolls. It’s not more sophisticated than that. It does take a lot of them though.)

If you are “stuck on CP”, you likely need more boss knowledge or better awakening gear enhancements. You don’t NEED reds and you don’t NEED a “sushi stone” (though both are nice to have). You probably need BS levels and knowledge.

Black pearls/white pearls

More and more it seems like PA is devaluing white and black pearls and just asking for straight cash. First up, gross. Items that ask for cash now might seem appealing, but hold out for a pearl equivalent. Obviously white pearls are more important that black pearls which are more important than silver, but all three are crucial and should really be thought about before spending. These items will always have value in the future. Oranges, reds, accessories will not. Don’t spend your precious pearls on RNG. Spend them on chicken soups, orange accessories during a market crash (IF you don’t already have them), and crazy good hot deals on restoration scrolls and stuff and just about nothing else.

There exist white pearl packages that are free from RNG. These are good packages. There was some a while back that were like 15k relic fragments for pearls. Hold out for stuff like that because even when a relic fails, it still helps you. This is not true at all for alchemy stones and lightstones. Stay away from that garbage.

These currencies are really tough to make general statements about because every day their value to someone is going to change based on what they’ve been lucky to pull and what they haven’t. Really the only thing that can be said long term is that as currency, white and black pearls are worth more than anything you can buy them with. You’re going to be tempted to spend them if you haven’t had luck pulling something, but what that thing is is going to change. Everyone felt the 30k lightstone fragments bundle was super good because no one had that. Then people got 2 red lightstones and suddently that bundle sucked for them. This is a very obvious concept, but it’s something we often overlook. Just because you have had bad luck pulling something doesn’t mean it’s worth your pearls to get more chances. Don’t spend pearls on shak coins or lightstones for example, regardless of have many reds you do or don’t have; it doesn’t change that they’re garbage.

Alts personages

Make alts. One of each class to get the ascension/eventual awakening titles. This leaves you with 1 of each class and 2 of your main class. You want to do this so that the jin you use on your main can just be given to that ascended alt and you can awaken the main character. Alts should have (at this point in time):

Double encardin relic, a cp alch stone (if you’re using a red, enhance it to +3), purple attack crystals in all slots, enchantments on main, offhand, and chest amounting to half of the max +1, generic two slot orange gear (doesn’t have to be grunil yet), purple attack +4/+5 lightstones OR yellow double cp lightstones (super rare but amazing for alts. Always look for these. don’t auto fuse up to epic when you do lightstones because you want to keep an eye out for these), leveled to 60, buy the inventory for silver in the pearl shop on each, yellow accessories or at least 2 orange accessories, and +30 weapons, +25 armor resonance (30 if you can). If you can do better, get your alts weapons to tri, using whatever valks 10 you’ve got. Save the 50s for your main. Yellow weapon and outfit costumes. I use my alts to store things for the future like orange non-cp crystals, and red non-CP alch stones, and I use one of them to have that treant outfit to gather with. Work on this OVER TIME. Don’t buy black stones for this; just use them over time. Send your lowest 4 into tower of trials daily. Save your extra tickets from merchantry for a tower update which should come soon.

If you get a red or a jin drop, use those valks/elgriffin armors to transfer. That’s really the best way to make use of them.

I personally had my alts do the full story up to bashim. I think it’s a really good idea to keep these guys up to date as contribution, quest rewards, and silver increases.

Valencia / night farming

What is loot level? Loot level is that treasure chest next to the area accompanied with a color and a number. It was speculated that the color and numbers mean something like percentage chance or whatever, but I think it’s much simpler. It just a relative marker; color is the tens place and number is the ones place. Purple 4 is better than green 10 for example. In general, go for whatever has the highest loot level to make the most silver/loot over time. I will bold this next part just to drive it home harder, because it’s going to be tempting to want to BSM for a red: Farm. for. silver. If you aren’t the type of person to walk into a casino and go all in on the first hand, don’t gamble your precious time on reds and get the surefire silver instead.

Valencia is here and shit seems to get crazier. In general when you farm, you should be going for the highest loot level possible against mobs that you can 1 or 2 shot. If you can farm waragons fast, do it. If you can’t, do sausan or shultz. Choose your farm based off of loot level because it seems loot level is a great indicator for how much silver you can expect to get and silver is awesome (re: silver section). I learned this the hard way by farming Cron castle/underwater for months and getting nothing. Even if I had got something, there’s no way it would have offset the amount of CP I could have made if I farmed sausan/shultz. Do higher loot levels for more silver. At this point, don’t bother farming anywhere less that sausan overnight.

With the level cap increased, you should be night farming. To do this, have at least one of these items and then auto/afk:

  • 1 of each purple and ascended skill book. Keep at least 1 of each of these in your storage at all times and then take it out to do night farming.
  • 1 golden statue.
  • 1 sausan bundle/petrified leather/bashim token, etc.
  • 1 mystical gear chest per slot (don’t open these. Keep 1 for farming).
  • Combat exp% and CP pets equipped (they’ll starve, but you’ll still get their bonuses).
  • 1 fair black stone chest
  • 1 poor black stone chest
  • 1 dice fragment/event items when those events are going on

The rest of your inventory should be filled with crap. If you can’t fill up, take all absorb settings in shak off, and roll like 500 coins and fill up that way. You want to make sure you are full inventory without generic junk otherwise it will stack up in that slot and kill you.

Valencia daily quests are awesome. There’s a waragon one in rock outpost, 2 bashim ones (pujiya canyon and bashim canyon), and some more with the centaurs and basilisks. The basilisk one gives fat potions, so store those too. These dailies give grand stones for your alts, and it’ll add up if you have the time to do them on each character.

Gear progression

Alright I differ from people here, but I personally don’t like putting 9 bil bids on reds. Now I don’t really have any reds and I’m 6400 CP instead of 7k as a result, but personally, I think that will come with time/crafting. You can still get yourself in a good position without reds, so don’t go crazy and burn yourself out looking for them. Your silver is better spent. Here’s how!

Here’s how the market works (best I’ve known so far): Something gets put on the market and it goes to one of three options (presumably RNG on which is decided). Auto-order (pretty self-explanatory on this one. You reserve an item at max price. RNG who it goes to if the item hits auto order), max bid (here you can put an item for massive prices above the max here. Your bid gets applied whenever something goes to the market in this method. If you don’t have a max bid reserved for this item and hit the check bid button, the game will set your bid at the max price range for that item), or it just goes to “buy-it-now”.

Alch stones are a little deceiving. Everyone’s bananas over this god stone, but it’s not really all that useful yet. Once it awakens, it’ll be good, but the best ones right now are monster dmg%, boss damage%, shinining stone or WB dmg%, and PVP stone of victory (wrath and training are good for siege). Stone of luck can be okay if you don’t have monster dmg%, but for now monster damage is better for getting experience/golden fragments. If you have those 4, horde your fragments. God stone will be easier to get later and there’s no point fighting RNG for it now.

Get orange relics (+1 max) on main and horde the rest.

Don’t go bananas for red lightstone yet. Yeah it’s nice, but it’s like red items: currently just RNG. I don’t know what the way out for this one is; lightstone has always been lighting things on fire and I don’t know if they will get easier, but I imagine there will be better fragment deals in the future, and boss stamps get you a nice collection of these (and shak coins), so I personally don’t spend on these.

Attack crystals are better than defense since they help you reliably farm in the long term and they can get you 1 extra CP over defense crystals on a high roll.


Just do your 5 ranked matches minimum a day and get your Lagos chest. Store any attack crystals you get for alts (this is just try in general). If you lose and you fall, don’t let it get to you. The game is putting you in a better position to get your 5 wins faster. If you win, great. Try to set a goal for yourself by the end of the month because the black pearl payout is pretty good. It’s easier to climb mid to lateway through though so keep that in mind. If you’re losing a lot early in the month, don’t get frustrated.

Node / camp

I put all my purple workers and 1 yellow level 50 with high dexterity in node and use yellows to gather/craft outfits. I have my best crafter making purple condensed energy constantly. I try to make sure I don’t fall under 50k of any resource, but merchantry makes it really easy to not even have to think about it.

Мини-Кальфеон: состоялся релиз Black Desert Mobile / Black Desert Online

Check node often. This is the best place to get relic and alch fragments. I’ll pass over the grand stones for now if they’re really out of the way. Aside from relic and alch fragments, keep as many people on boss stamps as possible. If a limited node pops up, make sure you only send your 1 yellow high DEX worker to it. While there’s no node, put him on a boss stamp node. If there are no efficient boss stamps anywhere, put them on tablets. Next, silver items or shak coins. If there’s none of any of those, give your workers a break I guess and maybe they can go jerk it or something instead cause nothing else is really worth it (purple skill books take a while and cost resources if they’re on 3rd node tier. Possibility but usually impractical to go for).

Build everything in your camp in anticipation of other releases. I personally use the stamina shrine because I like to have creations. Have at least 4 t6 horses by now. If you don’t have them, go catch some horses in Kzarka shrine or that mediah ranch place. If you rope a horse and it says “50/90” on the bottom, it’s level 1. Release it and go for “40/80”. PA seems to give us horses here and there thrown in with other more useful things, so we’ll get them it seems.

Don’t server chat. You really shouldn’t waste resources and stamina has its uses (amity, speeding up things, w/e). If PA wants a healthy server chat, they can remove the tax.

Silver = Black Spirite level

Black spirit is best leveled with silver. For this reason, you want as much of it as you can get. Every little bit. Yes you have a lot of silver, good for you, but you don’t have enough. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 bil, you don’t have enough. Get more and turn it into black spirit exp. Black spirit is something you need to continually do or you’ll fall behind, and it’s not easy at all to get back on top. Let’s say everyone is black spirit level 200 and you’re 150 but you have 50 bil. Markets only got like 30 yellows on it at any time, chief; what’s your plan? You need to continually be thinking about black spirit because when you need it, you won’t be able to get it. So get it constantly.

Hold at least 1 bil before each reset. If you don’t have that, horde. You want silver for 3 things right now: valks 50, black spirit (CRITICALLY IMPORTANT), and savings (eileen event, failing a relic enhance or something stupid), You want get back to 1 bil before the next reset after buying those valks 50. Anything other that 1 bil, you can spend on yellows. The general rule for yellow items I use is a multiplier of shakatu coins:

  • MH – 1 mil
  • OH – .8 mil
  • Helm – .7 mil
  • Shoes/gloves – .6 mil
  • Chest – .9 mil

Sometimes if competition is fierce or I really need to push for CP before a siege war, I will buy items at 10% additional for a few days before that event. If yellows are posted to market above that price, I personally don’t buy them. If something’s max price is within or 10% above that range, I will even autoorder epics throughout the day to get more. Silver is your black spirit experience, not shak coins. If your main has full jins, horde your shak coins.

When you’re full on those purple move speed, crit, attack speed skill books, keep one in your storage from each stack and sell 10 once you get 11 of them. Don’t use them for skilling; use them for silver.

If you get an orange or yellow, don’t sell it. In fact, you really shouldn’t even sell anything as most everything has a purpose in this game. Black spirit the yellow with as much dark% exp as possible. Use the orange item to craft jins. If you have jins on your main, make an alt and put the orange on them, and then craft more oranges for them too. Don’t buy oranges for alts; just save them when you get them and use/craft them with the oranges. Same with epic/orange accessories; if you are at +3 already and you get more or you get a different kind, put it on an alt. Don’t sell it.

The Dark Side of this Black Desert Mobile


Don’t spend on RNG. You will burn yourself out and you’ll quit and that money will be truly wasted. If it doesn’t happen today, it’s just getting bottled up. This includes awakened enhancement, lightstones, crystals, alch stones, outfits, SHAK COINS (but it’s BS experience!! okay but you can make them from spending elsewhere) anything that just gets lit on fire if you fail. You’re free to spend your money how you want of course, but you have to be really careful because if you run that tab up too fast too early, it’ll be a ticking time bomb. If you do it right, you can play this game for about 30 bucks a month and do very well, but you have to be extremely judicious.

Do spend money on good things, most commonly in the form of phat hot deals. In order, this would be: boss stamps, boss stamps, boss stamps, pearl exchange/currency deals (2 for 1 new class releases, 1+1 black pearl deals, etc), tablets (good later, bad now), good deals on restoration scrolls (only buy this if you’re in desperate need. This is spending on RNG but there’s no other way to get them currently and bounties just aren’t enough yet. There will be ways in the future, so don’t burn out getting a stockpile you don’t need right now (reference orange accessories)).

Buy valks 50 with silver. Personally I didn’;t buy that 150 valks 50 for 4500 BP because it’s silver obtainable. However, silver is extremely precious. If you think you have a lot, you’re either not spending it correctly or are complacent because the number is big. You want silver. More on this later.

For support, camp manager is the best at the moment. Do what you can to avoid it, but honestly, this one will likely be necessary for a while until we get a 5th farm. I personally use hot peppers. Combat plus is necessary as well, but you can avoid it here and there by hording boss stamps and knocking them out on a non-hot time day. You don’t NEED these support items, but if you get them, great. One less headache to deal with.

P2W vs F2P

This next paragraph is delicate because I think it’s going to hurt a few people here and there. You may not be able to believe this, but it’s true: you can play this game just fine completely F2P, but you will need to realize that F2P and P2W are on completely different timeframes and honestly should be thought of as playing the game separately. Think about it like this. WoW lets you do a free trial up to level 20. You’re still in the game. You see what the game is and what everyone is capable of but you’ll never be able to get past 20. You can still get super awesome level 20 gear and still be really skilled, but in that server, you will only ever be the best level 20 out there. Pretend that when WoW increases it’s level cap, that free trial goes to level 30. This is kind of the best way to think about F2P vs P2W. You are playing a different game. Identify which game you’re playing and don’t look at the other group. If you want to be F2P, don’t comment on “I got full PEN” threads like you’re surprised they had to spend money; you should know this and realize that you’re playing a different game at this point in time. F2P will be able to achieve these things but at a later time. Using the WoW example, you will be able to get level 60, but at a later time, and p2w will be level 100. Don’t look at them saying “well, why can’t I be level 100” because the answer is that you’re not paying and they are. So come to terms that you chose to be F2p and really enjoy “level 60”; the game still looks amazing, you can still beat other F2P in the arena using good skill, you can still grind, and you can still get lucky, you can complete the story over time. You just need to do the marathon correctly which is get silver and don’t do RNG. Enhance at 100%, not 60%. You can still do everything in the game, but your expectations should be weighed on a different scale.

This isn’t a paragraph about how the game is sucking people dry and you need to spend to play it. You’re not paying for the game so yes, PA doesn’t want to cater to you. PA will cater to the people who are paying to play the game. If you’re a store clerk and you have someone who is about to buy 500 dollars of merchandise next in line, and they get cut in line by some loud mouth demanding that they lower their prices and intentionally voicing that they won’t buy shit until you come down, who do you think as a person working a job you’re going to show favoritism towards? Besides, if you’re high 5k or so and someone is 7k and you spent nothing and they spent thousands… did you really lose? They paid a lot of money just to beat little ol’ you; it’s actually a little flattering if you think about it that way. It all depends on your priorities and perspective so just get that straight and identify what kind of player you want to be.

You cannot be truly competitive as F2P, though. If your competition is spending, guess what, you’re gonna have to to. That’s literally what “competing” means: being on equal footing and trying to get more with similar practices. Maybe there’s someone who is, and that’s great for them, but I think over time there will be something that will expose that and they’ll get left behind. Gear awakening did that for a lot of people and there’s more than likely going to be a few more. Realize though that if you lose a fight (siege or PVP) and you are F2P and you suspect they are P2W, you should not be surprised or upset. Evaluate them on a different scale playing a different game, and realize that you are better than other F2P and aspire to be on that scale.

As a P2W, you should be holding yourself to a higher standard. I’ve spent FAR less than other P2W that I know, and I’m extremely proud of that. I have a daughter and a wife and a house and everything I could want (not a humble brag; everything is about perspective and priorities). The way that you play the game as P2W is making smart purchases, not making EVERY purchase. Hold yourself to that standard. And btw, if you’re paying, you still need to put in a ton of work into the game to be competitive; you can’t just spend and that’s it. Also, people that are making posts like “just got 6k, f2p!” you shouldn’t even be looking at to be honest (let alone commenting with a “lol git gud” or something equally demeaning/patronizing), because for the most part, they are playing the same game as you about 2 months behind you. You’re at a different point in the progressional timeline than they are.

Run that shit constantly

You should always be doing something, and black spirit mode isn’t a part of the “something” definition. This can kind of make it hard to explain to family members what you’re doing. Running doesn’t have to mean playing though. There are really only a few points in your day where you need to be 100% active: merchantry, PVPs, siege, and some boss rushes maybe. Otherwise you should always be farming, even at night now. (See Valencia section.) It may not seem like it now, but you kind of have to hide how much this game is on if you have close family that loves you. So don’t spend a shit load of time away from them playing this instead. Plan your time to where you can do your active things outside of work or after everyone’s asleep. You don’t want to get to a situation down the road where someone says “you’re always on that” because that creates conflict and conflict takes time to resolve and you need your time so you can farm.


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