Blade and Soul: Revolution — beginners guide, tips, and tricks


Blade and Soul: Revolution was released a week ago. And I publish this Guide to help beginners to get used to the new game as soon as possible.

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Beginners Guide

What’s Stamina

Stamina is a system that gives buff (depending on your stamina status) to experience/loot/silver gain. Conquest quest will be also paused if your Stamina drops to 0. You can recover some with Incense Burners (can be bought from Shop) or being in Villages/Town.

What to do when stamina hits 0?

  • You can still receive exp/loot/silver from Main Quest/Side Quests/Dungeons/Solo Dungeon so keep on doing them,
  • Try out Arena (1vs1, 2vs2), Placements won’t complete themselves on their own 
  • Join others to defeat World Boss (max 2 times per day),
  • Do some Faction PvP to increase Faction Rank (zones for these are marked with 2 swords crossing each other on red background on map of world),
  • Gather some materials in the field,
  • Craft,
  • Defeat Field Bosses,
  • Upgrading Gear/Shoulshield/Skills,
  • You also can kill some mobs for Contribution but remember without Stamina you won’t receive any loot for some of the quests there.

Pro Tip

  • Grade of Pet decides on their Stamina consumption,
  • Only enable your Stamina when you’re farming. Or when going into Training Grounds for massive exp (Future content)

What are tradeable coins

Tradeable coins is the currency obtained by exchanging any item within NPC Gagyo in Yehara’s Mirage. By supplying items in exchange coin tab you can retrieve some coins to spend within purchase tab. Items sold by this NPC refresh once a week and there are many good deals you can get from her such as HM energy or even Epic Equipment design chest.

How to get purple gear

There is few ways of obtaining Epic quality (Heroic) gear. 

Drops: The most reliable source will be heroic dungeons (available at level 200). Dungeons can drop maximum 1 special reward which can be purple design while raid can drop 4 items and designs. Because of that it is very recommended to run dungeons solo for much higher chance of obtaining those designs.

Summon: In cash shop (special tab) you are able to summon gear using summon tokens or blue diamonds. Using diamonds however, it’s possible only to do 10+1 summons at once which cost 2000 blue diamonds. Chance to obtain item or design are pretty low:

In example: 0.25% for weapon and 1.25% for weapon design. Don’t get baited for that 50% probability – it includes enhance stones and other items in that category.

Field boss: Some field bosses have chance to drop epic designs for everyone and special heroic chests for number 1 rank player. Those chests can contain Epic equipments.

World boss: can drop purple chests when you reach rank 5 score.

Cash shop: there are 2 special packages in step up category that can provide single heroic accessory. If you collect 800 summon medals, (200 per 10+1 gear summon) you can exchange it for 1 heroic accessory selection chest.

Hongmoon chest: Can be bought once a month for 3000 hongmoon medals (daily activity) after you reach Hongmoon level 1 (level 200).

PVP: with battlefield coins you are able to buy 2 battlefield chests a week which can contain design fragments that you can combine into full design. Some design fragments can also be bought directly from this store.

Faction store: By obtaining certain faction rank you will get access to weekly chests that contain random designs ranging from superior blue to superior purple. Those chests cost silver.

Marketplace: Once opened, some epic items will be sold by other players. Weapon merchants can sell RNG boxes that drop up to heroic weapons or accessories for a low amount of silver. Chances are slim but exist.

What is Hongmoon level

Max obtainable level is 200. After that you will be obtaining Hongmoon levels which are limited to 50. You will still level up like before but get ready for some serious grind.

Additionally you will receive HM points that you can distribute into attack or defense:

How to fix (recover durability) of an item

Items depending on grade have different enhance durability. Only not enhanced items can be traded on marketplace and once durability falls to 0, item will break and you will be not able to enhance it further.

When item is destroyed, there will be red text showing instead of durability points.

To fix an item you will need item of same type (weapon to fix weapon, ring to fix ring etc) of same grade (!). Yes – it means if you want to fix epic ring, you will need to use another epic ring.

Good thing to note is that enhance level of item will increase chance of repairing an item. Achieving over 100% will lead to wasted potential however. Having higher chance than 100% will not restore more than 1 durability however it could be used to restore item of higher enhance later on still granting major success chance.

Item you use to repair needs to be at most 7 enhance levels lower.

Contribution book

Contribution book allows you to obtain some free raw statistics for your character which is very useful in any stage of the game. To complete contribution you will need to fulfill 4 tasks for each grade.

Each grade will grant some statistics.

As you can see, 2 tasks require to kill monsters and 2 to collect premium reputation items. Those are dropped by monsters in area you do reputation for (in above image it is everdusk). You need to have stamina in order to get monster drops and thus – complete this task.

Monster and Unique monster kills can be completed without use of stamina so disable when grinding.

How to leave party

When you want to leave or manage party, simply tap on first icon on left side – looks like shaking hands. In here you will see list of members in party or manage party link if it’s empty. Simply tap in this box (any player) to open party management.

In here you can manage recruitment settings (shouting in recruitment channel), convert to raid group, invite or kick members and also disband party if you are the leader.

What to spend money on

what to buy and not buy in my personal opinion, going in order from first to last page in shop:

  1. step up
    1. step 1/7 – recommended. 3 days of increased xp gain and weight, blue pet with +206 atk power (i got exp on it) and 300 diamonds that count towards recharge event.
    2. step 2/7 – recommended if you want to complete recharge event. gives +8 radiant superior weapon for your class (superior = blue), silver and 400 diamonds.
    3. summon festival step up – this is up to you whether you want to try gacha rng or not. i purchased this for recharge event which gave me additional pulls.
  2. premium
    1. ‘must-have starter’ – not recommended. While it gives +20 permanent inventory slots and maximum weight, i never extended inventory slots, i collect everything for crafting, loot from mobs and lot of white/green/blue items just becuase i dont like salvaging/selling them and i never run into issue of having not enough slots. most likely you won’t need this.
    2. ‘all-in-one starter’ – just summons, it’s up to you. chances to get anything from summons are low but higher for pet summons.
    3. daily pet summon – decent
    4. daily heroic fragments – 1 heroic accessory design after 14 days – not recommended. you will be far ahead in 2 weeks and probably already have something. one additional epic design (random) is not worth the cost but it could help you if your luck is bad.
    5. weekly heroic accessory bundle has 1 guaraneed accessory but we are looking at $99 pack already.
  3. events
    1. grand launch daily recharge – don’t get baited for last reward that says “77 summon medals”. this is pity currency and 77 is nothing. however, for recharging 400 diamonds each day (including diamonds from various packages) you will get bonus 200 diamonds every day. that still is about $50 to complete the whole recharge event.
  4. bundles
    1. weekly lucky box $1 – if you don’t mind spending an extra $1 a week this is recommended. lucky boxes (u also get one daily from ads) have a chance to drop up to 7×10+1 gear or pet summons – and that is a jackpot. you will probably end up getting fragments.
    2. pet soul chest – hm. to be honest i have no idea what pet soul is even.
    3. weekly skills passives selection – meh
    4. weekly hongmoon arts bundle – meh
    5. hajoon level up bundle – meh
    6. master hong level up bundle (starts with lv 100) – 1 heroic accessory for $50 + diamonds and HM energy. decent, not gonna lie. im actually thinking about this myself but when I’m closer to 150 (accessory is last reward so you need 150 to claim)
    7. rina level up – useful for recharge event
    8. achievement bundle – 4500 diamonds for $50 – decent purchase
    9. battle pass (honeymoon pass) – personally i did not buy this. other than some diamonds there is nothing else worth getting from the premium pass. it still is 1000 diamonds for $5 + costume (head) so it’s decent purchase.
  5. special
    1. summons are based on your preference. chances for good drop in gear are very low or you might end up with design – meaning you need to get craftig mats.
    2. legendary pets come only from pet upgrade and even if you combine 5 epic you still have only 50% chance to get legy and ppl tend to fail a lot.
    3. seasonal items – costs 300 diamonds and grants blue +6 set for your class. this is a good starter that helps you with progression but at same time you will easily obtain those items from HM adventure.
    4. if you want guaranteed heroic accessory, 4×10+1 gear summons (8000 diamonds) will get you one with summon medals.

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