Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to


Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to

Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact is a 4* one-handed sword that you can get by completing certain tasks in the territory of Fontaine. In this guide, we will tell you where exactly you can find this weapon and elevations for it, and also indicate for which heroes it will be the best option.

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Where to get the weapon Carrier Flev Sandr

This sword is only available for purchase from the Fontaine Fishing Association. You can purchase it by providing Delaroche, a representative of the organization, with various types of fish, namely:

  • Repair mek: platinum collection x4;
  • Wavy heartfish x10;
  • Flaming Heartfish x10;
  • Marlin Halberd x12.

Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to

Please note that there are no copies of this weapon. You can only get it once.

The places where these fish are found are shown on the map below. You can learn more about how to catch each type of fish in our separate guide.

Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to

Main characteristics of the weapon Carrier Flev Sandr

  • Rarity: 4 stars.
  • Base attack: 42-510 units.
  • Second stat: 10-45, 9% energy recovery.

Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to

Passive: Elemental skill critical strike chance increases by 8-16%. Also, after its activation, the character’s energy recovery stat increases by 16-32% for five seconds.

How to upgrade a weapon Carrier Flev Sandr

From the table below you can find out how the characteristics of the weapon will change with increasing its level, as well as what materials will have to be spent for this.

 Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to

  • Muddy drops fall from phantasms of muddy waters.
  • Pearls of foreign lands of various rarities can be obtained after defeating Foreigners Fontmer.
  • Ancient String Pieces are obtained from the “Echoes of Deep Tides” on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays.
  • You will also need 755 thousand mora and 605 units of magic reinforcement ore.

Don't forget that you can use alchemy to create additional materials, or buy missing items from the Paimon store.

How to awaken the sword Carrier Flev Sandr

As we said above, there is no There is no way to get a second copy of this weapon, so to awaken you will have to use a special material called “Universal Martens Care.” You can also purchase it from the Fishing Association. To buy one jar, you will need to provide the same fish that you caught to get the weapon itself:

  • Repair Mek: Platinum Collection x2;
  • Wavy Heartfin Bass x5;
  • Flaming Heartfin Bass x5;
  • Halberd Marlin x6.

Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to

In the table below you will see how the weapon's passive will improve with each new awakening rank.

 Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how to get it and who to give it to

Which heroes would suit the Carrier Flev Sandr

Due to its characteristics, the weapon is suitable mainly for heroes in the sub-dead position, since it will provide both attacking stats and additional energy, the need for which for characters in the pocket is much higher than for the main damage dealers. It would also be nice if the wielder of this sword had an elemental skill cooldown that was not much higher than five seconds, in order to keep the passive active longer.

The Carrier Flev Sandr can be given to the following characters:

  • Lynette. The girl wants to actively use both the elemental skill and the explosion of the elements. This sword will increase the damage of the first and help in the accumulation of the second.
  • Traveler. The main character in any of the elements usually takes the position of sub-deader and has fairly suitable cooldowns for the skill. This sword is especially relevant for dendro and hydro variations, as it helps to quickly accumulate 80 units of energy to activate the rollback ultimate.
  • Keya. As a sub-DD, the cavalry captain should use his ult every rotation. This weapon will help with this, allowing you to search artifacts for stats that directly increase damage.
  • Kazuha. He, like other heroes on this list, wants to activate his ultimate often. The carrier can be given to him in the absence of other options, such as the favonium sword, ceremonial sword, steel sting and others, which will bring much greater benefit to the entire squad, and not slightly increase the damage of Kazuha's skill.
  • Xing Qiu. He requires a fairly high energy recovery value to achieve his cooldown ult. This sword, especially during awakenings, makes a noticeable increase in this indicator. This is a good option until you get the ceremonial sword.
  • Genie. He has an expensive ultimate of 80 units, which must be activated as often as possible not only to deal more damage, but also to heal the entire team. This sword will greatly simplify this task.
  • Kirara. Nekomata requires energy to keep the shield active. The carrier is suitable for her if you also want to run around for her in the form of a box and give her a little treat.
  • Bennett. This sword is not one of the best options for Bennett, as it has an average base, which reduces the attack power buff for the team. He is also not able to pour additional energy into the squad. Suitable if you have no other options that increase recovery.

How to play with the Flev Sandr Carrier

This weapon does not require any special actions or rotations from you to activation of his passive ability, and the part of it that gives an additional chance of crit always works without any additional conditions. We recommend that, if possible, you do not switch from the carrier of this weapon after using a skill, so that while he is on the field, he will receive even more energy from the elemental spheres that appear after the strike.

Carrier Flev Sandr in Genshin Impact: how receive and to whom to give

We hope that the guide helped you get this sword, and you will find a worthy use for it among all your heroes.

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