Cheats in Diablo Immortal: speedhack on PC


Diablo Immortal speed hack: how to download and install. Cheat life hacks that simplify the gameplay.

Diablo Immortal, released on June 2, has received a lot of negative reviews in a short time. From the first hours, users who decided to download the long-awaited project from Blizzard faced its harsh nature – a sea of ​​mandatory donations necessary for a comfortable game, and P2W content, network connection problems and the presence of cheaters on large servers (and not only).

Diablo Immortal Cheats: PC Speedhack

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The absence of an anti-cheat program built into the client-side allowed especially cunning players to gain some advantagesalready a few hours after the release: for example, increased movement and attack speed of the character, as well as reduced cooldown of his main abilities. And all thanks to only one free program – Cheat Engine.

This article will analyze the main points affecting cheats for Diablo Immortal: how to download and run, how to install and play, and how to use with impunity.

All files are provided for informational purposes only. The site administration is not responsible for the consequences of installing and using cheats. Such actions are unacceptable in PvP activities, respect other players and spoil the experience. Optimal for solo leveling paragon or trying out different classes.

Cheat functions (speedhack)

Thus, the free cheat for Diablo Immortal includes several functions that greatly simplify the gameplay:

  • the first and most significant feature β€” increased movement speed (adjusted manually by the user or with the help of configured walkers);
  • increased attack speedβ€” directly depends on the set values ​​in the β€œEnable Speedhack” section;
  • accelerated recharge of skills β€” similarly tied to the specified numbers while setting up the Cheat Engine.

Download cheats for Diablo Immortal

Download .ct-file tables:

DOWNLOAD from Cloud

DOWNLOAD from Google drive

< p>Download Cheat Engine:

Cheat Engine

How to install and use cheats

Installing Cheat Engine for Diablo Immortalshould not cause difficulties – it is enough to perform a series of the following actions:

  • Download .ct-file of the table presented above.
  • Install Cheat Engine, which is also shown above.
  • Open the spreadsheet.
  • Select Cheat Engine as the program to open files .< /strong>ct if needed.
  • Launch Diablo Immortal and log in.
  • Click on the magnifying glass monitor iconlocated in the upper left corner and select Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Cheats: Speedhack on PC

  • After that, the right column of the program should < strong>become active

Diablo Immortal Cheats: Speedhack on PC

  • Check the box next to β€œEnable Speedhack” and enter any number you want [β€œsafe” is a number from 5 to 12].

Diablo Immortal Cheats: Speedhack on PC

If all of the above steps are done correctly, the character's speed will increase noticeably.

If you encounter any errors while using the program, try running it as an administrator and try again.

When going to the [Settings] settings through the Edit section, you can set the hotkeyto any convenient key or side mouse button, so that if necessary reset and then restore speed.

Diablo Immortal Cheats: Speedhack on PC

Diablo Immortal cheat life hacks [Exploits]

The following will be considered exploits discovered by various users of the project in the course of its study and research.

God Mode: Damage Immunity

This bug was discovered by one of the Reddit users, and its essence is that the system randomly removes the character from the game, replacing it with a invisible hero model, which is immune to incoming damage.

Calling an exploit on your own is impossible. Users experiencing this crash have concluded that it is unstable and only works within the Zoltun Kull Library area (other areas may exist, but this is unknownabout yet).

God's Peculiar Mode is reset after teleporting to another zone or using fast travel.

Diablo Immortal Cheats: PC Speedhack

Experience Farming and Paragon AFK Leveling

AFK farming consists in continuously pressing the hero's main skill, which even an ordinary spoon can help with. It will seem funny and surprising, however, the primary ability of the character can be held for constant damage, so this life hack is real and effective.

Diablo Immortal Cheats: PC Speedhack

One of the most popular locations where this method is used is the Zoltun Kull Library. There are a lot of mobs in the restricted areas of this region that spawn 20-30 seconds after killing. Having found a convenient place, place a convex object on the phone's display in such a way that it β€œlies” on an auto attack, and go about your business.

This exploit is a great way to farm experience, fill your inventory with gold, as well as rare equipment for its further conversion into arcane dust. Don't forget to turn on automatic resource collection first, if you haven't already.

Can they get banned for using cheats?

Usually, players get away with using various glitches to their advantage, since this is (primarily) the fault of the developers. However, cheats, which were also covered earlier in the article, can lead to account suspension.

Blizzard's attitude towards players using various programs to gain any advantage is negative. NetEase is also known to have strict rules regarding this topic, especially in their live server projects.

So far, there has been no information about bans in Diablo Immortal, but it's better not to use cheats on the main account, but to create a twink. If you use the speedhack exclusively for farming and solo leveling, then the risk of getting a report and a ban is much lower.

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