Chests in the Studio Theme Park Clock in Honkai Star Rail: where to find


Chests in the Studio Clock Theme Park in Honkai Star Rail: where to find

In Honkai: Star Rail, the chests in the Studio Clock Theme Park located on Penaconia are decorated boxes, in which contain a variety of treasures, ranging from hourly credits to star jades. In this guide, we'll tell you where to find them and how to open them, as some chests require you to first solve a puzzle, complete a mission, or defeat dangerous enemies to gain access.

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Where to find chests in the Studio's Theme Park ” Hours”

We are talking about an entertainment park for cinema and television, the main theme of which is the popular animated character Chasik. It is regularly visited by a huge number of fans of the hero. You will have access to this location when you begin the quest chain called “Devil in Velvet,” but we advise you to start exploring it after completing all the missions in the line, so that you can visit all corners of the area.

Chests in the Theme Park Studio Clock in Honkai Star Rail: where to find

This location consists of several levels in which you can find over 20 ordinary, valuable and luxurious chests. On the map below you can see their approximate location. Next, we will tell you in detail how to get to them.

Information about finding chests will appear after the release of update 2.1, which is scheduled for release on March 27, 2024…

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