Chirping Balls in Genshin Impact: How to Complete All Challenges


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In Genshin Impact, the Chirping Balls are a mini-game in patch 3.8 and part of the Summer! Amusement park? Mirage!”. As part of it, you have to push the balls along a special field so that they stop in the marked areas. As a reward, you will receive Source Stones, Ascension Materials, and Enchanting Crystals. In this guide, we will show you how to complete all the stages.

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Basic information on the Chirping Balls

How to start the event

First of all, you will need to go through the Invitation from afar! quest chain, which allows you to get into Mirage Veluriam and gain access to all the tests of the main event. Next, you need to wait until July 7 and take on the mission “Are finches really the cutest?”.

You will need to find and talk to a friendly scientist named Basima, located in the temporary region. She will offer you to play an interesting game. This will complete the task. As a reward for completing it, you will receive 10 thousand pestilence and 4 adventurer experience.

The essence and rules of the event

You will need to take turns throwing balls, trying to get into special areas marked with multi-colored lines. If the ball stops in the red zone, then you will earn 4 points, in the yellow – 2 points, and in the blue – 1 point. You need to score a certain number of points to pass the challenge.

If the ball is on the border of the zones, then you will get a higher score. We add that you can change the initial position of the figure by moving it to the right or left. Then hold down the throw button to charge and select a direction. Release your finger from the button to push the ball in that direction.

Genshin Impact Chirping Balls: How to Complete All Challenges

Chirp balls in Genshin Impact: how to pass all challenges

Note: If the ball is left in the launch zone, the throw will not count, so you can throw it again. Use this mechanic if you want to change the throw direction.

Genshin Impact Chirping Balls: How to Complete All Challenges

Genshin Impact Chirping Balls: How to Complete All Challenges

Note that two types of balls can appear on the field: serene – it sticks to the first figure that it touches, and then continues to move forward with it; colorful – after stopping, it attracts other figures to itself in a certain radius. All this will help you score more points.

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