Daily activities in Diablo Immortal: what to do after level 60? High-End content


Let’s consider all the options that can and should be done every day in the game after capping the level.

Highend content Diablo Immortal is what every player comes to, regardless of their leveling pace. However, due to the abundance of daily content, it is extremely difficult to understand which activities should be performed first and which should not be paid attention at all.

In this guide, we will tell you what to do in Diablo Immortal after level 60, analyzing the most relevant events and tests that help in leveling and strengthening the hero.

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Leveling the Combat passes

Battle Pass(free or reinforced) – a great opportunity to get additional resources needed to strengthen the hero in the shortest possible time. Hilts, scrap metal, common and legendary gems, pieces of legendary equipment that, if not needed, can be dismantled to replenish Arcane Dust, etc.

Daily activities in Diablo Immortal: what to do after level 60? Highend content

The list of Battle Pass rewards is extensive and useful(even after reaching rank 40), which makes it mandatory to complete the various quests found in the Codex section.

Daily quests

Diablo Immortal daily activities: what to do after level 60? Highend content

Daily Quests are a type of Battle Pass activity that is not recommended to be missed for several reasons: for each completed order from the board, the player receives:

  • a) experience spheres
  • b) rare or legendary (with some chance) equipment
  • c) gold

Each of the above resources is needed to level up the character, which is especially appreciated in the high-end field of any MMO game.

Attack on the squad camp [10k mobs]

Attack on the squad camp – a small side task, the main goal of which is to kill 10,000 opponents. Usually, players who decide to complete this task gather a group, unsubscribing to the chat world about finding capable comrades-in-arms.

Starting the quest in question alone is impossible. Fortunately, there are always plenty of people who want to participate in the event, and there should be no problems with gathering a party.

Daily activities in Diablo Immortal: what to do after level 60? Highend content

Daily activities in Diablo Immortal: what to do after level 60? Highend content

Shadows and Dark Clans Quests

Shadows– one of the main factions, which consists of most of the brave warriors and warriors of the open world. The main objective of this brotherhood is to overthrow the Immortals from their pedestal, and it can perhaps be called the main PvP goal of the project.

Completing Dark Clan quests is required to raise the guild ratingamong the others. Participation in the shadow lottery to re-obtain the seals of Akeba, completing the Blood Path solo dungeon, attending a special Gathering, etc. – all this is important for the successful existence of any brotherhood that dreams of resisting the dominant faction.

Completing dungeons and raids

Dungeons and raid events are also an integral part of the Battle Pass activities, but in addition to farming experience and BP points, they are also required to get common gems, legendary gear, and secondary set sets.

The list of available dungeons and raid challenges can be found in the “Actions” tab of the “Code”.

Farm legendary gear and set sets

Diablo Immortal Daily Activities: What to do after level 60? Highend Content

Legendary gear and set sets — the basis of a well-equipped character with a high Combat Rating. It is this parameter that is taken into account by players both in PvE and PvP activities, and in order to increase it, you need to know:

  • how to farm legendary items.
  • how to get complete items.

Paragon Enhancement Leveling

Enhancement is a system unlocked by players upon reaching level 60. It is needed to get additional increases to the main characteristics of the character, as well as to activate new positive effects.

Daily activities in Diablo Immortal: what to do after level 60? Highend content

There are six types of Paragon in total: Survivor, Gladiator, Treasure Hunter, Fighter, Soldier and Enlightened Mind. Each of them is designed for a certain class.

Leveling the Infernal Reliquary

Daily activities in Diablo Immortal: what to do after level 60? Highend content

Infernal Reliquary is an important mechanism that is required to receivinguseful bonuses of the Battle Rating and their subsequent possible activation during the passage of the Daring Portals. To do this, the hero will have to face some powerful bosses of the game (for example, Lassal, Weaved of Flame or Vitaat the Trembling Death).

For a complete list of required opponents and a detailed analysis of the Infernal Reliquary system, see a separate guide: Infernal reliquary in Diablo Immortal: how to upgrade.

Horadrim Sanctuary and world boss farm

Diablo Immortal daily activities: what to do after level 60? Highend content

Horadrim Sanctuary is a dungeon whose success is directly dependent on numerous encounters with raid and world bosses of the game. The reason for this is the presence of additional vessels that activate special buffs in the process of launching and clearing the dungeon. Ignore the activity in question NOTrecommended as it is one of the available ways to quickly level up your own hero.

Hidden Lairs

Hidden lairs – random events open locations, farming which is required to get additional regular gems needed to increase damage, armor, armor penetration and other characteristics of the character.

As a rule, these mini-dungeons consist of 1 or 2 floors and are placed in front of warriors the task is to destroy all the small opponents, and then fight the main boss. A possible location of the challenges in question can be found in separate guide: Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal: where to find everything [map].

Farm chests and goblins [Legendaries and extras. resources]

There are several types of chests: regular, heavy, and cursed. Upon stumbling upon a Cursed Crate, a special event will be activated, as a result of which the player will have to face elite or named enemies.

After killing them, open the chest and collect the reward. Loot – random: both common/rare and legendary items can drop.

Goblins, in turn, are ordinary mobs running away from danger with a bag of gold coins in their hands. As you can see, they are one of the sources of farming in-game currency.

The location of each of the above activities can be found using the Diablo Immortal Interactive Map.

Daily activities in Diablo Immortal: what to do after level 60? Highend content

PvP Activities

The following will cover the main PvP activities, some of which are considered major faction events.


Battleground in its usual sense, participation in which is possible during the following hours: 8:00-10:00, 12:00-14:00, 18:00-20:00, and 22:00-00 :00 server time.

8×8 battlefields are a great opportunity to dilute PvE everyday life with exciting battles and get additional BP points, regardless of loss or victory.

Shadow Battle

Shadow activity that gives the highest number of rating points needed to raise the guild to the top of the clans on the server. Desktop NOTit is recommended to skip this event if plans include a further clash with the Immortals for the right to remove them from their pedestal.

Rite of the Exiles

Rite of the Exiles— a bloody battle between the Immortals and the Shadows (top 10 clans from the entire server), which takes place every week, on Sunday. It is for participation in this event that many Dark Guilds work hard, earning rating points for 6 days.

Other activities

Other important activities of the game include the following:

    • Participate in various random open world events(for example, blue side quests). See the Diablo Immortal Interactive Map for the locations of each region’s possible challenges.
    • Obtaining Story Location Achievements, which can be found in more detail in the Research< /em>” located in the “Code” section.
  • Farm bestiary pages, which is also an integral part of the lore and can inspire players who devote a lot of attention to this part of Diablo.
  • View offers from the hilt merchant, Lieutenant Physrius, some stocks of which are updated once a day/week/month. This is necessary to purchase additional legendary glyphs, items or gems, reforging stones and, for example, simple talismans.
  • Complete Westmarch quests. After talking to Adventurer Tate (south of the tavern), you can get an additional side quest with the following content: “Find 3 interesting tales from travel tips“.

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