Diablo Immortal world bosses: schedule and where to find [how to summon]


General guide to world bosses in Diablo Immortal: location, kill tips and rewards.

Diablo Immortal world bosses: schedule and where to find [how to summon]World Bosses in Diablo Immortal are special creatures that must be fought regularly after reaching the maximum level in the game. Rare gear, legendary weaponry, and experience orbs are just a few of the rewards that can be obtained after killing one of the most dangerous creatures in the open world. The main reward for any war, one way or another, is Arcane Dust, designed to improve equipment.

This guide will cover all world bosses in Diablo Immortal, we will demonstrate their exact location on the map, and also share tips on how to quickly destroy them.

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Diablo Immortal World Boss Schedule

Activities and EventsDayTime 
Tax Collector (Treasurer)Tuesday and Saturday13:00, 21:30 and 23:00 server time.
Ancient HorrorWednesday and Friday13:00, 21:30 and 23:00 server time.
Lord MarthanosDailySummon every 30 minutes.
Blood RoseDailyAt anytime – Depends on the event progress bar that players are completing.
Stitched HydraDailySummoned by players at any time.
Sandstone GolemDailySummoned by players at any time.

Blood Rose

Blood Roseis a nasty, bulky and incredibly strong plant that lives in the gloomy bins of Darkwood, the 4th story region (the northwestern part of the map).

World bosses Diablo Immortal Schedule and Where to Find [How to Summon]

Fighting against this flower is not “easy”, as many players who decided to encroach on the life of an incredible monster stated that the battle with him took them long hours of free time. The reason for this is the annoying ability of the bloodthirsty creature, after the use of which it attracts nearby travelers to itself, and in case of successful execution, restores its own health to the maximum.

And only the coveted stones of the Horadrim Legacy make patient heroes return to her abode from time to time.

Treasurer [Tax Collector]

Treasurer is a special enemy encountered by players in the “Ghost Stagecoach” event (Tuesday and Saturday at 13:00, 21:30 and 23:00 server time).

The battle against the Tax Collector in Ashwold Cemetery shouldn’t be too difficult – even with a small group of people participating in the challenge, killing him won’t take much time or effort. It is enough to dodge massive attacks in time and deal as much damage as possible, which will take several minutes of free time with a pumped Paragon.

World bosses Diablo Immortal Schedule & Where to Find [How to Summon]

The reward for defeating the boss is: Arcane Dust, Experience Orbs, and a Rare or Legendary (with proper luck) equipment.

Sandstone Golem

Sandstone Golem— an enemy that can be quite difficult to find if you don’t know the general mechanics that affect his summoning in the territory of Zoltun Kull’s Library (northeast side of the map).

Diablo Immortal world bosses: schedule and where to find [ how to summon]

The difficulty lies in finding the lost pages scattered around this location and the random outcome of using the Tome of Portals– a special artifact that is created by combining the previously mentioned valuable scriptures.

Activating it can lead to:

  • summoning another world boss – the Stitched Hydra;
  • to the opening of a portal leading to the secret dungeon of the Library – the Room of Zoltun Kull;
  • to the appearance of the coveted Sandstone Golem, which is many times easier to defeat than its summoning.

Rewards: Horadric Legacy stone, experience orbs, arcane dust, rare or legendary equipment.

Stitched Hydra

The Stitched Hydra is another World Boss found in Zoltun Kull’s Library (west side of the map). As with the Sandstone Golem, its summoning is closely intertwined with finding the previously mentioned lost pages and using the Tome of Portals.

World bosses Diablo Immortal Schedule & Where to Find [How to Summon]

Fighting this monster is not “difficult“. Experienced players with 20-30 levels of Enhancement can easily destroy it solo, without the help of allies or bypassing onlookers.

Reward for killing the Hydra is identical to rewards for defeating the above opponents: the Horadrim Legacy stone , rare or legendary gear, arcane dust, and experience orbs.

Lord Marthanos

Lord Marthanos– the main goal of all players who decide to take part in the Ancient Horror event. You can find the Dark Skeleton Warrior in the area referred to as Tomb of Marthanos (northwest side of Zawein Peak; the nearest teleport is Travel Gate: Zakarum Cemetery).

Unlike the previously mentioned opponents, summoning the monster in question is extremely simple: for the boss to appear at the specified point, it is enough to go to the main altar of the room and press the palm icon. However, please note that this action is available once every 30 minutes.

The main reward for defeating the Lord: Seal of Zakarum is a special artifact needed to successfully kill the monster, oh which will be discussed further.

Ancient Horror

And finally, Ancient Horror is the strongest world boss that can be fought exclusively in the process of participating in the event of the same name (Wednesday and Friday at 13:00, 21:30 and 23:00 server time).

Fighting a giant monster can be quite difficult due to the shields it surrounds itself to ignore incoming third-party damage, and, oddly enough, a huge number of other players to overshadow some of the enemy’s attacks. And while the Seals of the Zakarum can help solve the first problem, the second, unfortunately, is worth putting up with.

Rewards for killing the Ancient Horror are as follows: arcane dust and high-quality items needed for subsequent transformation into more helpful resources.

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