Factions Diablo Immortal – who to choose: Immortals or Shadows?


Features and duties of adventurers, shadows and immortals as members of the main factions in Diablo Immortal.

Factions in Diablo Immortal is one of the most elaborate social systems in the game, which complements the pastime of warriors and female warriors with additional tasks, benefits and events. New assignments, group and solo dungeons, expanded functionality of PvP tests – all this (and not only) is offered to members of various brotherhoods actively developing in the project.

In the guide below, we’ll walk you through the faction system in Diablo Immortal, briefly breaking down the responsibilities and features of each of the larger in-game communities.

Factions in Diablo Immortal

The social aspect of the game is quite complex compared to other parts of the franchise, opening three main factions:

  • Adventurers: All adventurers are by default in this vast community. They don’t have any additional benefits.
  • Shadows: A more cohesive brotherhood whose main task is to increase the clan rating, fight other dark guilds, and then openly challenge the Immortals for the right to be called the “server’s best guild”.
  • Immortals: “the cream of society” – a kind of elite of players who defend their title every Cycle of Strife .

Let’s take a quick look at each one below.


Adventurersor adventurers – the starting faction that all players who have just broken into the incredible multiplayer world of Diablo start with. Their main task is to upgrade to the maximum level, reach the heights of Improvement, take an active part in PvE (passing dungeons or, for example, participating in raid events) and PvP content (battlefield battles or, in other words, BG).

As a rule, all of the above activities are done “for themselves“, and the faction itself, in turn, does not provide any additional advantages, features and responsibilities.


Diablo Immortal – choose: Immortals or Shadows?

Shadows is a kind of brotherhood that opens up a new world for players, consisting of the most interesting tasks, goals and objectives. To join the community in question, you must take part in the shadow lottery, taking place daily (12:00, 18:00 and 21:00 server time), or enlist the support of other players with additional seals of Akeba in the inventory.

Winning the draw is solid random: luck can smile both from the first, and from the fifth or tenth time, so do not hesitate to ask for help from allies or other good-natured warriors in the chat.

To say that members of the dark clans or lone shadow players have any significant advantages is impossible. On the contrary, this faction is able to offer a huge amount of new must-have content: the Blood Path solo dungeon or, for example, the Treasury Heist event. But the main test for each member of the shadow brotherhood is the tournament, referred to as the “Rite of the Exiles“, in which the top 10 guilds from all over the server fight the Immortals for the right to remove them from their pedestal.


Diablo Immortal Factions – choose: Immortals or Shadows?

Immortals is a faction that includes 300 players from all over the server. They can be called differently: “cream of society“, “dominant brotherhood“, “elite community“, etc., but the fact remains : its members occupy an important place and, accordingly, receive a number of significant benefits, inaccessible to shadows, and even more so to adventurers.

Expanded assortment of Lieutenant Fisrius, collector of hilts, access to additional “cosmetic” things (helmets, greaves, boots, shoulder pads, breastplates, changing appearance of equipped armor), the presence of a common storage of Immortals with useful items, and so on… Absolutely each of these things motivates members of the dark clans to fight for a new title.

However, Sunday’s battle is fierce, and not everyone is capable of pass even the first stage of the previously mentioned “Rite of the Exiles”.

Who should I choose: immortals or shadows?

Diablo Immortal Factions – Immortals or Shadows?

As there is no such choice in the game, initially all players will have to make their way from the adventurer to the shadows, where they will get into the top 10 clans in order to try to overthrow the immortals and take their place. The advantages of the Immortal faction are undeniable, but it is unattainable for most players. There are a maximum of 300 people on the server, and these are exclusively donators, while devoting a lot of time to the game.

To overthrow the «best» only a well-organized large coalition of players can, but for this you will have to try hard. In any case, you have to pump well and knock out the best items in order to at least compete with the best clans of the server.

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