Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: How to Choose the Best


Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

In Hogwarts Legacy, Houses are like factions, each with their own dorm, uniform, separate quest line, and other differences, so their choice plays an important role. In this guide, we will tell you exactly what the Sorting Hat needs to say in order to get into one or another house, as well as tell you about their features and differences.

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How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy

After completing the tutorial mission and entering Hogwarts, you will have to take part in a special ceremony in which you will be put on the Sorting Hat. At first, it will indicate that you already have your own prejudices and some expectations. You will be able to choose one of two answer options: “I would rather start studying” or “I would rather explore the castle.” However, they do not affect anything, so you can click on any of them.

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

The hat will then sense “some character trait”, asking you which one. There will be four answer options, which actually affect which house will recommend a magic item to you:

  • Courage – you can get into Gryffindor.
  • Curiosity – you can get into Gryffindor to Ravenclaw
  • Loyalty – you can get to Hufflepuff.
  • Ambition – you can get into Slytherin.

Hogwarts Legacy departments: how to choose the best

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

However, if you don't like the Sorting Hat's option, you can simply use the “Select Another House” option, which will bring up a menu with all four “factions” where you can choose any of them. If this is your first playthrough, you will unlock the “To Each His Own Way” achievement.

Hogwarts Legacy Houses: How to Choose the Best

How to pass the House Test

If you are in doubt about the choice and want to find yourself in a house that will fully suit your character, which will allow you to better play the role of a student, then we advise you to take the Sorting Hat test on the Wizarding World website. Then simply link your account to your WB Games account (don't forget to also link your WB Games account to your console account).

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

First you need to register on the site of the Harry Potter fan community, indicating the date of birth (preferably age 18+), E-Mail, password and nickname (must be in English) . If you are on the main page of the site, then select the “Hogwarts Sorting” section, and then click on the “plus sign” above the “House” inscription. Then click on “Get Sorted Now”.

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

Hogwarts Legacy Faculties: How to Choose the Best

Next, you will be asked a few questions. Unfortunately, they will all be in English. However, you can use Google Translate to roughly understand what is at stake. Answer the questions truthfully so that the hat can choose the best faculty for you.

Hogwarts Legacy departments: how to choose the best

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

Now you will need to import the result into the game. To do this, you will need to link your account on the site with your WB Games account. First, pass the test for the magic wand, and then go to the Legacy Connect section (you may need a VPN, since the publisher's website is not available in the Russian Federation) and click on the inscription “Go to WB Games”. Then just follow the instructions.

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

At the end, you will see a message about linking your accounts and receive two rewards: a house fan's school robe and a bird skull mask.

What is the choice of house

Some elements of the gameplay will depend on which faculty you enter. Below we list all the differences.

Uniforms and colors

The uniform design of all houses is the same, however, the clothes differ in colors:

  • Gryffindor – red and gold colors predominate.
  • < li>Hufflepuff – predominantly yellow and black.

  • Slytherin – predominantly green and silver.
  • Ravenclaw – predominantly blue and bronze.

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best

In the walls of the school, you will definitely have to wear a robe, and many accessories will remind you which particular “faction” you belong to. So if you do not like a certain color, then we do not recommend choosing the appropriate faculty so that an unpleasant shade does not constantly annoy your eyes.


Each of the faculties has its own hostel with its own common room and bedrooms. In them, students take a break from lessons, share the latest gossip or just chat with each other on various topics. You will only be able to visit the dormitory of your faculty – other similar premises will not be available to you.

Hogwarts Legacy Houses: Choosing the Best

Relationships and Companions

Additional dialogues and acquaintances with 5th year students from your faculty are waiting for you. Plus, in each of them you can find a unique character who can become your companion. Most likely, it will be easiest to start friendships with a companion related to your “home”.

Additional tasks

Each of the faculties has its own quest chain, the passage of which allows you to receive a special reward and find out more information about the school of magic and wizardry.

What is NOT affected by the choice of faculty

Regardless of which House you choose, you will still be able to socialize, complete assignments, and even team up with students from other “factions”, including Companions. Plus, you won't get any special perks or stat bonuses.

Hogwarts Legacy departments: how to choose the best

The main plot also does not depend on the faculty, therefore, in general, you should choose only based on your own preferences, and not any in-game “goodies”. We'll take a quick look at each House below.

House Features


  • Harry Potter fans and adventurers alike.
  • Companion: Natsui Onai

The bravest wizards and sorceresses graduate from Gryffindor, who often become heroes, as they like to participate in risky adventures. The book series is dedicated to three students of this faculty: Ron, Hermione and Harry, so it is an obvious choice for fans of the original books and films.

Fans will be able to visit the Gryffindor common room, which looks almost the same as it was shown in the movies, get to know the Fat Lady and see other “living” paintings hanging in the dorm. It is also home to one of the universe's most iconic ghosts, Nearly Headless Nick.

Hogwarts Legacy departments: how to choose the best

In this faculty, you can meet Natsai Onai, a brave and purposeful sorceress who is constantly in search of adventure, so she can become an ideal companion for the hero.


  • Who should Choose: Wizards who prefer to study the dark arts and want their achievements to be remembered for ages.
  • Companion: Sebastian Sallow

Almost all dark wizards graduated from Slytherin. Players who appreciate greatness and want to achieve it by any means will feel comfortable in this faculty. Here you can meet a mysterious guy named Sebastian, who can teach the hero of dark magic.

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best


  • Who should choose: Wizards who value knowledge above all else.
  • Companion: Ammit Thakkar

Wizards and sorceresses who graduate from this faculty are known for their sharp minds and high intellect. Ravenclaw's living room was not shown in the films, so you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with its interior, made in an astronomical style.

Here you can meet Ammit, who wants to become a historian, studying the origins of magic. He knows a lot of spells and doesn't mind telling his friend about them.

Faculties at Hogwarts Legacy: how to choose the best


  • Who should choose: wizards who love to care for magical creatures and value friendship above all else.
  • Companion: Poppy Dobring< /li>

Hufflepuff is considered home to the most caring and dedicated students. He is the true embodiment of companionship, as friendship is highly valued in him. The living room of the faculty is designed in a natural style with lots of plants.