Farewell Penaconia to Honkai Star Rail: how to start and pass


Farewell Penaconia in Honkai Star Rail: how to start and complete

In Honkai: Star Rail, Farewell Penaconia is an exploration mission and part of a new quest chain, which takes place on the planet of festivities. The expedition of the pioneers in this world has ended, so it’s time to go to the next stop, but before that you should say goodbye to the white night. If you have difficulty accepting and completing the quest, then study our guide.

Completing the mission “Farewell to Penaconia” in Honkai: Star Rail

Before you can take on this quest, you have to meet certain conditions, which include:

  • Achieve at least Mastery level 34.
  • Complete the mastery mission, which is called “And on the eighth day… ” from the chain “In our time.”

Farewell Penaconia to Honkai Star Rail: how to start and pass

Having dealt with the above requirements, you should automatically receive this mission, which will appear in your journal. If this does not happen, then try logging out of your account, wait 20-30 minutes and re-login. Then go to meet the Robin.

A detailed walkthrough of the task will appear after the release of update 2.3, which is scheduled for release on June 19, 2024…

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