Finding Truth in Genshin Impact: How to Find Truth in Stories


Looking for Truth in Genshin Impact: Finding Truth in Stories

In Genshin Impact, Seeking Truth is a Patch 3.6 event and part of Triumph of the Mind. During it, you have to ask the right questions to the narrator in order to find the truth in his stories. As a reward, you will receive Source Stones, Ascension Materials, and Festival Stir. In this guide, we will tell you how to go through all its stages.

How to start the event

First of all, you will need to complete the “Opening of the Festival” quest, which allows you to access all the challenges of the main event. Next, you need to take on the mission “In Search of the Truth.” You just have to talk to the scholar Bahar from Haravatat darshan. As a reward for completing the task, you will receive 10,000 mora and 4 adventurer experience.

The essence and rules of the event

You have to listen to different stories and delve into its details by asking questions. You will receive answers of 3 kinds: “yes”, “not related to the story” and “no”. If you have key points in your questions, you can get more clues about what to ask next.

Finding Truth in Genshin Impact: Finding Truth in Stories

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Once you have enough data, it's time to start looking for the truth. Correct answers to all questions regarding the truth must be given to complete the story.

Detailed information on the passage of all stages of the event will appear after its start, scheduled for April 27, 2023…

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