Genshin Impact Compendium of Potions: How to Complete the Battle Challenges


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<p>In Genshin Impact, the Potions Compendium is a Patch 3.6 event and part of Triumph of the Mind. During it, you have to fight against various opponents in the dungeon, using elixirs of resistance and strengthening. As a reward, you will receive Source Stones, Ascension Materials, and Festival Stir. In this guide, we will tell you how to go through all its stages.</p><div class=

Basic information on the Potions Compendium event

How to start the event

First of all, you will need complete the quest “Opening the Festival”, which allows you to access all the tests of the main event. Next, you need to take on the mission “Potion Compendium”. You just have to talk with the scientist Bahador from Spantamad. As a reward for completing the task, you will receive 10 thousand pestilence and 4 adventurer experience.

The essence and rules of the event

Here you just have to destroy opponents within the specified time. Apply elixirs of resistance to counter two negative effects. You can also use boost potions to get two different bonuses. In a separate guide, we covered in detail all the stages of this mini-game.

Genshin Impact Potions Compendium: How to Complete Battle Challenges

Detailed information on completing all stages of the event will appear after it launch scheduled for April 27, 2023…

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