Grand Chase Dimensional Chasm Guide All Stages


Dimensional chasm hardest to easiest — 17 stages

Very Easy


Grand Chase - Dimensional Chasm - Poseidon - YouTube

Recommended Unit(s): –

One of the easier ones as there is no notable stage mechanics to look out for.
Just be aware of the large room. Take each corner one by one, do not rush to spawn all together.

Poseidon’s shield CANNOT be dispelled.

Quickly DPS her when her shield is down. Her shield has time duration limit.

Notable enemy units: Poseidon, Rose, Osiris, Shasha, Captain Claw, Urca, Swen


Grand Chase - Dimensional Chasm - Hanout - YouTube

Recommended Unit(s): –

One of the easier ones as there is no notable stage mechanics to look out for.

Just destroy enemies to reach Hanout.

Just be aware that at high level, the mobs can be VERY painful.

Notable enemy units: Hanout, Ras El, Bergamot, Cindy

Ras El

Grand Chase - Dimensional Chasm - Rasel - YouTube

Recommended Unit(s): –

One of the easier ones. Watch out for poison DoT throughout the whole stage.

Destroy enemies and progress towards Ras El.

She will use her Ultimate to summon 3 Black Fire Demons.

Notable enemy units: Ras El, Mecha Rocco, Sai, Rocco, Porch, Ponya, Husky


Recommended Unit(s): Ronan, or Ryan with Invincibility Party Skill

A relatively easy stage, with an annoying stage mechanic.

Belial will appear after and during certain waves (fixed) and will charge up for a burst attack.

Notice the lightning striking on him as he charges, up to 5 times. 4th and 5th will be fast.

At 4th charge, use Invincibility (Ronan) or Ryan Transformation + Invincibility (Party Skill) to avoid.

Notable enemy units: Belial, Charon, Bergamot, Poseidon, Cleo, Pepe, Big Imp



Grand Chase - Dimensional Chasm - Marjoram - YouTube

Recommended Unit(s): Elesis / Sieghart / Veigas / Lime / Skill Canceler

Marjoram and Dr.Merken will spawn in to Skill Channel.
Quickly cancel to prevent Hex + Summon (Osiris from Marjoram, Stavrogin from Dr.Merken)
Take your time to progress and keep an eye on those 2 spawning in. Save your cancels for them.

Notable enemy units: Marjoram, Dr. Merken, Rose, Duchi, Ponya, Mecha Rocco
Stavrogin(Summon), Osiris(Summon)

Captain Boar

Recommended Unit(s): Ley / Mari / Ras El

Considered a high difficulty stage, due to having Boar appear as mobs along the way with Silence.
Watch out for poison plants! Use your summon spawns to kill them quickly as they are low HP.
Once they bloom, they can be deadly!! (similar to Raid 2-3)
Watch out for ambushes! Progress carefully and slowly, while making sure no poison plants bloom!

Notable enemy units: Nephilim, Boar, Poison Plant(!!!), Swen, Charlotte, Kaiga, Porch


Grand Chase - Dimensional Chasm - Fennel - YouTube

Recommended Unit(s): Sieghart / Elesis / Edel / Gatherer

Tanky (and pain) Mobs! Lure the mobs to Mini-Wendy with the bombs to kill them easily!

Notable enemy units: Fennel, Olivia, Stavrogin, Husky, Kyle, Charlotte. Nicholas, Lilia


Grand Chase - Dimensional Chasm - Balzac - YouTube

Recommended Unit(s): Rufus / Bergamot

Considered the most difficult (yet straightforward) due to the painful mobs and Balzac.
It is advisable to use long range units due to painful bleeding effect.
First few waves might seem easy, but as you progress, you get ambush from the back by a creep of mobs that dish out tons of damage, even with Tank.

Notable enemy units: Balzac, Belial, Hanaru, Navarus

Dr. Molly

GC Dimensional Chasm - Dark Dr Molly (5th Rank) - YouTube

Recommended Unit(s): Rin, Physical units

All prominent units in this stage grant shields, and with the stage buff, the shields will last longer.
Bring Rin to dispel them. Overall an easy stage if you have Rin.

Notable enemy units: Dolly, Ponya, Poseidon, Nachoel



Recommended Units: Jin

One of the more straightforward stages, though it has a rather tough opener with Olivias.
Agios will be in be in a permanent state of Fusion.
He’ll have 50% cooldown reduction which allows him to use his skills more often.
Keeping up Stone Immortal should be enough to preserve the party.

Notable enemy units: Olivia, Tarragon, Narushi, Charon, Balzac


Recommended Units: Elesis, Lime, Skill Cancellers, Physical units

Every room will feature Coco who will be casting, and they’ll die when attacked by a skill that cancels attacks.
All of Flaune’s skills require casting. However, Secret Garden has the highest priority in terms of cancelling.
In the case where your skill cancel skill is in cooldown, Lime’s Glory can be used to cleanse and provide continuous purification.

Notable enemy units: Coco


Recommended Units: Zero

Most of the mobs in this stage have summons.
If you have sufficient SP, Zero’s ultimate is handy in grouping up all the mobs and then clearing all the summons with one Prickle Gash.
Charon will summon 4 clones periodically. The clones can be removed by Zero.

Notable enemy units: Watcher of Oblivion, Orca, Fennel, Yulia


Recommended Units: Rin, Ronan

All prominent units in this stage have buffs. With the stage buff increasing the duration of the buffs, Rin is a must.
While there are no gimmicks in this stage, Tacoel’s stage has one of the worst openers.
Fermat’s buff coupled with Rares (plural) strong lasers and the stage buff can end your attempt.
While Jin is still viable, Ronan is recommended over Jin solely because of Magic Guard’s invincibility duration being extended by hero buff.

Notable enemy units: Fermat, Rares, Nachoel



Recommended Units: Ley, Mage units

Ley is a definite must in this stage because of the amount of healing the mobs are capable of.
In the third room, the bats are capable of stunning. There will be a guideline shown before they attack.
Nephilim as the boss hits hard due to her passive and her ultimate.
With her passive, her cooldowns and casting are negligible and thus she can repeatedly spam her skills.
Her ultimate creates a field that reduces defense by 40%, and a constant DoT. It is best to go all out with ultimates and skills to burst her down ASAP.

Notable enemy units: Hanaru, Sasha, Mamin, Sage, Cleo, Sachi, Rares, Bear (11-3 Boss), Haru (12-6 Boss), Stun Bats


Recommended Units: Lime, Rufus

Notable enemy units have some form of stun.
The hero buff that Lime grants extends the duration of Glory’s continuous purification, but it doesn’t last indefinitely so be mindful of when you use it.
When you reach the boss room, Briel will immediately use his ultimate, dealing high damage and stun.
He will also summon 2 clones, but those clones will not approach your party if they are not attacked, or approached.
Don’t hesitate to use Lime’s ultimate if you need the constant purification.

Notable enemy units: Sai, Kyle, Tacoel, Hanout, Orca


Rank 17 Dark Dullahan - Dimensional Chasm Full Path - Grand Chase en  Español - YouTube

Recommended Units: Veigas, Lime

This stage is relatively straightforward, tanky but mobs don’t have any special gimmicks.
On the other hand, Dullahan can be difficult due to the number of mobs he will begin with and summon over time, and the buffs that he can inflict.
In addition to the silence he can inflict with Spirit Charge, he can also inflict ‘Terror’ with his ultimate.
Party members inflicted with ‘Terror’ will be immobilized, be unable to attack or use skills.
Lime will come in handy with Glory.

Notable enemy units: Big Al, Kushan (14-3 Boss), Bergamot



Rank 17 Dark Fermat - Dimensional Chasm Full Path - Grand Chase en Español  - YouTube

Recommended Units: Ronan, Dio, Mage units (if you bring Dio)

The entire stage is merciless due to the crazy stage buff and the hero buff providing no buffs to mitigate the damage increase.
This stage has the worst opener with Flaune immobilizing the party, the defense reduction crystal from Kounat Escape, hard hitting mobs, and Felix.
As such, Ronan is recommended due to Magic Guard granting an extended duration of invincibility (if you do bring Dio).

Fermat himself is not a threat. His ultimate can be cancelled since it is a casting skill in this stage.
However, he comes with several other mobs and with the stage buff, they will hurt.
Fermat can also buff the mobs with Body Upgrade Test I, making them more tanky.
Taking down the mobs that come with Fermat is not a bad idea because he is completely powerless without them.

Good luck in not getting this stage as the 16th stage.
Notable units: Flaune, Felix (15-9 Boss), Marjoram, Fermat

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