Heir of Light — Beginners guide, best servants, gear etc


The game Heir of Light is quite a fascinating gacha in a dystopian style. Suitable for those who love vampires, darkness and dark fantasy. The game has a lot of content. That’s why I have described each one in detail. I think this Heir of Light Beginner’s Guide would be good for those who are just starting to play and are looking for information on heroes, gear, and more. If that’s you, this guide is for you.

What’s the best servant

Not sure, been playing for over a year and well my personal favorites are:

  1. Water Simone
  2. Fire Ankou
  3. Water Caesar
  4. Wind Heyel
  5. Water Spigel
What's the best servant

I suggest going for them, I’ll explain why in a few

If you couldn’t tell I’m a simp for water mons.

What should I focus on?

  • Gear for team or servant
  • PvP (player vs. player)
  • PvE (player vs entity)
  • Awakening

Gear for team or servant

I suggest building servants with HP based skills (healers mostly are HP based like heals x amount of casters max HP) or just servants with HP based skills whatever. They are very easy to build and my suggestion is 4 star – 5 star + gear (max is a 6 star)

For DPS or crit dmg/crit rate servants are slightly harder to build because sub stats Matter for the absolute highest dps /crit dmg etc.

For SPD based servants I would say hard to build, you can have SPD as the main or in the sub stats. It really is debatable it all comes to your preferences.

For tanks it’s medium, some say tanks are completely useless because everyone has a def breaker, well true but that’s why resist is a thing, my simone has resist In his sub stats and deals a million damage and takes 200 damage from the highest level bosses on a base attack not skills. If you have resist is your sub stats congrats your fine.

heir of light guide

PvP (player vs. player)

Don’t do the PvP that puts you up with randoms, most of the time is someone in end game, max level, max awakened etc. Don’t go for that please until your at mid game even still your done against someone lvl 60 I’d suggest lvl 45-50.

The one where you choose your opponents I highly suggest, you get rewards and placements like in the other PvP but it’s more fair. And play your cards right don’t go too risky and you will get better and better rewards.

Certain servants are PvP gods, why? The leader skills, like attack +50% at PvP that’s good, makes your already (hopefully) Dps servants super strong. Some abilities like petrify, stun etc. Can be devastating. Play your cards right and you might beat someone on a high level of play

B has some really good rewards but without proper gear and stats it’s a really hard path to walk.

PvE (player vs entity)

C: PvE means the levels, the fire level, water etc. Get a certain amount of stars you get a reward, which can be supreme stones etc. Summon stones should be what is hyped for but eh whatever motivates you the most. It’s pretty self explanatory but that’s really all I can say.


So you want to awaken? It’s easy, real easy, with the new system energy, level 1 servants can skip gaining xp, and with 120 being the max, it’s a easy lvl up. And 100 bonus for ads you have 220 with that you can easily awaken a servant to the 2nd awakening in about 2 days assuming you start from scratch.

Who should I get in select summon?

Healers become much more important end-mid game especially for PvP, high stage dungeons etc.

Best healers imo:

Water Caesar: his ultimate (thing that glows and has a special animation) receives, powerful already and removes debuffs.

His 2nd attack heals people by the % of his hp, so 20k hp would heal your team by much.

Forest Heyel: same way water Caesar but I don’t think she revives on her ultimate I could be wrong though. She dose heal my teams hp to full which makes her worth having, with healers you want SPD in the sub stats (or with havoc gear but hp in the main stats etc.) Imo best to have SPD in the sub stats and life gear so you get max heals, but if your team can handle it then by all means go for it.

Water Simone: go all def% on everything you can (main stat sub stat etc) def/hp/resist, resist so def breakers wont be the death of simone. He can be paired with water shield of church L (something) for her leader skill which increases def% of water allies by 45% and upon 4th awakening If sphinx is near defense increases by 100% and then the next one game if an ally tanks present defense will be increased by 50%.

Still talking about water Simone, if you want PvP or a good “tank” that hits hard simone is here, or a DpS that deals massive damage and lives for a long time simone. Seriously what are you waiting for!? When lvl 70 bosses face him they do like 500-300 to him and that’s lucky usually it’s about 150-100 lower when its the bosses skills they do about near 1,000 and if my boy is low and the boss got him down to half health after 1 million swings Heyel is going to heal him to the max. Even if he can’t do the damage he is near immortality with Heyel. It’s amazing.

And for transcendence his def increases even more and more. (Unlocked by 3rd awakening)

Best damage hero

So yeah water simone, go for him if any mid game or even end game players go for him, build him. Mine pulls off 1mil damage with his ult.

Also fire Ignis, fire bam, and slayer white are pretty solid.

Sphinx (any element) and archangel (any element this guy you don’t mess with seriously nerf him he’s too good)

Also nuu (preferably water but any element works) her with vampire gear is damn fine but not too good tbh but maybe my hours of grinding was for nothing try her out.

Also shield of church, all of them are tanks with no skills that requires hp gear or atk gear, they are only good for tanking, but their passives make up for it plus the taunt.

Water Spigel is a SPD based servant, with really high SPD (near 180) he pulls off about 600,000 and with crit rate and decent crit damage that can be added on to. He’s very decent and with proper building and the right amount of effort/gear he can pull off a million easily. I just built him.

Best to find a guild and collect rewards, got to black market for rainbow stones (buy 3 and awaken someone to the 3rd awakening thank me later) and if your running low on valor go to black market buy summoning stones (ones that give you 1-3 star servants) to craft valor.

Wind gear – gives a 50% chance to reset cooldown on skills, so for heyel this set would prove very powerful on her because her heal ability can be used twice with no cooldown for a 50% chance.

Petrify – petrify stops your enemy for using skills.

Havoc – crit dmg based gear so if your looking for a servant that needs to 1 shot I would go for Lenore (suggested servants to go for type it in the comments)

Eruption – SPD based gear set giving you 25% speed boost, SPD is how fast skills recharge, and your servants “ultimate” “special move” whatever.

Potential – when you reach 3rd awakening, you can unlock potential, with 3 rainbow stones (buy from black market it’s the easiest way but do keep in mind it’s about 2 million gold and then some) and from that point on your basically buffing whatever stat the potential gave you, so for water spigel his potential first would be attack, every time you upgrade your potential the higher the atk goes.

It can be def, spd, etc. Not just attack. Later on multiple potentials can be available but only 1 per 5 slots.

The red potential row is after you max out your potential for the slot under it, a potential max level is 20 btw.

You have to unlock that potential by using rainbow stones.

What’s the difference between 4* and 6* gear?

4 star would have a lower base stat and a 6 star would have a greater base stat

What’s the difference in gear rarities?

Purple would have slightly weaker sub-stats and legendary would have slightly stronger sub-stats. Like instead of SPD+4 it’s now SPD+6 on legendary gear.

If your really picky I would go for legendary armour if you want the ABSOLUTE max. Keep in mind said stat might not change, that SPD +6 might not change and if the purple had SPD +11 it would be better SPD wise but main stat/other sub stat wise? Who knows.

This is more near mid game but when you reach the purifying grounds you can give you servant shards you put your servant and 4 other servants and basically you can’t use those servants in any other fights but in the meantime you are gaining servant shards which is really useful if you’re trying to transcend servants because that’s what it does.

so I’ve given you a rundown on the basics of gear servants and player versus player and player versus entity this is really just the core basics of the game I can get more into them and if you want to leave comments I will gladly answer them 🙂

Edit: by all means go for PvP global infinite if you want to, you can get really good rewards like I said but the one where you choose your opponents is in my opinion better, because you aren’t against tougher opponents randomly.

Imo global infinite is luck based, some might disagree and if your high level I can see why, your getting people on your level of play new players don’t.

This is debatable though, people can get someone weaker and is it your fault the game put you in a match against someone 30 levels lower? No. So it’s really just up to opinions.

If you don’t want to go for the servants in this guide by all means experiment. These aren’t the most OP (not including water simone he is very OP)

Almost all 5* 4* servants are worth it.

I didn’t bring up light/dark elements because, I don’t have any experience, at all. Like I really can’t find a good light or dark servant if you get a dark servant always look in reviews, like some light 3 star servants are incredibly powerful it’s just I get the bad ones.

(c) bruh_momento

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