Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners


Hogwarts Legacy Guide: tips for beginners

The Hogwarts Legacy guide includes various tips for beginners, covering many elements and mechanics of the game, from choosing a house to analyzing the combat system. After studying this guide, you will learn how to quickly move around the game world, why it is important to explore locations, whether you can change your appearance and a lot of other useful information that will help you quickly get used to this magical universe.

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Tips for Getting Started

Character Creation

Initially, you will have to deal with the local character editor, which will allow you to create a completely unique character. If you do not want to bother with the choice, then you can simply take any option from the presets, and then just change it a bit for yourself.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

Note that you can change the gender (affects which part of the hostel the protagonist will be placed in), the shape of the face, hairstyle, skin color, eyebrows, eyes and many other elements of the character's appearance, as well as provide him with some kind of accessory, for example, glasses. Therefore, in theory, you can create your own Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

Pay special attention to the choice of voice, as during the passage of the game you will often hear it. Choose a tone that is pleasing to your ears. Then you will need to specify the name of the hero and the difficulty (more on this below).

Note: We will add that later you will not be able to completely change the appearance of your hero, so you should not approach the choice of appearance too lightly. However, you can change individual elements, for example, in hairdressing salons you can change the hair color or hairstyle.

Selecting the difficulty level

You can choose one of four difficulty levels:

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  • History – no trials. You can fully enjoy the story, spending minimal effort on the gameplay. For example, enemies will deal very little damage, and puzzles will no longer have a time limit.
  • Easy – easy tests. Riddles will return a timer, and enemies can cause visible damage, but even beginners should not have significant difficulties in passing.
  • Normal – balanced challenges. Riddles and combat should not cause much difficulty for experienced players, but can be an insurmountable obstacle for beginner gamers.
  • Hard – real challenges. Complicated puzzles and strong enemies await you.
  • Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    If you consider yourself an experienced player, but you are playing Hogwarts Legacy for the first time, we recommend that you select the Normal difficulty level. Veterans of the genre who want to feel a real challenge should immediately select Difficult.

    Choice of Faculty

    As in the books, the choice of faculty (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin) plays a big role in this project. Firstly, the hostel in which your character will live depends on it. Secondly, each of the faculties has its own separate quest chain (however, it practically does not affect the ending of the main plot).

    Thirdly, in each of the faculties you will find a unique companion with whom you can develop friendly relations . Plus, it will depend on how other students will treat you. For example, Slytherins will be more willing to help their own than students from other dorms.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    You won't be able to change Houses after you make your final choice when putting on the Sorting Hat, so don't rush into it. In a separate guide, we looked at all the features and benefits of each of the faculties.

    Basics of the combat system

    Already at the very beginning of the game you will encounter various magical creatures. Then, throughout the story, you have to fight with dark wizards, trolls, goblins and other types of enemies. For this reason, the sooner you get comfortable with the local combat system, the better. Be sure to talk to Lucan Shumbsi, the leader of the Crossed Wands Dueling Club, to practice casting spells on the mannequins.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Spells have a cooldown

    You'll deal most of your damage to enemies with spells, but most of them have a cooldown, which means they require a certain amount of damage after using them. reload time. You can find out when the magic is ready to be used again by the icons located in the lower right corner of the screen – if the icon is not yet filled, then the spell is still recharging.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    We advise you to definitely study the information on how much time it takes to recharge a particular spell (usually the stronger it is, the longer its cooldown time), so that you can correctly build your battle tactics. Don't rely on just one “spell” – always keep a few spells ready so you can quickly switch between them.

    We also recommend that you brew a few potions of concentration in advance, which will reduce the cooldown of your most powerful spells.

    Focus on one opponent

    Quite often you will have to fight with several opponents at the same time. In this case, we advise you not to spray your forces on all enemies, but to destroy them one by one. To do this, target one opponent (he will be highlighted with a white aura, and his name and health bar will appear at the top of the screen), and then start attacking him until the end.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    < h3>Watch out for enemy attacks

    However, in group battles, you should not leave other opponents unattended, because they can still attack you. If you see that a golden halo has appeared above your hero, then this means that the enemy will soon hit you. You can defend against a hit with Protego or counterattack by stunning your opponent with Stun.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Do not forget that not all attacks can be defended against – if you see a red halo, it means that the enemy is using an unblockable attack. In this case, you should dodge the blow to avoid taking damage.

    Exploring the world and questing

    Listen to student gossip

    While walking around Hogwarts, you will often encounter students talking to each other. We advise you to listen to these conversations, as you may well find out useful information and supplement your knowledge about this universe.

    Explore locations and open chests

    There are many secrets to be found at Hogwarts, so we advise you to carefully inspect every corner of it to find valuable collectibles and riddles that hide various treasures. We add that butterflies can also lead to the treasure, so try to follow them.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    In addition, when exploring different locations, you can find chests, which often contain gold coins, which are necessary to purchase various items in merchant shops. By the way, an interactive world map can help you find chests.

    Use spells to interact with objects

    As you walk around the school, you will probably notice that some objects have a white outline for a short time as you approach them. This indicates the presence of an interactive object or a puzzle nearby that can be solved using spells.

    For example, you can find “Manual” pages (provide experience points, which speeds up leveling up) by using Revelio on certain objects, as shown in the gif above. We add that you will receive this spell already in the first half of the game and you can use it to reveal various secrets, ranging from secret doors to hidden chests.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Unlock bat points flames to move quickly

    Flying Flame allows you to instantly move between different locations, which will save you a lot of time when you need to move from one region to another. However, before you can use them, you will first need to find them, so we advise you to pay special attention to finding these “teleports”.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Beginner Tips

    Use quest tracking to avoid getting lost

    Open the quest log and make the required quest active so that a dotted line appears on the mini-map leading directly to the area you need. A task marker will also appear on the screen, making it easier to find the desired object.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    You will not be able to get to certain locations on mounts

    There are many areas in the game that you cannot get to on a mount, for example, caves with small passages. Therefore, you will have to first get off the mount, and only then enter such zones.

    Don't forget to collect rewards in the Challenges tab

    Open the main menu, and then go to the “Tests” section. Here you will find information on the various challenges available in the game. These, for example, include the collection of pages of the “Manual” in various locations. By completing them, you will receive rewards that you can just pick up on this tab.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Check enemy difficulty levels on the map

    At the very beginning of the game, you can only wander around Hogwarts, where there are practically no dangerous opponents. However, later you will be able to go to more remote locations. We do not advise you to visit regions that do not match your level, as the enemies there will be able to kill you with one or two hits.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Check enemy levels in a region You can on the world map in the upper right corner. The screenshot above shows the corresponding parameter.

    Sell ​​excess equipment in Hogsmeade

    As you progress through the game, your inventory will accumulate all sorts of “junk” that you are unlikely to use. We do not advise you to store it for a long time, as this will subsequently complicate your search for the necessary items in your backpack. In addition, you can get extra money to upgrade the equipment you use by selling all this junk to merchants in Hogsmeade.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Use the Rescue Room

    This is a kind of personal account of the protagonist, in which various actions are available to him:

    • Improving equipment items .
    • Identify unknown items of equipment.
    • Practice potions.
    • Court of magical creatures in the Vivarium area.
    • Learn herbalism.< /li>

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Access to this room will open to the player as he progresses through the main storyline. Its interior can be customized, for example, changing carpets, placing tables, changing statues and adding other decorative items.

    Character development

    How to level up a hero

    Level up your character to increase his characteristics. To do this, you will need to perform the following actions:

    • Complete main and secondary tasks.
    • Fight enemies and participate in duels.
    • Complete various challenges .
    • Find manual pages.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Therefore, in order to quickly level up the hero, we recommend that you often engage in additional activities, as well as thoroughly explore Hogwarts and its surroundings.

    Improve equipment using the loom in the Room of Rescue

    There are tons of different types of equipment to find and obtain in the game, including hats, cloaks, robes, outfits, gloves, and neck accessories. All of them can increase the Attack, Defense and Health of the hero. However, if you want all these items of equipment to significantly increase your combat potential, then we advise you to use the loom located in the Help Room. With this device, you can increase the additional characteristic of a thing or add new properties (features) to it.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Tame animals to get resources

    You can get the resources you need to upgrade equipment by caring for animals that you rescued from animal lairs.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Find upgrade recipes in bandit camps and upgrade your equipment using materials obtained while caring for animals. These Traits give items certain properties that can help you in combat, such as reducing the damage dealt by certain types of enemies.

    Spells and spells

    All enchantments can be divided into several main types:

    • Universal – can be used both in combat and when exploring locations.
    • Combat – are used only during battles, as they are aimed at stunning or causing damage to opponents.
    • Useful – are necessary for revealing the mysteries and secrets of Hogwarts, as well as solving puzzles, for example, Lumos allows you to see in the dark and solve puzzles that require additional lighting.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    Separately, one can single out unforgivable spells that are illegal to use in the magical world. These include: Imperius, Avada Kedavra and Cruciatus. The player can also learn them if he decides to study dark magic.

    Spells for Help-room

    We are talking about a transfiguration charm that is used for only one purpose – changing the interior of the corresponding room. It is with the help of them that you can place new pieces of furniture and change the style of the room.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners


    Exploring the game world alone is not necessary at all, as you can find a friend for yourself and make him your companions, receiving unique missions from him, as well as teaching new skills and spells.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Tips for Beginners

    There are four characters in Hogwarts Legacy who can become your companions if you make friends with them, namely:

      < li>Natsai Onai – in Gryffindor
    • Sebastian Sallow – in Slytherin
    • Ammit Thakkar – in Ravenclaw
    • Poppy Sweeting – in Hufflepuff .

    Let's add that you can't have romances with these characters. At first, the developers really planned to add the corresponding feature to the game, but later abandoned it.

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