Honkai Star Rail Dream World Pass: Where to Find Stickers


Honkai Star Rail Dream World Pass: where to find stickers

In Honkai: Star Rail, the Dream World Pass is the key to the hotel room in the Dream Hotel in Penaconia and is a kind of guide to planet of entertainment. Here you can store stickers that represent memorable photographs, for collecting which you will be given star jades. In this guide, we'll tell you how to get this unique journal, and where to find all the photos for it.

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How to get the Dream World Pass

You can get it when you check into the hotel ” Dreams”, which you can get during the first chapter of the Penaconia storyline – “Long Day’s Journey into Night”. More detailed information will be posted after the release of update 2.0.

Pass to the Dream World in Honkai Star Rail: where to find stickers

This key contains a lot of useful functions and information about “Dreams.” It will be built into your smartphone so you can quickly access it. This item has a “Capture” option, with which you can record your memories and create your own dream diary.

Where to find all the stickers in Penaconia

You can get these items in different ways: by exploring planet of entertainment, completing main and side missions, as well as taking part in various events in the world. Next, we will indicate the location of each sticker.

Information will appear after the release of patch 2.0…

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