Horadrim Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal: how to upgrade and where to find Challenger Keys


A unique stat dungeon – all about Horadrim Shrine.

Diablo Immortal Horadrim Sanctuary: how to upgrade and where to find Pretender Keys

Heritage of the Horadrim– a unique dungeon that opens when a number of conditions are met. This dungeon is updated once a day and allows you to strengthen the character, raising his characteristics. The Sanctuary is directly related to many bosses and other dungeons, and also has a number of interesting mechanics.

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In the guide, we will go into detail about the Horadrim Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal: how to open it, why you need vessels, and how to use and upgrade them.

How to open the Horadrim Sanctuary

Sanctuary of the Horadrim in Diablo Immortal: how to upgrade and where to find Challenger Keys

The main condition for gaining access to Sanctuary of Ibn Fahd is to complete Legacy of the Horadrim quest. To open this quest, you need to reach 49 level of the character, and also find one of the nine vessels, available for activation. We will tell you more about the vessels in one of the following paragraphs.

Ibn Fahd’s Dungeon is activated using absolutely any vessel.

After obtaining the first vessel, an animation will play and a side quest will appear, which you need to click on. Now it is enough just to follow the instructions of the task. We’ll have to go to the Catacombs of Underground Westmarch, clear them of monsters and reach the chests. It is worth noting that this is no longer an open world, but a specific story dungeon. Some opponents may drop Challenger’s Keys, but there are very few of them.

Chests can be opened either with a key or for Platinum (500 for the first box, each next one is 100 more expensive).

Clearing Sanctuary of Ibn Fahd allows you to complete the dungeon daily and earn free Challenger Keysfor chests (up to 4 pieces at a time), as well as stones for vessels. At the end of the quest, you will need to upgrade one vessel, which will increase some characteristics (uniquely for each cell).

Where to find the Sanctuary of the Horadrim

The Horadrim Shrine in Diablo Immortal: how to upgrade and where to find Challenger Keys

The entrance to the Horadrim Shrine is located in the northeast of Palace Square in Westmarch. Go to the upper right corner and activate the statue. If all conditions are met, then the passage inside will open.

Horadrim Sanctuary Guide

The main concept of this place is as follows: you need to collect vessels (by killing bosses and going through dungeons ), then place them in the Temple, receiving a unique bonus. Each vessel can be further upgraded with Selection Stonesobtained from the depths of the Sanctuary. You can visit the dungeon daily, the guaranteed reward looks like this:

  • 4pcs. Key of the Pretender (for destroying opponents in the catacombs);
  • A few Stones of Selection from the first chest in the Pretender Lands;
  • 20 combat points for quests in the Codex.

Where to find vessels for the Sanctuary

Diablo Immortal Horadrim Sanctuary: how to upgrade and where to find Challenger Keys

If you open the Sanctuary Altar and click on an empty spot for a vessel, it will appear a tooltip that talks about the buffs of this item and how to get it. Before you can begin to use the extremely useful benefits of the vessel, you must first find them:

  • Tal Rasha’s Power: drops from Lassal, Weave of Flame in the Reliquary;
  • Guilt of the Nameless: looted from Sand Golem on Hell 1 difficulty;
  • Tinai Nord Knowledge: looted from Bloody Rose (Dark Forest unique boss( Hell 1 difficulty;< /li>
  • Ibn Fahd’s Tenacity: Only obtained from Ibn Fahd’s Shrine chests;
  • Caldessan’s Sympathy: Awarded for completing Level 10 Portal of Daring ( easiest vessel to start);
  • Zoltun Kull’s ingenuity: Dropped by Hydra on Hell 1 difficulty;
  • The Wisdom of Jared Cain: Reward for completing the main quest chain;
  • Katan’s Piety : Obtained by defeating Lord Marthanos on Hell 1 difficulty;
  • Nilfur Accuracy: Reward for killing the Ancient Horror in the Zawain Peak event.

< p>Based on the above, it is worth saying that the easiest way to get the first vessel is to complete level 10 of the Portal of Daring, or participating in the murder of Lord Marthanos or the Ancient Horror (of course, at the expense of stronger players). All other items will require a 60 level and opening a Paragon at Hell 1.

Diablo Immortal Horadrim Sanctuary: how to upgrade and where find Challenger Keys

After receiving a new vessel, which is available for activation in the Temple, its image will appear at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on it, you can find out which item was received, but if you click on the item in the inventory, you will be able to quickly transfer to the Sanctuary and install it in the altar.

Slots available for activation are highlighted.

Characteristics of vessels

Horadrim Shrine in Diablo Immortal: how to level up and where to find Challenger Keys

    1. Zoltun Kull’s Ingenuity: +18 Power;
    2. Power of Tal Rashi: +8 damage;
    3. Knowledge of Nor Tirai: +80 health;
    4. Nilfur’s Accuracy: +18 Armor Penetration;
    5. The Wisdom of Jared Cain: +9 Might and +9 Resistance;

< li>Ibn Fahd’s tenacity: +2 damage and +20 health;

  1. Guilt of the Nameless: +18 resistance;
  2. Caldesann’s Sympathy: +9 Armor and +9 Armor Penetration
  3. Katan’s Devotion: +18 Armor.

Almost all of the added attributes are secondary characteristics.

Improve blood vessels

Sanctuary of the Horadrim in Diablo Immortal: how to upgrade and where to find the keys of the Contender

To upgrade the Sanctuary of the Horadim vessel, you need to get a special material – Stones selection. This resource is obtained in the chests of the final room of the dungeon (opened with the keys of the challenger), it is stored in the inventory in the same way as other materials, however, the description notes what you need to use them for.

Horadrim Shrine in Diablo Immortal: how to level up and where to find Challenger Keys

Different vessels require different stones: the required type of resource can be found by clicking on the required item, the number and type will be indicated below (there are only three of them). With each stage of the vessel, an increasing number of stones will be needed. The upper right corner indicates how many resources are already available at the moment.

The cost of improvements is the same for all items.

Selection Stones

Selection Stones are divided into three types and applied to different vessels:

  • Beryl – Wisdom of Jared Cain, Wine of the Nameless, and Knowledge of Nor Tiray;
  • Garnet – Tal Rashi’s Power, Nilfur’s Accuracy, Zoltun Kull’s Ingenuity;
  • Sapphire – Ibn’s Tenacity Fahda and Caldesand’s Sympathy.

Upgrade Costs

As mentioned earlier, the cost of upgrades is the same for all vessels at each level:

LevelAmount< /strong>

The best strategy is to gradually level up each of the vessels: level up low-level items first, this way you can get the maximum benefit.

How to get Challenger KeysDiablo Immortal Horadrim Sanctuary: how to upgrade and where to find Challenger Keys

Challenger’s Keys (or Bloodied Keys) are consumables for unlocking Challenger’s Grounds chests. You can earn them in any of the following ways:

  • In Ibn Fahd’s dungeon;
  • From the Battle Pass in its paid part;
  • Buy from Collector of Ephesus: the seller gives away up to 5 pieces per day: 50 hilts each.
  • For ranks as a reward for victories on the Field combat;
  • Situational reward First kill of the day;
  • Opening a chest at the end of the Ancient Portal (with Blessing of Dedessa – 3 keys per day);
  • For completing the Gathering while playing as the Shadow faction;
  • For completing the Trial of Kion while playing as the Immortal faction;
  • In the in-game store for real currency.

How many keys do you need to open all the chests in the Sanctuary of Horadim

There are5 chests in each room. The transition from the first room to the second is available only after opening all the boxes: they drop 5 vascular enhancement stones (random in appearance). Each chest gives more items, but their price increases (regardless of the currency: eternal orbs, keys, platinum).

First room
Chest numberKeysPlatinumSpheres
54< /td>40040
Second room
Chest numberKeysPlatinumSpheres
Third room
Chest numberKeysPlatinumOrbs
Fourth room
Chest numberKeysPlatinumOrbs

Total to open all four rooms will require:

  • 377 Keys
  • 18850 Platinum
  • 1691 Orbs.

Based on these huge amounts, when playing without donations, it is best to open only the first room every day.

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