Infinite Lagrange — Beginner’s Guide and Tips


Dear space explorer, congratulations! As a leader, are you ready to write your own chapter in the face of the unknown challenges and opportunities that lie ahead? Here you can find a series of basic information about space exploration and management, hoping to help you better equipped to manage your people and keep you from getting lost right out of the gate.

Beginner’s Guide

1. Base Construction

1.2. What can you do in the base?

Tap the button at the left bottom to enter your base, where you can build and manage ships, regiment fleet, upgrade facilities, fortify the base and trade resources.

1.2. What can you find in the base?

There are three districts: Central District, Port District, and Industrial District.

  • Central District: Home to structures like the Control Center, Trade Station, Command Center. It’s the main district for managing the base’s construction capacity.
  • Port District: It’s where dock capacity is managed and home to port-related facilities.
  • Industrial District: Home to shipbuilding and dock equipment production lines. It’s the main district for managing the base’s production capacity.

1.3. Which facility should be upgraded first?

Facilities serve different functions and should be upgraded according to your need.Resource shortage is one of the problems that explorers will have to tackle at the early stage, so most of them will prioritize upgrading the Nuclear Fusion Plant in the Port District to expedite resource production for speedier base construction.

2. Map Exploration

2.1. CommandIn the game, you can give out Fleet Commands and other Map Commands

2.1.1. Fleet Command

  • Attack: Choose an enemy fleet or building as target to attack;
  • Garrison: Defend the area designated by fleet Plan, attack any enemy fleet entering the area;
  • Mine: Travel back and forth from the base to mine the resource site;
  • Deploy: Station to a Plan of yours or an ally’s and wait for a second command;
  • Reinforce: Wait a given amount of time and reinforce a friendly fleet;
  • Liaison: Dock at the Liaison Station to purchase merchandise from NPC cities;
  • Ship to Base: Ships purchased at the Liaison Station must be physically moved back to base for regimentation.

2.1.2. Other Map Commands

Construct: Build Private Buildings in the selected area of the map;

Connect: Build an Outpost and connect to the Connection Point for extra facility bonus. Certain functions are only available when connected to the Main Base.

Connect to the Main Base: Main Base can be relocated to an already connected Outpost.

2.2. Buildings

2.2.1. What Private Buildings are there, and what functions do they serve?Private Buildings include Outpost and Mining Platform. Outposts are a strategic building that can be garrisoned by fleet and Mining Platforms are where resource are mined, and can greatly improve the speed of getting resources and reduce mining difficulty in the Plan area.

2.2.2. What other facilities and buildings are on the map, and what functions do they serve?There are four kinds of facilities and buildings on the map: Resource Connection Point, Industrial Connection Point, Military Connection Point and Trade Connection Point. They are without private ownership and indestructible.

Resource Connection Point

  • Auto Mining Platform: Upon connection, generates extra resource production to the base;
  • Resource Distribution Center: Upon connection, greatly increases resource capacity;
  • Resource Platform: Upon connection, reduces mining difficulty in the building Plan area;
  • Advanced Resource Platform: Upon connection, greatly reduces mining difficulty in the building Plan area;
  • Small Resource Warehouse: Upon connection, sightly increases resource capacity;
  • Big Resource Warehouse: Upon connection, increases resource capacity;

Industrial Connection Point

  • Fast Repair Station: Upon connection, greatly increases the restore speed of Fast Repair Module to the base;
  • Temporary Repair Station: Upon connection, greatly increases the restore speed of Fast Repair Module to the base;
  • Super Battleship Shipyard: Upon connection, greatly increases the manufacture speed of Super Battleship to the base;
  • Repair Center: Upon connection, increases the repair speed of ships to the base;

Military Connection Point

  • Sentinel Array: Upon connection, increases the restore speed of player’s Strategic Point;

Trade Connection Point

  • Supply Exchange: Upon connection, generates digital currency production to the base;
  • Stock Exchange: Upon connection, generates a great amount of digital currency production to the base;

2.2.3. What are Ruins?

Ruins are one of the resource points in the game that can be mined for things like metals, crystals and deuterium.

3. Plan

Your every action is carried out by Plan. When you’re creating a Plan, first designate an area in the big map and assign fleet to the a point in the area to work;When the fleet enters the Plan area, the status of the Plan will become “activated”. If you wish to send extra fleet to the Plan, it’ll use warp drive and get there much faster.

Your fleet can carry out actions in the Plan area with enemy fleet or space mines inside a friendly Plan area as target.It should be noted that the fleet can’t move from one Plan area to another without first going back to be base.

4. Resource Mining

4.1. How to mine resource?

First you’ll need to build an engineer ship specifically designed for mining before finding a resource point on the map and create a Plan. Select the fleet, and your engineering ships will start mining for you.

What kinds of minerals are there?

Minerals include metal, crystal and deuterium.Showed in big map, the gold sites have metal, purple sites have crystal, blue sites have deuterium and gray dusts have all three resources. Mining difficulty for different resource sites is different. Small Engineer Ship can mine Level 1 and Level 2 resource sites. Medium Engineer Ship can mine resource sites under Level 4. Large Engineer Ship can mine all resource sites.

Upgrading your Engineer Ships for higher level resource is a more efficient way to get resource. Reasonable utilization of the bonus effect of a Connection Point can reduce mining difficulty of resource points in an area.

5. Ship Upgrade

5.1. What kinds of ships are there?

Your fleet may consist of Capital ships, Super Capital Ships, Engineer Ships and Carrier-based aircraft.

5.2. Ship Blueprint Enhancement

Each weapon system of the ship can be enhanced with Technology Points for an improvement in attack, defense, endurance and speed. Additional weapon system slots can be unlocked on Super Capital Ships.

After a blueprint is enhanced, later ships will be built according to the enhanced design and already built models will be upgraded once return to the base.

5.3. What are Blueprints?

Ship Blueprints include Mass-production Blueprints and Standardized Blueprints. The weapon systems on Mass-production Blueprint can’t be changed but different blueprint models can be unlocked and enhanced with Technology Points. Standardized Blueprint doesn’t have models, and its weapon systems can be be unlocked, replaced, enhanced with Technology Points.

Deploying ships to battles and missions gives experience to respective Blueprints, which gains levels to the blueprint and grants you Technology Points. You can also use weapon technology to earn blueprint experience and gain levels for more Technology Points.

Blueprint Enhancement mainly comes from Blueprint Technology Points. You can improve your strength by enhancing and unlocking blueprint models.

6. Alliance

After joining an alliance, your fleet can warp to alliance’s Construction Plan first, and then go to other destination the regular way, which saves you a lot of time. Also, alliance can make NPC ships into hostile targets and attack them.

Alliance will get huge basic resource bonus after occupying NPC cities.

7. Stargate

Building a stargate should be your ultimate goal. With a stargate built, you can travel beyond galaxies to explore uncharted space.Finally, wish all space explorers can write your own colorful chapter in the unknown space and go through stargate for more!

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