Interactive map of Mirage Velurium in Genshin Impact


Interactive map of Mirage Velurijam in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the Mirage Velurium map is a useful tool that can be used to find all chests, resources, puzzles, materials, quests, and enemies in a new region relatively quickly and easily. Note that this area is temporary and you will be able to visit it only as part of patch 3.8 and the global event “Summer! Amusement park? Mirage!”.

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Interactive Velurium Mirage Map

The map above is very easy to use. For example, if you click on the mini-map icon at the top left of the screen, the main menu will open. In it, you can select any object you need, and it will immediately appear on the image. All items are categorized, which makes it much easier to find.

Interactive map of Mirage Velurium in Genshin Impact

Temporary image

If you know the exact name of the item, then click on the magnifying glass icon and enter it in the line that appears. To quickly navigate to a specific location, click on the “pointer” icon, also located in the upper left corner. To change the scale of the map, use the “+” and “-” buttons in the lower right corner. If you feel that the map is too small, then increase the size of the page itself using the “Ctrl + mouse wheel” combination.

Note that when registering with HoYoverse, you will be able to save tags to highlight things that you already collected, and create entire routes for farming resources and materials. To do this, use the buttons in the upper right corner. These functions are extremely useful when collecting Coupons or Chests.

Currently found on the map:

  • Chests
  • Celebration Coupons
  • < li>Puzzles and Riddles

  • World Quests
  • Dandelion Seeds
  • Sea Mushroom
  • Naku Grass
  • Resources< /li>
  • Animals
  • Amethyst Piece
  • Tests

We hope that the Mirage Velurium interactive map in Genshin Impact version 3.8 will help you find all world quests, riddles, chests, curiosities and other valuable items in this temporary summer region.

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