Interactive map of Wuthering Waves: chests, materials and Echoes


Interactive map of Wuthering Waves: chests, materials and Echoes

In Wuthering Waves (WuWa), the world map makes it much easier to locate various items and objects. Using it, you can easily find out where puzzles, chests, viewpoints, gold cubes, bosses, resources, ore, resonance beacons and Echoes are located. 

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This page contains a detailed interactive map and instructions for its use. Note that the game constantly receives new patches, and along with them the map itself is updated, so you can always find the thing you need on it.

Wuthering Waves interactive map

The map above is relatively easy to use. It provides immediate access to all regions of the world. For this reason, there is no need to select any particular area – just move the map with your mouse or finger to find the area you need. In the future, all locations will be labeled, which will make it easier to find specific places.

Wuthering Waves interactive map: chests, materials and Echoes

The default map shows the location of all items in the game (information is constantly updated). If you are looking for a specific item, then open the top panel (if it is closed) by clicking on the arrow pointing down. In the menu that appears, first click on the inscription “Clear all”, and only then select the object you need so that it appears on the main screen.

You can also use the search function by entering the name of the desired item in English (Russian is not available in the game yet) next to the “magnifying glass” icon. Don't forget to click on the icons themselves on the map to see additional screenshots or tips for finding things. Let's add that if you register in the system, you can save your progress and add your own markers.

Wuthering Waves interactive map: chests, materials and Echo

To change the scale, use the “+” and “-” buttons located in the lower right corner of the screen. If the map itself does not seem large enough for you, then simply increase the size of the site page using the “Ctrl + mouse wheel” combination. Below is a list of all the items that are available in Wuthering Waves.

  • Resonance Beacon
  • Resonance Nexus ( Resonant Link
  • Supply Chest
  • Sonance Casket
  • Bolbfly
  • Viewpoint


  • Forgery Challenge
  • Tacet Field
  • Tactical Hologram
  • Bosses
  • Overdash Club
  • Simulation Training

Ascension Materials

  • Terraspawn Fungus
  • Belle Poppy
  • Iris (Iris)
  • Lanternberry
  • Wintry Bell
  • Pecok Flower
  • Coriolus (Coriol)
  • Violet Coral

Ore (Ore)

  • Scarletthorn
  • Floramber
  • Fragipurple (Purple Fragi)
  • Lampylumen (Lampylumen)

Resources (Others)

  • Dewvetch (Dyuvech)< /li>
  • Bird Egg
  • Perilla
  • Lemongrass
  • Angelica
  • Chromeshell
  • Caltrop
  • Gemberry
  • li>

  • Edodes
  • Viola
  • Gloom Slough
  • Waterlamp
  • Umbragricus
  • Cliffrecluse
  • Pearl Leaf
  • Noctemint
  • Dripsnail -drop
  • Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle)
  • Erodorchid (Erodorchid)
  • Bunnywort
  • Bittberry
  • Fowl Meat
  • Raw Meat
  • Climbing Fig (High Mountain Fig)
  • Lotus Seeds


  • Vanguard Junrock (Vanguard Junrock)
  • Fission Junrock
  • Electro Predator
  • Havoc Warrior
  • Zig Zag (Zigzag)< /li>
  • Tick Tack
  • Gulpuff   (Galpuff)
  • Cyan-Feathered Heron
  • Fusion Prism
  • Havoc Prism
  • Flautist
  • Chasm Guardian
  • Rocksteady Guardian
  • Sabyr Boar
  • Baby Viridblaze Saurian Lizard
  • Baby Roseshroom
  • Spearback
  • Havoc Dreadmane
  • Hooscamp Flinger Flinger)
  • Diamondclaw
  • Chirpuff
  • Fusion Warrior
  • Snip Snap
  • Whiff Whaff
  • Glacio Predator
  • Violet-Feathered Heron
  • Glacio Prism (Glacio Prism)
  • Spectro Prism
  • Stonewall Bracer
  • Tambourinist
  • Aero Predator
  • Cruisewing
  • Excarat
  • Viridblaze Saurian
  • Roseshroom
  • li>

  • Hoartoise
  • Fusion Dreadmane
  • Hoochief Cyclone
  • Carapace
  • Autopuppet Scout

We hope that the interactive map of Wuthering Waves (WuWa) will help you find all the chests, beacons, boxes, materials, ore, bosses, resources, points connections and other interesting objects in the game world.

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