Is it worth playing Harlequin in Genshin Impact?


Is it worth spinning Arlekino in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Harlequin is the harbinger of Fatui and the head of the Hearthhouse, who became a playable character in the first phase of update 4.6. In this guide, you will find out if Harlequin is worth spinning after launching her banner. We will tell you about the main features of the heroine, indicating who exactly is recommended to knock her out, and who can skip this Prayer with peace of mind

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Key features of Harlequin

Pros and cons of Harlequin

< p>First, we'll briefly tell you what this stern warrior is all about – she is a 5-star Pyro character who uses polearms in battle. Her set of abilities is aimed at dealing massive fire damage with regular hits, both single and multiple targets, using the Life Debt mechanic. Next, we will briefly consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the heroine. The first include:

  • It has an unusual strengthening mechanic, tied to the use of Life Debt, which is not consumed over time and does not disappear if you leave the battlefield, which significantly simplifies rotation, since you do not need to guess the right moment to use abilities – you choose it yourself. This kind of gameplay will certainly appeal to veterans of the game who are tired of monotonous damage dealers.
  • Capable of causing a Pyro infusion when a certain value of Life Debt is accumulated, and then extending it with the help of regular attacks (reduces the cooldown of E-shocks), causing increased damage. In addition, she will not disappear if she switches to another character.
  • Pairs well with Hydro and Electro (with a small caveat) characters, helping her create Steam and Overload reactions. With it, you can also assemble a mono Pyro pack with more comfortable gameplay.
  • Can independently heal itself with an explosion of elements.
  • Along with elevation, critical damage increases, which makes building a build somewhat easier, so how much more attention can be paid to crit chance and attack power.
  • She is able to independently increase her resistance to elemental and physical damage while increasing her attack power thanks to the passive “Only strength will protect.”
  • To perform well as the main damage dealer, she does not require Constellations, which will certainly appeal to F2P players.
  • Even the Gladiator's End set can give a huge increase in damage, which many players have probably accumulated in huge quantities, which will significantly simplify the selection of the necessary stats.
  • When you hold down the charged attack button for a long time, it begins to float above the surface, making it easier to overcome certain obstacles, such as cuts and lakes. Flight can be accelerated by food or passive talents.
  • Has considerable potential in the long term, when more characters and weapons related to the use of Life Debt appear in the game. For example, developers can add a support who can apply the appropriate status to allies, and then strengthen them depending on the effect values. So Harlequin can be considered a good investment in the future of your account.

Is it worth playing Arlekino in Genshin Impact

However, this harbinger of Fatui should not be considered an ideal character, since she has a number of disadvantages, and to some they will seem quite significant:

  • Due to the passive talent “Only ashes will satisfy”, she cannot receive healing from the outside, that is, it will not be possible to treat her with healers and dishes. It is possible to remove Life Debt and restore health only with the help of an ult.
  • Many newcomers may find the gameplay of the harbinger difficult due to the need to constantly monitor the heroine’s health and Life Debt scale.
  • Although an elemental explosion costs relatively little (60 units), it will have to be used quite often to regularly heal the heroine. For this reason, care must be taken to increase its energy recovery. The weapon Favonia, the 4th Constellation and the second Pyro character can slightly improve this situation.
  • Due to the lack of support from healers and low resistance to interruption (if C1 is not open), it is highly recommended to take a good shieldman into your team.< /li>
  • Steam is preferable to Overload for Harlequin. It is recommended to select the second reaction only if Chevreuse is available. Of course, not all players have this character.
  • Only the signature weapon Outline of the Scarlet Moon is ideal for the heroine’s abilities. The remaining spears will be noticeably worse. In addition, only it will turn into a full-fledged scythe in the hands of the harbinger.

More detailed information about the parameters, abilities and constellations of Harlequin, as well as tactics for playing for her, can be read in our separate detailed guide. You can study her biography in another material.

Reasons to play Harlequin

Now that it is more or less clear to you what this heroine is capable of, you can answer the question of who should knock her out. If you do not have strong 5-star damage dealers who can independently cause elemental infusion, you would like to form a team on Steam (Pyro + Hydro) and you have a good shield player (for example, Zhong Li), then we strongly advise you to knock out Harlequin.

The fact is that in terms of overall damage, she will most likely not be inferior to Hu Tao, who is considered one of the best Pyro damage dealers in the game, and perhaps even surpass her. Therefore, with it it will be possible to create an extremely powerful mono Pyro pack or a squad for Steam. If you have Chevreuse, you can also assemble a decent team for Overload (Pyro + Electro), taking Fischl as a sub-DD.

Is it worth spinning Arlekino in Genshin Impact

Here are some more reasons why you can want to draw this character:

  • You liked its gameplay and/or appearance. Still, you shouldn’t look at just the numbers – if you like the way the heroine looks and you feel comfortable playing as her, then you can ignore the statistics (use a test run to evaluate them).
  • You Another good damage dealer is urgently needed to create a second powerful team for completing the Twisted Abyss and other activities.
  • You're tired of constantly guessing the right moments to activate damage dealer rotations when fighting bosses that can leave the player's kill zone at any time (the All-Devouring Narwhal or Unut Setekh) – Harlequin's boosts depend not on time, but on the number of regular hits she performs. So you can safely put it in your pocket and pull it out before the enemy directly attacks.
  • You are looking not only at the present, but also looking far into the future, since more characters, weapons and artifacts will probably appear in the game, related to the use of Life Debt.

Reasons not to play Harlequin

Judging by the preliminary data, although Harlequin will turn out to be a strong damage dealer, she is still far from the performance of Nevillet or al-Haitham (all other things being equal). Therefore, if you already have good main DDs with well-coordinated teams, then from a utilitarian point of view you are unlikely to need the Harbinger of Fatui.

You should also remember that you can only treat her with your own ultimate, so healers will be useless for her, but shield warriors, on the contrary, will make gameplay for her more comfortable. The first Constellation (increases interruption resistance) and signature weapons will also help to simplify it. If you don't have the necessary supports and aren't prepared to spend extra money, then think twice before pulling this Harbinger of Fatui.

Is it worth playing Arlekino in Genshin Impact

Be sure to also take into account the banners of other heroes. For example, in parallel with Harlequin, they will rerun Lini, who is also a strong Pyro damage dealer, and he is much better suited for creating mono Pyro packs. Perhaps, in your particular case, he will bring you more benefit than the head of the Hearthhouse

In the second phase of patch 4.6, with an increased probability you can get Bai Zhu, who copes well with the role of support, healing and placing shields on his allies. If you have a shortage of support characters, then it is better to save the source stones for the owner of the Bubu Hut.


Is it worth playing Arlekino in Genshin Impact

To summarize the above, then Arlekino can be called a very strong damage dealer, but not the best. At the same time, it is ideal for players who want to create a powerful team for Steam or Overload (with Chevreuse). The rest should carefully weigh the pros and cons before starting to spin it.

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