Is it worth spinning the Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail


Worth How to spin the Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, the Silver Wolf is a genius hacker and gamer who will become a playable character after the release of update 1.1. In this guide, you will find out if it is worth spinning the Silver Wolf after launching her banner. We will tell you about the main features of the heroine, indicating who exactly should knock her out, and who can skip her Jump with peace of mind.

Key features of the Silver Wolf

Pros and cons of the Silver Wolf

First of all, let's briefly tell you what exactly this hacker is – she is a 5-star Quantum character related to the path of Nothingness. Her set of abilities and attacks are focused on weakening enemies and dealing increased quantum damage to them. Next, we briefly consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the heroine. The first ones include:

  • With the help of his ability “Allow changes?” it can place a vulnerability of the same type as a random ally on one enemy. This significantly increases the effectiveness of packs consisting of characters of the same element, for example, for physical or quantum damage. Plus, this ability is extremely useful when fighting elite enemies or bosses.
  • Able to impose various debuffs on enemies: reduce defense, attack power and speed for 3 turns. Therefore, even if the creation of the necessary vulnerability on the enemy fails, the hacker can significantly weaken him.
  • It can play the role of not only a good debuffer, but also a sub-DD, since with its attacks it deals quite large quantum damage to a single target.
  • It has significant potential in the long term, when more characters of different elements appear in the game.< /li>
  • There is no need to worry about the build for a long time, since the main characteristic for her is the chance to hit effects, so simply increasing this parameter to the maximum is enough to significantly increase the effectiveness of the heroine. This can be done with a free 4-star “Before Training Mission” Light Cone.
  • Even without Eidolons, it can perform its main role well, so it is not necessary to open them at all.
  • The super ability spends relatively little energy (110 units), so the heroine will be able to use it more often.
  • It has an attractive design and interesting character. Many would like to have an attractive hacker girl who is fond of games in their collection.

Is it worth spinning Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

However, this gamer should not be considered an ideal character, as she has a number of disadvantages, and some of them will seem very significant:

  • Even at skill level 15, the chance to inflict vulnerability is not 100%, so there is a chance that you will be able to do this only at the end of the battle. In addition, the selection of the element is random, so you may well create an elemental weakness in the enemy, which your support owns, and not the damage dealer.
  • The previous disadvantage imposes certain restrictions on team customization – it is recommended to use characters of the same element , which at this stage of the game is not very easy due to the relatively small number of heroes.
  • Debuffs on enemies are also not applied with 100% probability, especially at low levels of abilities. Plus, opponents can have significant resistance to effects. It is for this reason that the Silver Wolf needs a weapon that increases the chance to hit the effects.
  • Although the “Before the Training Mission” Light Cone can be obtained for free, it can only be obtained as part of the “Star Hunt” limited-time event, which, judging by experience from Genshin Impact, will never be held again. Therefore, if you skip it, the only option to significantly increase the usefulness of the heroine will be only the 5-star weapon “Continuous Rain”, which can only be obtained through Gacha, which is an extremely time-consuming task for F2P players.
  • The heroine's abilities are aimed at mainly to weaken a single target. When trying to apply debuffs to all enemies at once, you can quickly run into a shortage of skill points and at the same time not weaken anyone due to the random nature of the hacker skills.

Is it worth spinning Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

Whether Silver Wolf should be played in Honkai: Star Rail

More details about Silver Wolf's stats, abilities, eidolons, and how to play her can be read in our separate guide.

Reasons to spin the Silver Wolf

Now that you are more or less clear what this heroine is capable of, you can answer the question of who should knock her out. If you previously managed to draw Zele and you want to use her as often as possible, then Silver Wolf can be a great support for her, giving the necessary vulnerability to enemies and weakening them. True, to get the maximum benefit from it, you will need to add another quantum character to the squad, for example, Qing Que, whose abilities also depend on randomness.

Is it worth spinning Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

It will also be useful for those who want to collect mono-elemental packs for physical, electric and any other damage, in which 3 characters at once belong to the same element. For example, now you can assemble a group of Jing Yuan, Tingyun and Bailu or Himeko, Asta and Pathfinder (fire) or Clara, Sushan and Natasha. All of these teams can benefit from the Silver Wolf.

However, no one forbids you to add this heroine to more standard squads consisting of motley fighters. In this case, adding a vulnerability of the same element as the element of your damage dealer will only be a nice bonus to the ability to significantly weaken enemies and deal quantum damage with a fairly high probability.

Do not forget that there are only two quantum characters in the game now, and one of them is legendary, and, therefore, difficult to obtain. At the same time, there are quite a lot of enemies with quantum vulnerability, and the “Binding” effect (appears when breaking through stamina) is extremely useful in battle.

Should I spin the Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

Here's another several reasons why you might want to draw this character:

  • You liked its gameplay and/or appearance. Don't just look at the numbers though – if you like the look of the heroine and are comfortable playing as her, then you can ignore the stats (use a test run to evaluate her).
  • You a good support character is urgently needed to create a second powerful team to clear the Halls of Oblivion.
  • You plan your moves for the long term, when more characters of different elements appear in the game, which will make it easier to create both a quantum pack and a mono -squads of other elements.

Reasons not to spin the Silver Wolf

If you don't have Zele and you don't plan to collect teams with one element, then the usefulness of this hacker is somewhat reduced. Plus, many may not like its mechanics, which at first will significantly depend on randomness, but even with maximum pumping, you can’t get away from it.

Still, often in turn-based fights, you want to get a stable result from the actions performed, and not lose half a step away from victory due to the fact that the desired vulnerability or debuff did not work on the boss. So if you don't like to leave everything to chance, then we don't advise you to spin the Silver Wolf.

Should I spin the Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

F2P players may have difficulty unlocking the full potential of a hacker. Of course, you can give her a 4-star light cone for the chance to hit effects, but again, it will only be given out for free temporarily, so you will need her signature weapon, which will also require a lot of star jade to knock out.

You may also need a second Eidolon, which reduces enemy status resistance by 20%. To do this, you definitely have to spend real money.


Summarizing the above, the Silver Wolf is definitely not an imba character that will suit everyone and everyone, so you do not urgently need to spend all your Jumps on him. We advise you to weigh all the pros and cons, and only then make a decision.

Also take into account the banners of the following heroes. For example, in patch 1.1, after a hacker, it will be possible to get Locha with an increased probability, which is a good healer and a sub-DD. If you don't have Bailu and need a second healer, then saving Star Jades on a Traveling Trader might be a good solution.

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