Is it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get the source stones


Should I spin the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get the source stones

In Genshin Impact, the Wanderer is a sentient puppet created by Ei as a prototype for Shogun Raiden. He will become a playable character after the release of update 3.3. In this guide, we will tell you whether or not to spin Scaramuccia while its banner is active, pointing out its main features, and telling which players it will best suit. We will also tell you where you can get the source stones to knock him out.

Key features of the Wanderer

Where to get primogems to knock out Scaramucci

To do this, you will need to spin its banner, which starts on December 7 and ends on the 28th of the same month (we will update this information). However, as we previously calculated, it can take 180 twists or 28,800 source stones to knock out one 5-star hero in the event Prayer, and after all, many spent all their reserves on Nahida (and did not lose, considering how useful Dendro Archon turned out to be).

Was it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get the source stones

In the new patch, of course, it will be possible to collect 10 thousand primogems if you try hard, but it will take a lot of time. You can also purchase additional creation crystals, but even 6480 pieces will cost 9490 rubles to buy. For this reason, we suggest you use an alternative in the face of the case store – GGIMPACT.COM, which has a couple of interesting mechanics that distinguish it from other similar sites in the game.

Opening cases on the site is very simple – replenish your wallet (do not forget to use the exclusive promo code LANDOFGAMES, which gives + 14% to the replenishment amount), select any of the chests you like and unlock it. However, we advise you to first carefully study the contents of the case and the chances of items falling out. In some of them, the probability of obtaining low-value items is higher than in others. For example, “Skewer with mushrooms” and “Mondstadt” look good.

Should I spin the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get source stones

 Is it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get source stones

Let's add that items usually fall out, the value of which is the same as the cost of the case or slightly lower (20-50%). For this reason, don't assume that opening chests will allow you to instantly get thousands of primogems (although this can also happen) – in most cases, you will simply receive things equivalent to your expenses.

Naturally, one must also be prepared for possible failures. However, GGIMPACT.COM in this case gives a chance to wager with the help of such functions as “Upgrade” and “Contract”. The first one allows you to wager a previously dropped item in order to get a more expensive reward (we do not recommend choosing too expensive items, otherwise the probability of winning will be very low), and the second one allows you to create random prizes from the inexpensive gizmos you have.

 Is it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get the source stones -v-genshin-impact-gde-vzjat-kamni-istoka-82c3f69.jpg

To withdraw the received rewards to your account, you must specify your game UID in your profile on the site. This ID is listed in the Paimon menu (upper left corner) and on the login page. If you haven't received the item, then write to the technical support chat on the site or send an email with your problem to the mail: [email protected].

Should I spin the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get source stones

 Is it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get the source stones -v-genshin-impact-gde-vzjat-kamni-istoka-4da62ee.jpg

Pros and cons of the Traveler

Scaramuccia is the main Anemo damage dealer and part-time hyper carry, meaning he should be on the battlefield most of the time. First of all, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of the hero in terms of its game mechanics. The advantages include:

  • Has a unique skill that allows him to fly short distances – this not only makes it easier to dodge some attacks, but also allows you to quickly get to hard-to-reach places.
  • Relatively high basic attack, making it easy to use as a main damage dealer.
  • It can perfectly play the role of a driver thanks to the catalyst, that is, constantly being on the battlefield and imposing an Anemo status on enemies, thereby dispelling various elements.
  • Passive talents greatly enhance the elemental skill, allowing you to combine it with other elements (Electro , Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro) and increasing damage dealt with wind arrows.
  • As the hero rises, so does the chance of dealing critical damage, which is an important parameter for the main damage dealer. Therefore, it will be easier for you to balance its characteristics with weapons and artifacts.
  • Pairs well with a considerable number of characters, helping to create reactions.

Its negative aspects include:

  • Has a low base health, which can lead to the need to keep a good healer or shield in the team.
  • Kugo-River gauge without Hydro boost is consumed quite quickly.
  • < li>Not compatible with all supports and sub-DD. In addition, it often makes no sense to add characters with more than three elements to the team (taking into account Anemo), since you can only get two power-ups (without the 4th constellation).

  • It can only reach its full potential if Faruzan in the squad.

Should I spin the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get source stones

For more information on Scaramucci's stats, abilities, and constellations, see our separate guide. If we consider its advantages from the point of view of the players, then they include:

  • Significantly simplifies the study of the game world: you can quickly fly over water, climb ledges and roofs of houses, and climb trees and rocks. Collecting materials will become much easier.
  • Relatively simple gameplay as you won't need to think about switching to other characters properly at certain times: use all support buffs and sub-DD abilities that work off the field before switching to Scaramuccia, and then just activate the Wanderer's elemental skill and start hit everyone around with normal and charged blows. At the end, you can apply an ult.
  • Excellent in the role of main damage and without constellations, so you can do without additional expenses.
  • It has an unusual and eye-catching design, as well as a detailed and interesting backstory. Many have been waiting for the release of Scaramucci for almost two years, so they will be pleased to finally play for this character.
  • To create an effective build, it is not necessary to knock out the legendary weapons – there are many 4-star catalysts that will help to unleash all his strengths .

A lot of the downsides come from its upsides:

  • You'll have to keep it on the battlefield almost all the time – some players may not like this gameplay, on the contrary , as it will seem primitive and monotonous to them.
  • Out of habit, some may have difficulty controlling the Wanderer in the air, since there was no such flight mechanic in the game before.
  • You will have to constantly monitor the kugo-reku scale, especially with the 2nd constellation , where the ult must be cast a second before the end of the elemental skill. Dashing and jumping will only speed up the fall of the strip, so in most fights you will have to forget about them.
  • Some enemies can still hit the hero in the air and maybe even knock him down, which can cause the skill to expire (not tested).
  • Difficult to level for beginners, since you will need to farm the necessary resources first open Inazuma and complete the Sumeru quest chain. Plus, you have to fight the weekly boss Seki no Kami, which is definitely not easy.

Is it worth it to knock out the Wanderer

So, to sum it up: Scaramuccia is a powerful Anemo damage dealer with unusual gameplay that should be on the battlefield almost constantly, so hyper carry fans will definitely like it. Its ability to fly makes the hero invulnerable to many ground-based melee opponents, makes it easier to dodge attacks, and makes it easier to explore the world. With the help of an elemental explosion, he can quickly deal huge damage to Anemo.

 Is it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get the source stones

We would strongly recommend trying to knock him out in the upcoming banner, if not for one big BUT – Shogun Raiden will be rerun in the same update, which for beginners is a more suitable character due to its versatility, ease of learning and the possibility of creating a more budget build.

If you are a veteran who already has Ei in the team, you want to try out the Wanderer's air combat style, you are not embarrassed by the need to play only one character most of the time, then you can safely twist it. Let's add that before making the final decision, you should try out this hero in a test run.

Who exactly needs the Wanderer

If you are trying to pump all the characters to the maximum, almost every day collecting materials in different regions, then you will definitely need Scaramuccia, as it will allow you to significantly speed up the farming of resources, especially if Nahid is also in the squad. You can knock it out even if you don't plan to use it in combat.

Was it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get source stones

It will definitely be needed by players who managed to get Faruzan, but do not have Xiao or Heizo. The fact is that this 4-star heroine is fully revealed only if there is an Anemo damage dealer in the group. A combination of the Wanderer and Faruzan will allow you to shred most enemies into cabbage without any problems.

We also highly recommend trying to knock him out for those who have well-developed supports and secondary DPS that can buff and deal elemental damage out of the field. These include, for example, Xing Qiu, Bennett, Xiang Ling, Ye Lan, Rosaria, Nahid and Fischl. With them, you can deal massive damage to Scaramuccia and cause massive reactions on the battlefield.

Is it worth spinning the Wanderer in Genshin Impact: where to get the source stones

At the end, we add that if you have been waiting for the release of Scaramucci for a long time, and you also really like his design and lore, then you can spin it without looking at the damage numbers and other calculations. The Wanderer may not be the perfect hero, but he's definitely not a bad hero, so you'll enjoy playing him anyway.

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