Kaveh in Genshin Impact: a guide to the best builds


Kaveh in Genshin Impact: Best Builds Guide

In Genshin Impact, Kaveh is a 4-star character who wields Dendro's god's eye and is proficient with a two-handed sword. In a squad, he can act as the main damage dealer. In this guide, you will learn about his best builds, weapons and artifacts, as well as recommended commands for him.

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Note: The Sumeri Architect has not yet been officially released, so the data presented here is based on information, received as part of beta testing. We'll update the guide as needed when the hero is in the game.

Kaveh Key Features

How to get Kaveh

In Phase 2 of Update 3.6 (May 3), this Builder Genius will appear in a banner, giving it a high chance of being obtained. Then it will most likely be added to the standard Prayer, which will reduce the chance of it falling out. At the same time, developers often hold events in which they give 4-star heroes for free. If Kaveh is added to such an event, then we will definitely tell about it.

Kaveh's stats progression

The table below shows how the basic parameters of a character change as they level up.

< tr>

LevelBasic HPBasic AttackBasic Defense Elemental Mastery BonusCrit Chance HitsCrit. damage
110032063 05%50%
40< /td>5514 108 346245%50%
8010602< /td> 2076656 725%50%
9011962 234751965%50%

Advantages and disadvantages of Kaveh

Due to his offensive abilities, Kaveh excels in battles, both with strong single opponents and with large enemy groups. Its advantages include:

  • A great option for packs playing through Budding (Hydro + Dendro) and its derivatives, as it helps to strengthen Dendro cores and instantly explode them.
  • < li> Has a relatively high base health and defense, which allows him to stay on the battlefield longer. Attack values ​​for a 4-star character look good too.

  • It has a high resistance to interrupt attacks and is able to self-heal itself, so the team can do without a healer.
  • Relatively easy to build, since its main characteristic – Elemental Mastery – grows with elevation. To achieve the disclosure of its potential, you can even use a 4-star weapon. Constellations are easier to open than legendary heroes, but even without them, Kaveh can perfectly serve as a main damage dealer on the battlefield.
  • When using an elemental explosion, Dendro receives an infusion, which greatly simplifies the creation of appropriate reactions. It is suitable not only for creating Dendro cores, but also for detonating them, which somewhat simplifies the selection of characters for Budding and gameplay.
  • Reduces the use of materials when crafting decor items using its passive. This bonus will surely appeal to building lovers.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for the best builds

However, there were some minuses, many of which stem directly from the hero's pluses:

  • The hero's abilities are completely and completely sharpened for one reaction – Budding , so it will be problematic to use it even for Stimulation, because Kaveh cannot boast of high Dendro damage and attack speed.
  • To increase the character's personal damage without taking into account reactions, it will be necessary to increase the attack power and crits, which will complicate the build.
  • Elemental explosion is quite expensive (80 units) and has a long cooldown (20 seconds). The architect may need a good battery or a boost in Energy Recovery.
  • Compared to 5-star characters, has low base attack and ability damage multipliers, which again makes it difficult to use as a main damage dealer when playing against others reactions.
  • It can be difficult for beginners to properly balance the team so that Dendro does not block the Hydro element, because in this case there is a possibility that characters with low MS will create cores, which will negatively affect their damage.

Kaveh's abilities

When making a normal attack of “Schematic Attunement”, the character makes up to 4 hits with the Mehrak, charged – rotates the sword around him, and then performs an additional powerful blow. While airborne, it falls down during an attack and deals area damage on landing.

Explanation: When an elemental blast is active, Kaveh's normal and charged attacks will be able to deal quite noticeable Dendro damage, inflicting the corresponding elemental status on enemies. Again, the multipliers are not very high, so playing through Stimulation is not recommended.

In the case of using the elemental skill “Creative Mastery”, the architect deals damage to Dendro in an area and instantly explodes all the cores that are in the area of ​​​​the skill. Its cooldown time is 6 seconds.

< class="p3">Explanation: Deals moderate Dendro damage, so it doesn't have much offensive potential. Its main feature is the instantaneous explosion of Dendro's Ult-enhanced cores to deal massive damage to nearby enemies.

Painted Dome's elemental explosion deals damage to Dendro in a large area and immediately activates cores in its area of ​​effect. In addition, it empowers Kaveh, increasing the range of his normal, charged, and falling strikes, as well as transforming all damage dealt into Dendro.

Among other things, Dendro cores deal increased damage, and the character has increased resistance to interruption. However, all these buffs disappear when the hero leaves the battlefield.

Explanation: It is thanks to the ult that this character can perfectly perform the function of a main damage. Therefore, during the entire duration of its action (12 seconds), it must be on the battlefield. The elemental explosion itself does even less damage than the E-shka – its main advantage is to strengthen Dendro cores.

It is also impossible not to talk about the unique passive talents of Kaveh, which are unlocked as he leveled up:

  • The art of budgeting – allows you to return some of the resources used when crafting decorative items from the categories “courtyard”, “landscape” and ” structures.”
  • Builder's Responsibility – When damaged by any Dendro Cores (Vegetation and Bloom also count), he recovers health equal to 300% of his MS. The effect occurs every 0.5 seconds.
  • Master's Quirks – All normal, charged and falling hits of Kaveh hit enemies during the duration of the ult increase his MS by 25 units. This bonus occurs every 0.1 seconds and can stack up to four times.

Kaveh Constellations

To open them, you need character luck, obtained by dropping duplicate fighters during Prayers, that is, this process is completely random. However, the chance of getting 4-star heroes is much higher than 5-star ones, so you can try to open all the constellations. Although even without them, Kaveh can play his main role quite well.

If you are still aiming to open the constellations, then we recommend that you try to unlock C4 and C6, which can significantly increase his ability to deal damage with Dendro nuclei. The list below describes all the constants:

  1. Exalted Salutations – after using an elemental skill, increases the hero's resistance to Dendro damage by 50% and the effectiveness of healing – by 25% for 3 seconds.
  2. Grace of the royal ways – the speed of the character's normal attacks increases by 15% .
  3. Durr-Untash Offerings – Elemental explosion level increases by three. Max level: 15th.
  4. Apadana's Feast – Increases the damage of Dendro cores created by Budding caused by Kaveh by 60%.
  5. Treasures of Bon-Khanak – Elemental skill level increases by three. Max level: 15th.
  6. Pyridaeza's Dreams – If elemental, charged, and falling strikes hit enemies during an elemental explosion, the character performs an additional attack that deals 61.8% of his ATK damage in an area to Dendro. Plus, all “watermelons” in the radius of her defeat instantly explode. The effect only occurs once every 3 seconds.

How to play Kaveh

First of all, we note that if the architect turns out to be the only Dendro hero in the team, then the first use of his elemental skill simply will not explode anything, so we highly recommend that you take him to support a character of the same element – this will also solve a possible problem with a lack of energy.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: Best Builds Guide

Although Kaveh is inferior to Nil in terms of amplifying the cores and the general mechanics of their detonation, however, unlike her, he can be combined with a large number of elements. That is, no one forbids you to take Electro and Pyro heroes to the squad to create Vegetation and Bloom. Plus, you can use it with the Twilight Dancer to spawn her unique abundance cores.

Let's add that in the squad for Budding the core, it is Kaveh who should create, and not Hydro characters, who often do not have high MS. It should be remembered that Dendro is stronger than Hydro, so Nahida, for example, can upset the balance by constantly interrupting Hydro status on opponents. So watch this carefully, otherwise the overall damage of the squad will drop.

Also, using the elemental skill to explode Dendro cores in isolation from the ult is not very effective, since the “watermelons” in this case will not deal increased damage. In general, the rotation for Kaveh will look like this:

  1. Use the abilities of sub-DD and supports to get buffs and apply elemental statuses to enemies from your pocket.
  2. Switch to Kaveh and use his elemental burst. If there are already cores on the battlefield, he will immediately explode them.
  3. Then start hitting opponents with normal and charged blows, constantly creating the Budding reaction thanks to Dendro infusion.
  4. In 12 seconds, you have time to use Kaveh's elemental skill twice, dealing additional damage to Dendro and instantly detonating Empowered Cores.
  5. After the elemental explosion ends, start the rotation from the beginning.

The main thing is to use the rollback ult. A break of 8 seconds should be enough to accumulate the required amount of energy and use the abilities of other characters.

The best builds for Kaveh

The best weapons

To strengthen the Budding and its derivatives, the architect will need a lot of mastery of the elements, so you should choose a weapon with this parameter. In some cases, it may be necessary to restore energy in order to apply the ult on the cooldown. If you intend to increase Kaveh's personal damage, then pay attention to the attack power and crits. The table below shows the most suitable two-handed swords.

Name and raritySpecs (level 1-90)Passive

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for better builds

Armored Flower (4 stars)

Elemental Mastery: 24~110 < /p>

Basic Attack: 44~565

For 8 seconds after hitting an enemy with an elemental skill or generating an elemental reaction, increase attack power by 12~24% and elemental mastery by 12~24%. by 48~96 units. It can be considered the best free option for Kaveh, as when fully awakened, it gives a huge amount of MS and increases attack power, increasing ability damage. Activating the buff will be pretty easy thanks to the Dendro infusion. The only downside was that you could only get a two-hander for a temporary event.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Machaira Aquamarine (4 stars)

Elemental Mastery: 31~165

Basic Attack: 42~510

Every 10 seconds, your hero's attack power is increased by 24~48% of his MS for 12 seconds. Nearby allies gain 30% of this effect. The bonus can stack with other two-handed wielders and is triggered even if the character is not on the battlefield. Increases Kaveh's personal damage more than Latah Flower, but provides less healing. It also enhances other party members, which can have a positive effect on their abilities.

Genshin Impact Kaveh: Best Build Guide

Raincutter (4 stars)

Elemental Mastery: 36~165

Basic Attack: 42~510

Increases damage by 20~36% when fighting enemies, under the influence of Electro or Hydro elements. Able to give a lot of MC, buffing reactions, and increase Kaveh's personal damage, because most of the enemies he will fight will have Hydro status.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide

Regalia of the Forest (4 stars)

Energy regen: 6, 7%~30.6%

Basic Attack: 44~565

After any reaction caused by the Dendro element, the Seed of Knowledge appears on the field. Picking it up will increase Elemental Mastery by 60/75/90/105/120 for 12 seconds. The emergence of the Seed occurs no more than once every 20 seconds. A free weapon with which you can solve the problem of lack of energy for the cooldown ult. Gives MC, but not as much as the previous options, so the reactions will be weaker.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for better builds

Favonia's Two-Handed Sword (4 stars)

Energy Regen: 10%~45 .9%

Basic Attack: 42~510

When you deal critical hits, you have a 60~100% chance to create elemental particles that restore 6 points of energy. The effect appears once every 12~6 seconds. Completely solves the problem with energy shortages, and for the whole team, which can be useful when using sub-DD/supports with expensive elemental explosions. However, it does not increase MS at all and has a not very high basic attack. Plus, you will need to take the crown (artifact) for the chance of a critical hit.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide< /p>

Wolfbane (5 Stars)

Attack Power: 10.8% -49.6%.

Basic Attack: 46~608

Attack power is increased by 20-40%. If the opponent's HP drops to 30%, the attack power of each team member increases by 40-80% for 12 seconds. The ability can appear no more than once per 30 seconds. Gives a huge increase in attack power, which greatly enhances Kaveh's abilities and his personal damage. Plus, he can buff allies. Crits and MS can be obtained from artifacts. You can try using this weapon in teams playing through Sprawl.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Reed Sea Lighthouse (5 stars)

Crete. chance: 7.2-33.08%

Basic attack: 46~608

When an elemental skill hits an enemy, increases attack power by 20~40% for 8 seconds. When damaged, increases ATK by 20~40% for 8 seconds. These bonuses occur even when the hero is not on the battlefield. Plus, if the fighter equipped by it does not have a shield, then its maximum health increases by 32~64%. Significantly increases attack and crits while increasing Kaveh's personal damage. Since his elemental skill has a 6-second cooldown, you will be able to almost constantly activate the passive of the sword. Mastery of the elements will have to be obtained from artifacts. You can try using this weapon in teams playing through Sprawl.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Heavenly Majesty (5 Stars)

Energy Regen: 8%~36.8%

Basic attack: 48~674

Increases damage dealt by 8%~16%. When using the ult and hitting enemies with simple and charged hits, a blade is created that deals 80% ~ 160% damage to all enemies in the way. The effect ends after eight blades or 20 seconds. Resolves energy deficiency and increases Kaveh's personal damage, especially while under the effect of ult. You can try using this weapon in teams playing through Sprawl.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for best builds

Dragonblood Sword (3 stars)

Elemental Mastery: 41~187 < /p>

Basic Attack: 38~354

Increases your damage by 12~24% when fighting enemies affected by Electro or Pyro. Can be used when no other options are available. It gives a lot of MS, but has a small basic attack, so the damage from Kaveh's normal attacks will be negligible. Plus, his passive will only trigger when playing through Vegetation or Stimulation.

Best Artifacts

When choosing to play through Budding, we recommend that you complete the Flower of Lost Paradise full set, 2 parts of which increase Elemental Mastery by 80 points, and 4 parts of which increase the damage of the Bloom, Vegetation, and Budding reactions by 40%. Plus, if these reactions are activated by the hero who wears this set, then the effect will increase by 25%. The bonus can stack up to four times and manifest once per second, and each stack lasts ten seconds. The effect can occur even if the fighter wearing the set is not on the battlefield. But you will have to spend a lot of time farming it in the City of Gold dungeon.

If Kaveh is the only Dendro character in the pack, then we advise him to give him “Memories of the Deep Forest”, 2 parts of which increase the Dendro damage bonus by 15%, and 4 parts – in case of hit by an ult or elemental skill, reduce the enemy’s resistance to Dendro damage by 30% within 8 seconds. The bonus is activated even if the character is not on the battlefield. However, if the team has a second Dendro hero (Nahida, Kollei, Traveler, and so on), then it is better to give this set to him. Dropped from the Spire of Lonely Enlightenment dungeon.

You can also equip the Architect with Gilded Dreams, which gives 2 pieces of Elemental Mastery by 80 and 4 pieces of Elemental Mastery by 14% for each unit in the unit with the same God's Eye and Elemental Mastery by 50 for each hero with another. element. The effect occurs every 8 seconds and occurs even if the wearer of the set is not on the battlefield. They are obtained in the same dungeon as the previous set.

If you do not have full sets with optimal stats, then you can take two incomplete sets each, which increase Dendro's damage and elemental mastery.

As for the main characteristics of artifacts, take the hourglass for elemental mastery, the goblet (chalice) for elemental mastery (or Dendro damage), and the crown (cap) for elemental mastery (or crit. chance/crit. damage in a ratio of 1 to 2). The priority of choosing secondary parameters is as follows: energy recovery, elemental mastery, crits and attack power%.

Best commands for Kaveh

We have already noted above that the architect definitely needs a second Dendro character when playing through Budding. It is not necessary to take a healer and shielder, since Kaveh can heal himself, however, such characters will be useful, especially if they also belong to the Dendro element.

It is advisable to combine Kaveh with Hydro sub-DD and supports, however, if desired you can take Pyro and Electro fighters to create reactions such as Bloom and Vegetation respectively. The table below shows the best options.

Minor DPS/Support

< tr>

Primary DPSSecondary DPS Support

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide


Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Xing Qiu

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best builds guide

Nilu< /p>

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide

Nahida (Bai Zhu, Yao Yao)

Genshin Impact Kaveh: Best Build Guide


Kaveh v Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide

Ye Lan

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for better builds

Neela (Kazuha)

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide< /p>


Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for better builds


Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Ye Lan

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for better builds


Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Bai Zhu

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for better builds


Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Xing Qiu

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Raiden ( Fischl)

Genshin Impact Kaveh Best Build Guide

Yao Yao

Genshin Impact Kaveh: Best Build Guide


Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for better builds

Xing Qiu

Kaveh in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Traveller (Dendro)

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for the best builds


Kaveh Leveling

How to Improve Skills

You will have to search and collect a wide variety of materials, namely:

  • Teachings, instructions and philosophies about “Wit” – obtained on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays in dungeon
  • “Tower of Ignorance”.
  • Mold Spores, Luminous Pollen, and Crystalcyst Dust – Drop from Molds, purchasable with Star Glitter, or crafted with Alchemy.
  • Unknown Material – Dropped by Apep the Dragon Weekly Dendro Boss.
  • Crown of Insight – can be obtained during events, as well as by leveling the Sacred Sakura, the Tree of Permafrost and the Tree of Dreams.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact guide for the best builds

If we talk about the priority of pumping talents, then until about level 5, download normal attacks at the same time as your ult. Then fully pump simple blows and only then take on the explosion of the elements. At the end, you can upgrade your elemental skill.

How to Ascend

Get ready to search and collect a lot of different materials. Their list and methods of extraction are listed below.

  • Ascension 1 (Level 20; 20,000 mora) – 1 Nagadus Emerald Shard, 3 Sorrow Flowers, 3 Mold Spores 10 Woeflowers, 15 Mold Spores
  • Third Ascension (level 50; 60,000 mora) – 6 Nagadus Emerald Fragments, 4 Suppressed Vine, 20 Woeflowers, 12 Glowing Pollen
  • Fourth Ascension (Level 60; 80,000 mora) – 3 Nagadus Emeralds, 8 Suppressed Vine, 30 Sorrow Flowers, 18 Glowing Pollen Vine, 45 Woeblooms, 12 Crystalcyst Dust
  • Ascension Six (Level 80; 120,000 mora) – 6 Precious Nagadus Emeralds, 20 Suppressed Vine, 60 Woebloom, 24 Crystalcyst Dust

You can get Nagadus Emeralds from Feathered Mold and Hypostasis Dendro. The latter also drops a suppressed vine. Sorrow flowers are a local curiosity of Sumeru. In a separate guide, we indicated their location.

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