Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals


Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise the character and Pals

In Palworld, the level is one of the most important indicators of the hero and Pal, since not only their characteristics depend on it, but also the ability to unlock new technologies . For this reason, it is extremely important to increase it, and the faster you can do this, the better.

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In this guide, we will cover all the most effective active and passive ways to gain experience points and increase the level of your character and Pals. You will learn about the existing bonuses, multipliers and other useful data associated with leveling up.


What you need to know about leveling up in Palworld

Let us immediately note that we will not talk in detail about all the possible ways to increase the level and explain why it needs to be increased in general. Surely you yourself could find this information in the game. Instead, we will show in numbers exactly how pumping occurs and reveal its most effective methods.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Palov

Let’s add that we will separately consider increasing the level of characters, Pals traveling with the hero, and “buddies” working at your base. However, before that, let's briefly talk about receiving experience points in Palworld.

Principles of issuing experience points

List of key features related to receiving experience points:

    < li>Your character and active Pals gain experience for performing actions such as defeating and capturing Pals, and collecting resources.
  • Your character and active Pals gain experience from creatures working at the base, but only when they are in the camp themselves.
  • The workers at the base gain experience when they perform various work actions.
  • Slains in a container do not gain experience.
  • Slains in your active group and at the base can gain experience even when they are knocked out.

The most effective way to quickly level up character and Palov is to gain experience points in the open world by capturing new creatures and exploiting the system of bonuses to the “exp” issued.

As for gaining experience points by finding the hero and his Pals at the base, where the production of items and the construction of new structures are currently taking place, this method is good as a passive source of “exp”, but it is inferior to the previous method in terms of speed.

The required number of experience points for full leveling up

Naturally, it’s no secret that the higher the level, the more experience points you will need to move to the next one, but few people know that exponential growth occurs only towards the end of pumping. You can see all the values ​​in the table below.

< /tr>

< td class="center">16 < td class="center">31 < td class="center">37
LevelExperience points to move to the next levelTotal experience points
2308< /td>
6 394594
461,035,914 5,165,789

These parameters will be relevant for any passage and grow exponentially as they increase character level. The requirements for the number of experience points increase significantly in the endgame at approximately levels 40-50.

Note: Given this information, it is best to take advantage of the bonus from 10 caught Pals of the same type at higher levels, since the number of experience points issued scales with the hero’s level.

The coefficient of experience gained in the world settings does not affect the above values , since they are fixed. This option will only affect how much “exp” you receive for a particular action.

How to increase the experience gained in the settings

Note that if you want to level up your hero and Pals faster without having to find effective methods for leveling up, you can simply change a certain option in the world settings.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Palov< /p>

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals

This can be done both for the existing world and for the new one. In the first case, select the desired game and click on the “Change world settings” button at the bottom of the screen. Then in the window that appears, click on “Personal Settings”. Find the “Experience Gain Coefficient” parameter and increase it by the desired amount. The maximum you can set is “20”, that is, you will receive 20 times more experience for the same actions.

The best way to level up a character and Pals in a squad

Numbers and values< /h3>

Regardless of the difficulty of the world and your current level, the best way to quickly earn experience points in the game is to catch Pals of the same type. The fact is that for each successful capture (up to the 10th time inclusive) you will receive a very significant bonus to experience.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Palov

< p>This increase does not depend on the level and type of Pal himself, however, it is influenced by the player’s level, and the growth is also exponential, which is logical. It is for this reason that we recommend using this method upon reaching level 30+, when it becomes more difficult to obtain a large number of experience points. The table below shows how much the bonus increases.

Player levelLevel has also fallen Bonus to experience for each capture
4 Lamboll (1st level; first capture)+31
10Tanzi (4th level; first capture)+49
22Tanzi (5th level; fourth capture) +763

After the 10th capture of Pal of the same type, you will receive the same number of experience points for catching the next instances as if you simply defeated the creature in battle . For example, Lamboll and Tanzy without a bonus give only 7 units of experience (without taking into account the player’s level).

Preparing to capture Palov

First of all, build a Pasture for Livestock at your base, which opens at level 5 (you can reach it fairly quickly by completing the starting activities). Next, go to a small settlement located not far from the starting location – the exact location is shown in the picture below.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Palov

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals

Vixies spawn near this village – catch a few of them. The rest of their spawn locations are shown in the screenshots below. Now return to base and place the captured creatures on the pasture you built earlier. Soon they will start digging up the Pal Spheres for you, which you need to catch your “buddies”.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals

You will need a huge number of these Pokeballs, because there are over a hundred varieties of Pals in the game, and you have to catch ten creatures of each type, that is, you will need at least one thousand spheres.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Palov

The fastest way to catch identical Palov

You're unlikely to have any problems catching regular Pals, as many of them are often found in areas near the starting point. Plus, you can always use the interactive map or our Palam guide, where their habitats are indicated.

However, with rarer Palams, problems may arise due to their small numbers, so we advise you not to waste time on tedious searches in the open world, but simply head to the nearest dungeon with Alpha Pal. The fact is that this boss is always accompanied by 2-3 Pal privates of the same species, which will allow you to gain a lot of experience when capturing them.

You can easily reset the dungeon boss by leaving the arena , going down to the previous hall, and then returning back. Following this method, you can easily change Alpha Pals (up to 18 types), and with them ordinary mobs. Thus, you will be able to quickly catch many identical Pals.

This method is convenient because you don’t have to travel a lot. With such farming, you just need to carefully monitor your consumables and health, as well as the state of active Pals, since collisions with Alpha Pals are very dangerous.

The best way to level up Pals at the base

Create arrows

Already at the very beginning of the game, you can take advantage of an effective method of gaining experience by creating an autonomous production of arrows at the base, which can be opened already at level 3, and require only wood and stone to produce.


Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals

Making one arrow on a high-quality workbench by Pal, who has the 2nd level of Handmade, takes about one and a half seconds and brings 2 units of experience to the character and each creature (in normal game mode). This way you can get thousands of experience points every hour. Approximate values ​​are shown in the table below.

Number of FiresNumber of points experience
1 Pal crafts arrows80 units of experience per minute or 2400 experience per hour.
4 Pals craft arrows320 experience units per minute or 9600 experience per hour.

The indicated numbers are provided with the condition that the Pals work half the time, and the level of your base is not lower than 10. Plus, your camp must have at least 10 workers. This way, you can get to level 30 fairly quickly, and then focus on catching Pals.

How to automate the creation of arrows

First, create a Quarry and a Sawmill to farm wood and stone. Make sure you have Pals with the Transport skill to move these resources to storage. We advise you to place one wooden chest next to the above buildings so that your workers can easily reach them.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Pals

Next, send three Pals with a high level of Tree Chopping to the Sawmill, and three more with Mining to the Quarry. This way you can supply yourself with the right amount of stone and wood. At this stage, you can return to exploring the world while sufficient resources accumulate at the base.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Palov

Returning to base, you will find hundreds of pieces of wood and stone. Now you are ready to make arrows. To do this, install 4 high-quality workbenches in the camp, and then assign one Pala with a high level of Manual work to each of them.

Four Pala with the 2nd level of Manual work, for example, Robinville or Incineram will be able to provide you a large influx of experience points. If you don’t have such workers yet, then Lamballs with skill level 1 will do. Having adjusted production, you can leave the base and do your own thing.

Level in Palworld: how to quickly raise your character and Palov

After a couple of hours, return to the camp and pick up the created arrows. Don’t forget to then place the newly mined stone and wood into the wooden chests so that the Pals on the workbenches will begin a new cycle of making arrows.

Do not forget to also monitor the feeder and the mental state of your Pals in order to prevent unexpected failures in production. Thus, you will be able to increase the level of your character and your Pals, even without performing any actions at the base.

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