Leveling guide in Diablo Immortal from level 1 to 60


A “beginner’s guide” with informative tips to help you reach the maximum level in Diablo Immortal in the shortest possible time.

Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60

The start of Diablo Immortal promises to be extremely interesting and vital, even despite the fact that access to this game is completely closed in Russia. A sea of ​​intriguing PvE activities, complex raid events, multi-story rifts and the opportunity to fully enjoy PvP – all this attracts users, however, the content itself is “blocked” due to the forced increase in the maximum level in the early stages.

In this < strong>Quick leveling guidein Diablo Immortalwe’re going to break down some helpful tips on the core gameplay mechanics and tell you which Battle Pass activities will help you get more experience after reaching lvl 30.< /p>

Paragon in Diablo Immortal was analyzed in a separate article: where to farm experience after level 60

Basic gameplay in Diablo Immortal at the start

How much how long will it take to level up to level 60?

Lvl 1 — Level 201 hour
20 — Level 302 – 3 hours
30 lvl — lvl 6020 – 30 hours

Total: from 25 up to 35 hours continuousgame, the main occupation of which will be the passage of story missions and the closing of activities that have a serious impact on the experience gained.

If Diablo Immortal is Your first game of this genre, it is better not to rush and master the basic mechanics, which will gradually open in the course of completing the main and side tasks. A good pastime will also be a detailed study of the selected class.

Choosing a device for convenient wagering

Available on iOS, Android, and PC, Diablo Immortal is also able to offer a lot of innovations that can greatly simplify the gameplay. We are talking about gamepads. Agree, not everyone will be comfortable exploring the main storyline and exploring the huge multiplayer world by sliding their fingers across the phone display.

Fortunately, Blizzard has jumped in on this subject, providing users with a complete list of controllers supported by the game. Each of them can be found in the article dedicated to this topic.

Gamepads for Diablo Immortal on PC, Android and iOS – a list of supported controllers.

Selecting a server and creating a character

The task in question can confuse those who have just started their game familiarity with Blizzard projects and games of a similar genre. This moment can be especially stressful due to the lack of an initially planned Russian-language server. “Where to go so as not to encounter a language barrier and, in which case, quickly organize a group to pass the starting PvE-activities?”

Once a server has been chosen, the focus will shift to another important topic – class diversity. The main characters of Diablo Immortal are the Barbarian, Crusader, Monk, Demon Hunter, Necromancer and Wizard, whose strengths and weaknesses can also be found in a separate guide.

The best class in Diablo Immortal: which one to choose to start?

Basic Tips on Game Mechanics

Once the server has been selected and the character has been created, the game will kindly open up an endless multiplayer world for the new user, filled with main and side quests, dungeons and monsters roaming the open location, as well as other PvE and even PvP activities.

Tips to look out for first:

  • Customize your controls to suit youfor more convenient movement around the map and comfortable combat with monsters and other living creatures of the initial locations.

Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60

 Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60

  • Hero’s primary attack can be holdor press continuously.
  • Each ability of the selected class works in its own way. Some skills take a long time to recover, some, on the contrary, need to be directed for an accurate “shot”. It is recommended to beforehand get acquainted with new skills in order to put on the available panel those that will speed up the process of killing mobs at first.
  • The tasks given to the hero are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, right below the character’s portrait. Always keep it updated so that you have an idea of ​​where to go and what to do next (the mini-map will also help in solving this problem).

Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to 60

  • The main objective of the quest chain is highlighted in red– The name, elite affix, and health bar of the monster you need to deal with will be displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Before you go, turn on automatic collection in the “Settings” menu ALL items. Even if some item seems “unnecessary“, it can be dismantled at the blacksmith. Additional materials or, for example, in-game currency will be valuable resources both in the early and later stages of the game.

 Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60

  • If the goal of the first day is to reach the maximum level as soon as possible, during the main quest chain as little as possible be distracted by so-called “points of interest“. The only ones worth having fun with are the elite monsters(the “skull” sign on the map) and huge swarms of mobs to replenish your inventory with new resources and possibly better equipment.
  • Always check your inventory for better equipment or weapons – if the upper right corner of the inventory screen is highlighted, it means that a good thing has fallen into the bag.

Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60

 Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60 for magical - intelligence).</li><li>Take care of the character's HP. Do not expose yourself to enemy attacks so as not to waste precious potions to restore health in vain.</li><li>Once the starting location is completed, a new zone will open in front of the player, referred to as <strong>Ashwold Cemetery</strong> [<em >Ashwold Cemetery</em>], on the territory of which the <strong>acquaintance with the blacksmith</strong> will take place.</li><li>In the future, visit the blacksmith every time you approach a large city or stop at small safe locations inside which the NPC in question is present. With it, you can free up your inventory by clearing your bag of

Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to 60

  • Most of the side quests are not worth the effort. If the goal of the first day is to take the maximum level as soon as possible, and not to study the lore and the integral history of the world, do not be distracted by their implementation. Exceptions may be tasks whose tasks include killing large groups of mobs; no more.
  • Kill any Treasure Goblins that get in your way. These mobs are a valuable source of both in-game currency and interesting items.
  • On the territory of Westmarch [Westmarch] take time to complete learning quests to learn important gameplay.

Once the player reaches lvl 30 and completes the main storyline in the Sands of Shazzar [Shassar Sea Zone], the system will issue a new quest that requires you to get to level 35. At this point, it is DO NOT to complete the side quests that have been encountered previously, since leveling on missions will significantly reduce the speed of obtaining maximum lvl.

Leveling in Diablo Immortal after level 30 (like farm experience)

Tier locations

At the moment, there are 5 “closed” locations, the study of which is possible after reaching a certain level.

< /tbody>

LocationLevel Required
Zolton Kull Library— Level 35;
Bilefen— Level 40;
Zawain Peak— level 46;
Frozen Tundra– level 51;
Realm of Damnation [Realm of Damnation]is level 56.

[Battle Pass]

 Leveling guide in Diablo Immortal from level 1 to level 60

As soon as the game system confronts the average user with restrictions on entering new locations, the Battle Pass will become a real helper in leveling up higher levels. The codex will offer a layer of new activities, for the completion of which the so-called Combat Experience will be issued. It will later allow you to move the progress of the Battle Pass.

Thus, already from level 30, you can not only rapidly increase lvl, but also get useful items: game currency, ordinary gems, legendary gems, etc.

Battle Pass Activities in Diablo Immortal

Essence Farming

Monsters roaming the open multiplayer world have a chance to “drop” after their death the so-called monster essence — unusual yellow spheres intended to be offered to the Horadrim altar.

By collecting 10 such sacred relics , exchange them in any active city to receive 40 points Battle Pass.


Dungeons are the second activity that gives Battle Pass points after each playthrough (on average, you can get from 15 to 20 BP points).

The main advantage of such a farm is that the dungeons are a closed location. The player will not have to compete with other users for huge stacks of mobs in open spaces for the sake of precious Battle Pass points, and this is exactly what everyone who decides to compete for the aforementioned essences will have to face.

At the start, most of the active zones will be filled, so think about gathering a cohesive team to clear the dungeons.

The fastest and most convenient dungeons are The Mad King’s Refuge [Mad King’s Breach] and Forgotten Tower [Forgotten Tower ].

 Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60

Ancient Rifts

Diablo Immortal leveling guide from level 1 to level 60

Ancient Rifts or Rifts [Elder Rifts] is another activity that gives 10 points Battle Pass. They will not take much time to complete, and the use of rare or legendary glyphs will increase the chance of obtaining strong legendary gems – a valuable resource, necessary to enhance equipment and weapons of any class.

Daily quests

Daily quests are eight mini-quests, the completion of which will significantly speed up the completion of the Battle Pass. They are extremely important at first for gaining experience and progressing through the BP, which offers good bonuses.

More useful and regularly added information can be found in the Diablo Immortal section.

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