Magnificent Arataki's epic bug fight in Genshin Impact: how to win


Genshin Impact Magnificent Arataki Bug Epic: How to Win

In Genshin Impact, Magnificent Arataka Bug Epic is a 3.4 event where you can participate in onikabuto battles. As you complete challenges, you'll earn a variety of rewards, including Source Stones, Morata, and Ascension Materials. In this guide, we will tell you how to start the event and win all the battles.

How to start the event “Glorious Arataki's Epic Bug Fight”

The event started on February 16, 2023 at 10:00 server time, and will end on the 27th of the same month at 05:59. It consists of 5 stages, access to which will be opened gradually (on a daily basis). To take part in it, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have at least 30 adventure rank. In a separate article, we gave tips on how to improve it.
  • Complete the “Escape from Rito Island” quest, which is part of the Archon quest “An Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia”.
  • Complete the Archon quest “A Dangerous Path” (optional).

Epic fight bugs of the magnificent Arataki in Genshin Impact: how to win

Note that the last mission will increase interest in the story component of the event, however, if you have not reached it yet, you can skip this quest using the “Quick start” option in the event menu. If all the conditions are met, you should automatically start the first task of the event.

Passage of the quest “Epic battle of the magnificent Arataki bugs!”

Go to the city of Inazuma to the marked location. After that, a long cut-scene with Itto and his gang immediately starts. After learning the details of the upcoming tournament, head to the arena (you will automatically move to the right place). Approach the leader of Arataki to watch another cutscene.

Glorious Arataka's epic bug fight in Genshin Impact: how to win

Epic fight bugs of the magnificent Arataki in Genshin Impact: how to win

Next, you will need to participate in a mock battle. Before that, carefully study the instructions for battles using onikabuto bugs. Now talk to Elyktra, standing nearby, and start the battle. The debut duel is quite simple – you just need to follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Epic fight bugs of the magnificent Arataki in Genshin Impact: how to defeat v-genshin-impact-kak-pobedit-f87d9d0.jpg

When the battle is over, watch another cut-scene. After that, the task will come to an end. As a reward, you will receive 20 Primogems, 2 Hero Books, and 20,000 Mora. You can now take part in the first challenge of the event.

Cheerful Rockbreaker (Day 1)

Find the Provisioner of Danger near the arena and start a dialogue with her. Then select the difficulty level (this screen will also show the characteristics of the onikabuto enemy): we advise you to immediately select “Unbending Resolve”. Then complete the Berserk level.

Epic fight bugs of the magnificent Arataki in Genshin Impact: how to defeat v-genshin-impact-kak-pobedit-1fe5349.jpg

Cheerful Rockbreaker Features

The main feature of this beetle can be called its serial attack, which consists of three consecutive hits. Time your counterattack carefully to avoid getting hit.

How to defeat the Vigorous Rockbreaker

Hold the Forward button to spend stamina and deal damage to the enemy. Remember that pressing the button quickly won't do any damage to the enemy.

You will need to accurately reach the enemy's position in order to perform a trample. Therefore, when holding the “Forward” button, do not forget to evaluate its position and look not to overdo it with charging, otherwise you will miss. Charging an attack can put you within range of Vigorous Rockbreaker, so it's a good idea to use Trample after its burst attack. Don't forget that you can cancel the counterattack by pressing Space.

Use the back button to avoid consecutive enemy attacks. Try to keep a safe distance from him by keeping an eye on the bright red rectangle on the ground, which shows the range of the enemy attack.

However, if you get too far away from an enemy, they will most likely trigger Lightning Strike. If you see a purple circle appear on the ground, then immediately exit it using the forward or back buttons.

Of course, you need to constantly monitor your stamina so that it does not suddenly run out when you need to urgently retreat from the enemy.

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