Metal Slug Infinity mid-game progression guide

Metal Slug Infinity mid-game progression guide

I’ve finally reached level 100, and thought I would share some tips. If you disagree, leave a comment so I can fix it!
Note: This is for a player that doesn’t run the game all day. I focused pushing max level and do returns maybe twice a day. If you run the game often, consider also focusing on battle / march speed and teleport.

Metal Slug Infinity mid-game progression guide

General tips

Building your team

Ideally you want your main team to buff each other. By buff we are talking about level buffs that are shared, as well as skills (team buff) that work well together. The game pushes you to build ARMY (Marco and friends) in the beginning, and building a team of six works well. When you “Deploy” your team for main map or PVP, take note of the number under the pair. Ideally, you will want to pair a unit with a slug that gives you the highest number.

Units from dungeons

See what units you want to build from dungeons. Your main team of course, as well as units with good possession bonuses. E.g. Dog mummy, Mummy, Invader, Fat zombie, Zombie (guild shop) help with quest/soldier costs. Ring Laser Mecha, Chowmein-conga with unit level cap. These will help push the max stage you can reach before returning for medals. Also units that boost speed, return stage and teleport add icing to the cake. In general, if there’s a unit that’s close or easy to +1 star, go for it because it boosts your max level of all units as well as more bonus medals on returning. It’s also good to know you can keep promoting (adding stars) to a unit to improve their possession bonus. E.g. Mummy unlocks Quest gold reward bonus at 3 star, and improves with each bonus star added (at 5* provides 500%)

Refresh the unit store

Regularly refresh the unit store, slug store, alliance store for stuff to buy with medals. Basically freebies! Also don’t forget the free box in the store > soldier slug tab for the free box.


Try to run maps you have at gotten at least 2 stars for rift stones; 3 stars even better to provide the small +3 artifact bonus. Provide nice bonuses on main map even if the paired unit isn’t deployed. 2* any artifact that boosts your type (rebel, army, other). 2* Fat zombie, Shielded soldier, RING LASER mecha, Nadia and 4* Vanguard for quest gold bonuses. Then 4* Marco, MARS people, Gattling gun, for bonus return medals.


I kinda put slugs on the back-burner because it’s really luck on what you get for slugs. Pay attention to how slugs boost the paired score, generally higher is better. Could probably write a whole guide on which slugs are best, but my knowledge is limited.

H coin use (Listed by priority)

  1. Warbooks > Buy the core warbooks that boost your team. After you have those, get any extra for slugs with coin cost reduction. ALSO buy 2 warbooks in each group C, G, and I even if you don’t use them. Gives a bonus for Boot Camp.
  2. Boost your warbooks to get the set bonuses. Getting soldier / quest reduction is nice for pushing max level before returning.
  3. PVP store > when you have extra, grab the Flying soldiers to expand warbook slots

Gem use (Listed by priority)

  1. Warbook capacity > Increase the limit of warbooks til you hit the cap.
  2. Dungeon runs > I like to spare 200 gems for an extra 6 runs a day. Focus units on your team as well as ones with good possession bonuses or near promotion.
  3. Enhance warbooks. Pay special attention to set bonuses, like ones that reduce soldier / quest costs.
  4. Enhance units. Your main team, at least enough to get the level buffs. Other units to get bonus medals on return. I would +1 any 5* units whether used or not for extra return medals.
  5. Tap on the top left to access commander info, and select the base tab. It’s good to invest some gems into these for faster runs and bonus medals. Make sure to check out the members and consider promoting the listed to further enhance these categories.
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