Mirage Velurium Quests in Genshin Impact: How to Get Started


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In Genshin Impact, Mirage Veluriam quests are side quests that can be completed in the temporary summer region as part of Patch 3.8. As a rule, in order to start such missions, you need to visit a certain place, talk with specific characters, progress through the plot of the main event, or find a secret item.

In this guide, we will indicate all the world quests presented in Mirage Veluriam, and we will also tell you how to take on their implementation, and what rewards you can receive after completing the tasks. We will give links to detailed walkthroughs of all missions. We also advise you to keep an interactive map of the region in front of your eyes.

Three imaginary days of Daya

A quest chain consisting of four tasks and telling about the beginning of adventures in a new area.

Daya's Three Days of Dreams

  • Requirements: unknown
  • Location: unknown
  • How to start: unknown
  • Reward: 20 Source Stones, 150 Adventure XP, and 25,000 Mora

Black Crystal and Gold-Eating Kraken

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