Mobile Legends — Complete Argus Guide

Mobile Legends — Complete Argus Guide Guides

Mobile Legends — Complete Argus Guide


Passive: Warmonger

The passive is very dependent on your HP. The lower the life, the better. The passive makes you do a quick double AA once your rage bar is full. The lower the HP, the faster the rage bar fills.

1st skill: Demonic Grip

Never, I repeat, NEVER use this to initiate a team fight, unless you are sure of getting a kill and leaving unscathed. Demonic Grip has one of the longest dashes in game, but comes at a huge cooldown cost. Only use this when trying to escape from a fight you cannot win. Alternatively, you can use this to catch limping heroes against a fight with you. Keep in mind that his 1st skill is also a short stun (a bit longer than Balmond’s stun from his dash). If used correctly, you can cancel a bunch of other heroes’ skills. It also allows you to land at least one AA at an enemy hero before the stun is gone.

2nd Skill: Meteoric Sword

Use this skill to clear creep waves, jungle, last hit – pretty much everything. The skill is perfect for many situations. Its got high burst damage, great for stealing jungle/killing heroes with quarter health.

Another thing is it has a slow effect accompanying its blood trail, which boosts your hero’s speed. This skill is best used to initiate a fight. Hide in a bush or walk up to someone, then hit them with the second skill (Be a little advanced, the skill has some charging time and it also comes with a veeeeery tiny dash as well). The burst damage will make squishy heroes panic and will make them use their flicker. Easily catch up with them by walking on your blood trail.

3rd Skill: Eternal Evil

The skill that makes Argus special. NEVER use this when charging at enemies head on. Let me rephrase that, just don’t charge head on. Your ulti is easily countered. So, how to deal with it? Do not come in at a clash first, let your tank dive in. Then, try to surprise enemy backline. Wait in bush, then burst anyone who tries to retreat. If they almost kill you, use your ultimate, then grab on to them with your 1st skill – Easy kill.

Another tactic is to act weak. In the early game, he is weak – but do not underestimate him. Many players underestimate him and try tower diving him in the early game. When the enemy is locked onto you and is low life, use your ultimate, then stab with your second skill. If enemy attempts to escape, grab on with 1st skill.

Mobile Legends — Complete Argus Guide

Battle Spells

  • Flicker works well, only if you’re passive-aggressive. This battle spell copes with Argus’ lack of mobility.
  • Retribution isn’t that good, but it works only if you are in a decent team comp. NEVER use this in high ranks.
  • Aegis works too, but your farming capability becomes extremely hampered and your burst is compromised. This is however coped up for with a tiny bit of durability.
  • Inspire is hands down the best battle spell for Argus. It’s perfect in any situation. It can be used for fast farm, and this spell helps you kill or burst down enemy heroes faster.



This emblem is useless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but use it if you have no choice


Fighter emblem is great, but it’s not really the best for Argus. Festival of Blood, Disabling Strike, and Unbending Will seems perfect for him, but Argus needs burst damage. (Yes he’s burst, but he needs more :D)


The only great emblem talent from the Jungle emblem tree is the “Mage Killer” talent. It makes Argus great at taking objectives as it deals more damage to turrets, Lords, and Turtles. It also makes Argus’ jungle effectiveness greater with the “Brutality” talent checked (up to 21% extra damage to jungle monsters).


This is the perfect emblem for Argus in my opinion. There are two emblem talents you can go for: High and Dry, and Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter can help you snowball in the early game and mid game, but the best for me is High and Dry. Extra 6% damage when 1v1ing an enemy is really great.


My personal Favorite (for ultra-aggressive people) Rapid Boots, Berserker Fury, Blade of Despair, Corrosion Scythe, Windtalker, Endless Battle

The lack for lifesteal in the early game is compensated with huge amounts of burst. Become dependent on your ult, and capitalize it in every single way. 100% of damage dealt during ulti period is converted to your Health Pool. With BF and BoD, not only your melting enemies, but your HP regenerates as well.

Secondary (for people wanting to try out first) Haa’s Claws, Swift Boots, Berserker Fury, Scarlet Phantom, Corrosion Scythe (the 5th item slot is flexible), Blade of Despair

Change the item in the 5th slot according to your liking, or according to the game (Example: build Twilight armor against Aldous, build Deadly Blade against Thamuz or Ruby, etc.)

My 2nd Favorite (Anti-Tank)

Swift Boots, Demon Hunter Sword, Berserker Fury, Scarlet Phantom, Deadly Blade, Blade of Despair.

In Game

Early Game

DON’T BUILD JUNGLE ITEM. Go to the bottom lane. Clear creep waves and farm as much as possible. If you’ve built boots, try and gank the mid lane. Harass the enemy mid laner often. If enemy did not take the crab, start to kill it (use inspire if crab is at half life). Try to lane with a tank/mage and aggro the enemy as much as possible. Harass with your 2nd skill, but never engage with your 1st skill (unless harassing mid laner, this is the only time you should use your 1st skill to at least poke him with your 2nd).

Don’t be over aggressive like when using Lancelot or Martis

Don’t forget to PUSH (preferably, start when game hits 3 minutes). It gives you map control and will pressure the enemy.

If enemy is aggressive and their pick is far superior than your team, then, there’s a slim chance of winning.

Mid Game

Argus is probably done building 2 or 3 items, depending on how much of a gold lead you’ve got. If you made it this far, then there’s a huge chance of a win. Harass the enemy carry by waiting in bushes by the jungle (position yourself correctly in way that the enemy is guaranteed to enter your bush). Once the enemy hero is about to enter, use your 2nd skill and use inspire (if you picked inspire). Enemy should be reduced to quarter HP if they don’t have dash skills. If they try to escape, use your 1st skill to catch up and finish the kill.

During a clash, try to aim for enemy backline. Alternatively, if enemy has the upper hand, you can do one of two things. One, protect your carry from enemies as much as possible. Try to make your carry farm, lane, or push in peace while they gain more gold than the enemy (PEELING). Another technique is to wait and come in last minute at a fight. When both your team and the enemy retreat from each other from a close clash, surprise the enemy by popping out of the bushes and picking them off one by one. The latter served me better in my Argus career, but the first option also works quite well.

Keep PUSHING. Argus is a beast at pushing. By this stage, you should have pushed 2 to 3 turrets (preferably more).

Late Game

Argus has most or all of his items. At this stage, he’s the boss of the game (yeah yeah there’s Aldous but who cares lol). The burst he has is so much that your enemies retreat at the sight of you. You have owned the game. Slowly kill the enemy one by one (Argus cannot take 1v5) and end the game ASAP.

Some more tips

Against certain enemy heroes

  • Aldous – Build twilight armor, and try to use your ulti just as he is about to slap you a second time. If he uses second skill, try to run towards him without getting hit by the stun, then grab on with your 1st.
  • Gusion – Counter on early game. Invade the Goblin if Gusion lanes with you. If he tower dives, use ult.
  • Alu(feed?)card – Deadly blade, or just finish him while ulting
  • Tank team – Use Fallen Sword, and change your build.
  • Mage team – Magic Res. Boots (sad I know)
  • Lancelot – 1st skill, ‘nuf said (ANALYZE)
  • Fanny – R.I.P. Just try to dodge her cables. Practice juking with a friend of yours.

You can counter most heroes by using the bush technique explained above.

Argus Pointers

  • 60% or more push damage goal
  • Get a fountain kill
  • Destroy the enemy nexus with no creeps
  • Cancel ultimates with your 1st skill
  • Catch and kill Helcurt even when he is using ultimate
  • Eat all the enemies’ skills and not die

Video Guide and Gameplay by TOP1 Argus in the World

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argus is pretty op in lvl 15 so you might want to use argus and like that i mean so op