Natan Build and Emblem Guide. Mobile Legends Bang Bang


1st of all, if you don’t know anything about Natan I suggest you go to the game & read his skills at least (and maybe one vs AI game) before you read this. I’m not here to introduce the hero, but how to build/play him. So let’s start this Natan Build and Emblem Guide, and how to play on the golden line in MLBB.

Natan Build and Emblem Guide. Mobile Legends Bang Bang


So for Natan we will be using the Support Emblem.

Tier1: You can choose movement speed or CDR depending on your preference. Natan has a Claude/Martis like stacking system so CDR will help you cast skills earlier & maintain stack easier. Full stacks give him 45% movement speed bonus so selecting movement speed can increase that to 55%. Choose what you prefer.

MLBB Natan Hero Guide: Best Build, Emblem, and Tips for the Spacetime  Walker | Codashop Blog BD

Tier2: Choose hybrid pen here. It’s the main reason we are using a support emblem.

Tier3: Avarice is the way to go for faster gold.

In max level emblem, you get 18 hybrid pen from this configuration. Since Natan converts physical pen to magic pen we get 18+18=36 magic pen at lvl 1

No hero has 20+ magic def at lvl 1(not counting emblem/ hero passive). So on a squishy with no def from emblem or item(eg: mm in gold lane will not use def emblem or boots) his effective magic def at lvl 1 becomes 15-36= -21. Use  this advantage to get an early kill & start to snowball the game.

Next we come to what items you build to keep the snow ball rolling.


The build is divided into 3 Groups with 2 items each. Lets explain them


Flat pen items: Arcane boots + Hunter’s Strike
Natan converts phy pen to magic pen so all pen is magic pen to him.
This gives him 36+12+15=63 magic pen. No heroes base magic def exceeds 40(not including item/emblem). So with 2 items alone, all squishy heroes(needs to build dmg from emblem & item) take negative def dmg from him.


Percentage pen items: Malefic Roar + Divine Glaive.
Natan’s passive also converts physical % pen to magic % pen.
So these 2 items give him 35+35+the item passives= 70-100% magic pen

Lets do some math now with these 4 items (for tl;dr the answers are in bold)

Let take a squishy hero with base def only. Magic base def is 40 & phy base def is 60 (approximately)
So that gives 35%+35%+(40*0.1)%+(60*0.05)%=77% magic pen.
So his effective def from Natan becomes: 40-(40*77%)-63=40-30.8-63= -53.8 magic def

Next a tankier Fighter with 100 magic & physical def:
100-(70+10+5)%-63= -48 magic def

Now a Tank gone mad. Your team was idiot & did not pick a reliable physical dmg dealer (mm is physical usually but Natan is magic dmg) Enemy tank built all magic def & got 260 magic def & 150 phy def. So tanky.
Now for Natan this becomes:
260-(70+20+7.5)%-63= -56.6 magic def  what?

Enemy Tank is Grock full magic def build+passive. Huge magic def 394 & phy def 287. Does Natan deal any dmg at all? Lets see:
394-(70+20+14)%-63= -60 magic def

GROUP3 Damage. Bring the pain.

So with 4 items you have reduced all enemy to -50 to -60 def. Now these last 2 items you build to deal more dmg to the enemy. Many items can be built here.
You can go for dmg Endless + BoD. Or crit using Beserker+Scarlet. Or go for atk spd using Corrosion S (only 3 atks for full stack). Or go for sustain using Haas Claws. Maybe go for sustain+ crit using Haas/Endless + Beserker? Or 1shot using Endless+Heptaseas? Whatever 2 items you feel deals the most dmg constitutes Group3

Note about Heptaseas: This item has both pro & con.

Pro: Natan Combo is s1+ basic atk which could trigger both passive of Heptaseas+Endless leading to 1shot( or atleast a nice burst.)
Also the 15 pen pushes the magic def for everyone to-60. But it’s still not recommended cause:
Con: Item dmg from Heptaseas is physical dmg & does not benefit from -50 effective magic def.

Neither does the item dmg from Endless Battle (100 true dmg will remain 100 but 100 magic dmg will increase from negative def)
Neither does the dmg from DHS (if Natan could convert item dmg to magic dmg, DHS+GS as Group3 items would put Karrie out of business)
You can still build these items, like Endless Battle for lifesteal/CDR/mana regen, just not for the physical/true dmg.


1st two items are Arcane boots + Fury Hammer (component of Hunter Strike) For 1.5k you get to 60 pen, so these 2 item are most effective if you want to continue the snowball from lvl 1 (you may need mana necklace/azure blade for mana regen sometime).

After these 2 items you need to judge which items you need to build 1st. Maybe Group3 Dmg item as enemy has not yet build any magic def? Or Group2 % pen items if enemy rushes Magic def? This depends on your judgement of the current situation about what you need the most.

Use Skills Guide

S1 is like YSS charged S2 or Brody S1.
S2 is a knock back cc like valir but smaller area.
S3 is a buff like irithel/zhask. More like Zhask as it is rooted in the area. The clone will move opposite of how you move so you can’t run too far without the clone disappearing. Do remember that the clones distance from the enemy will not affect the dmg. On the other hand, the clone being near enemy is useless unless you can atk the enemy

Tips & Tricks

The standard combo is s1-s2-basic atk or s2-s1-basic atk or s1-basic atk. S2 can be used to push away approaching enemies just like valir s2. (Not guaranteed to push all the way like valir s2 but the knockbck effect is there.)

His skills stack so you want to hit as many targets as possible. Getting 3 minion+1 hero in his s1 gets him 4 stacks right away increasing his atk spd by 60% & movement speed by 30% (even at lvl 1).

Tigreal/Atlas is good partner for Natan as he can easily gets stacks from bunched up enemies in their ultimates. Also his basic atk deals dmg to all units it passes through so everyone bunched up in the ult would take his basic atk dmg too.

Just like Sun/Zhask/ Popol Kupa ultimates, Natan ult increases his basic atk & skill dmg so you can use it to take tower lord etc. easily. (Should be common sense but might as well add it before someone comments)

Support emblem has zero crit chance. So you should build a Javelin(component of Beserker Fury; 320 gold, gives 8% crit chance) early on in the game. This will help increase your dmg. If you do not plan to build crit items, sell it to buy your 6th item later in the game. This will help speed up your farm.

Final Tip

Natan is an mm with mobility issues. So you need to play safe behind your tank. But sometimes you get caught or solo queue has no good tank. -60 def does not reduce enemy dmg to you after all. So you need to get the proper spell based on enemy line up. But even then you may need to build items to survive. Now I will tell you which items you can replace in this build for items like Athena, Wind of Nature etc.
1st of all don’t replace Group2 items. Just Group2+emblem will leave all enemies with -20-30 def.
Group3 dmg items can be replaced. Like build 1 BoD or Beserker & use the other slot for the replacement item. Just see if you are still dealing proper dmg.
However the most suitable to replace is actually Hunters Strike. Removing 15 pen still leaves enemies with around -35 def. You should still build fury hammer at the start & then sell it when buying the 6th item.

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