Omnivorous Gourmets in Genshin Impact: All Quests and Quests


Omnivores Gourmets in Genshin Impact: All Quests and Quests

In Genshin Impact, Omnivorous Gourmets are a lengthy quest chain consisting of several world quests and daily quests. Her actions take place in various parts of Teyvat and are almost always related to cooking or food. In this guide, we will explain how you can start this storyline, and provide links to the walkthrough of all its missions.

How to start the “Omnivorous Gourmets” quest chain

You won't be able to complete it right away – the first thing you have to do is complete the Archon quest “Escape from Rito Island”, which is part of the chapter “The Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia”. After that, go to the sandbank, located northwest of the village of Konda. Here you will find three characters – approach them to start the cut-scene.

Omnivorous gourmets in Genshin Impact: all quests and errands

Genshin Impact Omnivorous Gourmets: All Quests and Quests

Note that the very first quest is very short and looks more like some kind of random event, so you can easily forget about doing it. So if there is no one in the indicated place, then we advise you to try to take on the next quest from the chain.

All tasks and assignments “Omnivorous Gourmets”

The table below shows all the missions from the given line. They are listed in the order in which they are given out in the story, however, please note that the daily drops out randomly, so you may well go through some of them several times in a different sequence.

We have indicated the regions in which their actions take place, as well as the achievements and unique rewards unlocked during the completion of these quests. You can read walkthroughs and familiarize yourself with the conditions for opening them in separate guides, to which links are given.

< th scope="col">Walkthrough

< td class="center">LINK

< td class="center">Inazuma

< td class="center">Missing

< td class="center">Assignment

Name Type Region Achievements Unique Rewards
Omnivores! Setting the World Inazuma Missing Recipe: Cherry Tempura
Omnivorous Gourmets: About Shrines and Cherry Blossoms Setting the World Inazuma Missing Missing LINK
Omnivorous Gourmets: Coastal Hermits World Quest Inazuma Missing Recipe: Crab Korayaki LINK
Omnivorous Gourmets: Deep Divers Setting the World Missing Recipe: Onigiri LINK< /td>
Omnivorous Gourmets: A Culinary Adventure Setting the World Inazuma None Delicious Soup of jewelry LINK
Omnivore gourmets: a breakthrough in thinking Instruction Inazuma Bum Shaka Laka Again Missing LINK
Omnivorous Gourmets: The Importance of Eating Right Setting the World Inazuma Gourmet Samurai< /td>

Recipe: Assorted Sashimi LINK
Omnivorous Gourmets : food quiz Order Inazuma Diet question None REF
Omnivorous Gourmets: Extreme Cooking The Errand Inazuma Rice Samurai LINK
Omnivore Gourmet Culinary Showdown Inazuma Dinner for Two Missing< /td>

Omnivorous Gourmets: Where Are the Ingredients? Instruction Inazuma Missing Chicken Skewers with Mushrooms LINK
Omnivorous Gourmets: In Duty Setting the World Sumeru The pestilence is not the fault Missing LINK
Omnivorous Gourmets: Tidying Up Setting the World Sumeru Missing Recipes: Tandoor Chicken, potato boat and fish in cream sauce LINK

At this point in time, these are all world quests and dailies from the “Omnivore Gourmets” chain in Genshin Impact. This table should help you in completing absolutely all the missions of the corresponding quest line.

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