Passage of Romance Club. Heaven's Secret 2 Season 1

Romance Club Walkthrough . Heaven's Secret Season 2 1

The most detailed guide and walkthrough of the Romance Club. Secret of Heaven 2 season 1, with which you will find out what answers and decisions you need to make to get the desired ending and start a romance with a particular character. We will also talk about all the options for increasing Strength, Coolness, Temperament, Fame and other characteristics.

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The new story is a direct continuation of the original, where the main character died and ended up in the world of angels and demons. Thanks to immortality, she was able to get incredible power and power, but soon a force may come that can take everything from her. It is noted that Alice, who came up with the plot of the first part, is again responsible for the script.

We will warn you in advance that in this visual novel you will not be able to immediately move along all existing routes, so you should choose your main favorite, storyline and attributes for promotion as early as possible. We also don't usually write down answers that don't affect the plot in any way.

Series 1 – Scorched World

First of all, you will need to choose a name (we left the default Vicky) and the appearance of the heroine . Then you need to choose a new outfit and hairstyle (does not affect the plot):

  • Order (costs 22 crystals).
  • The New Law (Costs 27 Crystals).
  • Pure Intentions (Costs 27 Crystals).
  • Restraint (Costs 27 Crystals).
  • Severity (Costs 22 Crystals).
  • Sincerity (worth 27 crystals).
  • Uncompromising (worth 27 crystals).
  • Meekness (free of charge.

If in the original we managed to follow the path of high Glory all seasons, then we will immediately be given +2 to Strength.Then we notice a rider taking the souls of the dead.Suddenly, darkness arises.What will we answer?

  • We accept the help of darkness (we will receive advice, and at the end of the episode we will be given +1 to Strength).
  • Reject the help of darkness (we will not receive advice).

Romance Club Walkthrough. Secret of Heaven Season 2 1

We wake up in our room. We learn that the events of the second part take place 10 years after the story told in the first part. Deciding who we end up as?

  • Angel (we will get the corresponding look).
  • Demon (we will get the corresponding look).

Next, select the wings of the angel (if we chose this path):

  • Morning Dawn (costs 27 crystals).
  • Stardust (costs 104 crystals and grants +1 Strength).
  • Inconspicuous (free).
  • li>

Next, select the wings of the demon (if you chose this path):

  • Dusk (there are 27 crystals).
  • Devil's Agony (costs 104 crystals and gives +1 to Strength).
  • Non-descriptive (provided for free).

The heroine will take place in the Council of the Citadel. Being in the Citadel, the capital of heaven, we encounter a stranger who will ask us for directions. What do we say?

  • We lie to her about where we need to go (there will be consequences for our action).
  • We say we don't know (it doesn't affect anything).< /li>
  • We explain how to get to the place she needs (there will be consequences for our action).

We get to the hall where the council meets. Its participants will argue with each other. What are we going to do?

  • Take it easy until everyone calms down (Vicky gains +1 Coolness).
  • Keep everyone quiet (Vicky gains +1 Temperament).

We find out that Shepfa disappeared, and various anomalies began to occur in the world. What do we say?

  • You need to fix this problem somehow (Wiki will lose -1 Strength).
  • Maybe it's too early to worry? (Wiki will gain +1 to Cold Blood.)
  • You can't turn a blind eye to this (Vicky will get +1 to Temperament).

Let's go to the school of angels and demons. On our way there will be a cobblestone. What do we do (timed choice)?

  • Turn back (Wiki will lose -1 Strength).
  • Speed ​​up (Wiki will lose -1 Strength).
  • Turn left (Vicky will lose -1 Fame).
  • Turn right (Wicky will gain +1 Strength).

Talk to the teacher, and then start to remember the guys.

  • We remember Mimi by spending 27 crystals (we will improve relations with a friend).
  • We do not remember (does not affect anything).

We continue to remember:

  • We remember Dino by spending 27 crystals (we will improve relations with the guy).
  • We do not remember (does not affect anything).

We continue to remember:

  • We remember Lucifer by spending 27 crystals (improve relations with the guy).
  • Do not remember (does not affect anything).

We think to ourselves whether their children will turn out to be as strong as he was …?

  • We remember Malbonte by spending 27 crystals (we will improve relations with him).
  • We do not remember ( does not affect anything).

Let's look at our father, which will make us sad. How do we answer?

  • You may be right (Vicky will get +1 to Coolness).
  • I can't help it (Wicky will get +1 to Temperament).< /li>
  • I'm confused (Wiki will lose -1 Strength).

Romance Club Walkthrough: Heaven's Secret Season 2 1

A new meeting in the Citadel will begin. Scouts will talk about what they managed to see. Then there will be an explosion and the girl from our dream will appear, who is the embodiment of the Plague. What do we do?

  • We fight back by spending 22 crystals (Vicky gets +2 Strength).
  • Waiting for the right moment (doesn't affect anything).
  • It's crazy to fight her.

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