Passage of Romance Club. Through Storm and Fire Season 2


Walkthrough Romance Club. Through the Storm and Fire Season 2

The most detailed guide and walkthrough of the Romance Club. Through Storm and Fire season 2, where you will find information about all the decisions and their consequences. You will learn which dialogue answers to choose to increase such characteristics as the Spirit of the Sea, Spirit of the Wind, Pragmatism, Inspiration and Morale, as well as start a romantic relationship with your favorite characters.

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In the second season, you will be able to find out how the story of a young girl who lives in a world where a global catastrophe occurred in the past that destroyed most of humanity ended. In addition, options that do not have consequences for the plot, we usually leave without description or explicitly indicate that they do not affect the story. Some phrases may be changed, but without losing their meaning.

Romance Club Walkthrough. Through Storm and Fire Season 2

This visual novel has a complex branching structure, where almost any choice can lead to different results, so the presented walkthrough may not exactly match your gaming experience. If you found an alternative route or got a different result, you can write about it in the comments to the guide.

Link to the passage of the 1st season

Episode 1

The passage of new episodes of the game will appear after the release of the next update, scheduled for February 16-18, 2023…

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