Quota at Lethal Company: how to fulfill and hand over scrap metal


Quota in Lethal Company: how to complete and hand over scrap metal

At Lethal Company, the quota is the minimum amount of scrap metal you need to find and turn in to the company without getting fired. Over time, the corporation will begin to increase the quota, making it increasingly difficult to meet. In this guide, we will give some tips for beginners and more experienced players that will help you collect the required amount of scrap faster.

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How to meet the quota in Lethal Company

The gameplay can be roughly divided into two stages: beginner and advanced. The first involves avoiding risk and obtaining a low but relatively safe income, while the second requires a constant flirtation with death. Experienced players can skip the first section, which is mainly for beginners, and go straight to the second.

Quota in Lethal Company : how to complete and turn in scrap metal

Note: Regardless of whether you are a new player or a Lethal Company veteran, we highly recommend that you play with a large team, as the larger the people in the squad, the higher the likelihood that the mission will be successful. You can even install mods to increase the group size.

Tips for gaining a quota at the start of the game

The first quotas are relatively small, so you can complete them on moons with an easy difficulty level without any problems. We recommend that you alternate between the Experimentation and Assurance satellites. Although you will find a little more resources on Vow, in the forest you can encounter a huge ancient one that can instantly deal with the player.

Quota in Lethal Company : how to complete and hand over scrap metal

Note: On average, in one outing on the first two planets you can find approximately 200-550 credits worth of scrap, which is more than enough to cover the starting quotas .

After landing on the moon, assign roles to each other in advance. If you are playing together, then you will have to go to the complex together in search of resources, otherwise you may not have time to collect the required amount of junk. However, in this case you will have problems with turrets and security doors (sliding ones), since there will be no one to open them.

In a three-player game, one crew member must remain on the transport to keep an eye on enemies, guide allies, disable traps, and open doors. The rest should go into the complex through the main entrance in search of the most valuable items. If there is a fourth player on the team, then he can be sent to the fire exit to find less expensive, but still lightweight items.

Quota in Lethal Company: how to fulfill and hand over scrap metal

Fourth player can also play the role of a loader, that is, carry scrap to a ship left by two other crew members at the entrance to the complex. Otherwise, the team will have to carry the load through open areas in the dark, when many monsters are out hunting.

Note: The role of a loader can also be periodically assumed by a coordinator located on the ship. However, while he carries materials, the team will remain unobserved. Let us add that it is best to leave the object no later than five or six o'clock in the evening, before the most dangerous monsters begin to appear on the moon.

As for the choice of items purchased in the store, when playing with two players, you can limit yourself to a couple of ordinary flashlights. If there are three or more people in the squad, then be sure to take two walkie-talkies in addition to flashlights (you can just take one professional flashlight). Leave one radio to the coordinator on the ship, and give the second to the leader of the search group.

Quota at Lethal Company: how to fulfill and hand over scrap metal

Quota in Lethal Company : how to complete and hand over scrap metal

Later you can buy shovels (shovel) to destroy weak monsters – this will allow you not to run away from them, losing precious time and resources (you will most likely have to throw away a heavy one crowbar), but just kill them in close combat and move on.

Once you have gained experience, you can go to mid-level satellites – we recommend choosing March, since this moon has several fire exits and you can collect beehives. At this stage, you can already invest in a teleporter to instantly move your allies to the ship when they are in danger.

Next we will give some general recommendations:

  • Remember that different scraps have different values. Sometimes prices may differ by 3-4 times. By the way, you can get acquainted with them in a separate guide. Given your limited inventory and time to collect, it would be wise to take with you those items that cost more.
  • If you are carrying a heavy item with both hands and you still have an empty slot in your inventory, then do not pass by small scrap metal. Lower the heavy object to the floor, place a small crowbar in the backpack, and then pick up the first weight again and run on.
  • Don't forget to scan the surrounding area by pressing the right mouse button. You will get into the habit of right-clicking as soon as you enter a new room – this way you will definitely not miss a single scrap (marked in green).
  • After arriving on the new moon, be sure to enter the scan command in the terminal to find out how much scrap there is on it, and how much money you can get from its sale. This will allow you to roughly calculate your current profit.
  • If your teammates die, you will receive a penalty from the corporation. However, you can reduce it or even cancel it if you bring their corpses on board the ship. A teleport can significantly simplify the collection of bodies, since you will only need to enter the nickname of a deceased player into it, so that it will immediately transfer the character’s corpse to the transporter.
  • On the first day of work, the company will buy the scrap you collected for 30% of its original cost, on the second – 53%, on the third – 73%, and on the last – 100%. So, it makes sense to turn in your junk on the final day to get the most money. However, the longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that your entire squad will die and you will lose all your savings. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly calculate the risks and sell scrap metal first, as soon as you reach the required quota.
  • You should not sell all collected items if the income from them exceeds the current quota. The fact is that all additional loans will not be taken into account when calculating the next quota. So save some things (like gold bars) and sell them after the new quota kicks in.
  • Remember that you will need to buy consumable items each time, so try to always collect more scrap than the quota requires. Don't spend extra money on decorative items, as they don't provide any practical benefit to players. You can read more about useful tools in our separate guide.

Tips for gaining quota in the late game

On the March satellite, you can focus on collecting bee hives, which are quite expensive, but beware of the bees and always have a teleporter ready. Thanks to a large number of fire exits, you can quickly deliver cargo to the ship when playing with a large team.

Quota in Lethal Company: how to fulfill and hand over scrap metal

Hide from the guardians of the forest and blind dogs behind the hills and do not try to attack them with shovels, since the former cannot be killed, and the latter are very living. You can collect scrap on this planet until 10 pm, but at night you will encounter extremely dangerous monsters. Your main goal here is to save up for the quota and an additional 700 credits.

Once you have the required amount, buy a ticket to Titan, which is the most profitable satellite in the game. Its main advantage is that the fire exit and the main door are located next to each other, and the ship is located right next to them. This way, you can drop the cargo from above directly onto the platform so that the coordinator can quickly carry it into the transport vehicle.

Quota in Lethal Company: how to fulfill and hand over scrap metal

We advise the coordinator to purchase an inhaler (TZP-Inhalant) and a jetpack (Jetpack) so that he can carry things even faster. He may also need a boombox, since after three o'clock in the evening blind dogs will begin to appear, which can be distracted by the music player.

The rest should definitely buy professional flashlights (pro-flashlight) and a retractable ladder ( extension ladder). The latter needs to be placed on the edge of the cliff near the main entrance, as shown in the screenshot below. Store the collected items near the door, and then periodically throw them down the stairs – this will greatly simplify the task for the loader located near the ship.

Quota in Lethal Company : how to process and hand over scrap metal

Remember that in addition to the quota, you also need to collect 700 credits to return to Titan, so collect junk in abundance. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources on this satellite. The enemies will be of the highest danger class. If you encounter such a monster, then throw all the heavy things and run – your life at this stage is worth much more than some rubbish.

How to pass a quota in Lethal Company

Having collected the required amount of scrap metal to close the quota, open a terminal, enter the company command into it and confirm it by entering the word confirm. As a result, you will go to the planet where the corporation office is located.

Quota at Lethal Company: how to fulfill and hand over scrap metal

Once you land, exit the ship and run towards the red-lit counter. Place all the collected trash on it, and then press the bell a couple of times and move away. Soon a tentacle will appear that will take all the scrap and give you money. We talked about this in more detail in the guide about selling things.

Maximum quota

Many players are interested in whether there is a quota limit in the game. It is absent, that is, this value will constantly increase. Some crews have already managed to reach the figure of 5,000 credits by farming scrap on Titan like crazy.

Quota in Lethal Company: how to fulfill and hand over scrap metal

However, sooner or later, teams they fail to achieve the set values ​​and they are fired, opening the airlock on the ship and throwing people into outer space. Perhaps Lethal Company's ending will appear in future updates.

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