Realm Defense: Hero Legends — Awesome Guide for beginners

Realm Defense: Hero Legends — Awesome Guide for beginners Guides

How to start right — detailed guide

I just happened to send a detailed f2p experience after playing a month of Realm Defense: Hero Legends to a friend and thought of sharing it with you. I may have had a couple of things wrong so any suggestions & corrections are very much welcome and will incorporate. Hope this guide helps you.

Realm Defense: Hero Legends — Awesome Guide for beginners

You kick off your Daily Trial & Daily Login. Don’t buy 1500 gem heroes.

Your first heroes are Fee (Ranged, Active: Summon Wolf) and Lance (Melee-Tank -Support, Active: Shield Allies) and you should be able to finish World I with just them. After finishing the World I campaign, you unlock World II (Iceland, new towers). In World II, I mainly use the Baracks and Thor Towers only.

Save all your accumulated Gems from the Daily Trial, Daily Login, Campaign Mode, and Legendary Mode from World I to World II until you heap 3000 gems to unlock your third Hero: Mabyn (Melee-Nuker-Disabler, Active: Fear). You get mabyn by playing up to halfway World II.

Make sure to finish your quests too! Quests provide a bountiful source of gems early games especially from finishing Endless levels.

As you finish all Legendary Modes in World II, you notice you can’t unlock World III unless by having 6 heroes or getting to Gold League in Tournament. We do the latter.

Starting at Bronze League the Top 3 players with the longest times get promoted to the next league: Silver -> Gold -> Platinum
To help you with the Tournament you can use the Forge to craft Meteors which you should use in your run. A Meteor need 2 Armageddons. Armageddons are easily crafted using the basic potions which you can get from Endless. I suggest you watch the Advertisement then Raid Endless Mode every day to get you them spices. Don’t be afraid to use them meteors even in campaign.

After reaching Gold League, you unlock World III (Desert). Here, I often use the Necromancer and the Spear Archers (max bugs) with the former positioned ahead of the spears in a lane.

All your accumulated gems since buying Mabyn should be saved for your 4th Hero to replace Fee: Helios (Ranged-Tank-Nuker, Active: Enrage Allies) for 6000 gems or you can choose to defer buying a new hero to save for the next but Helios greatly helped me in tourney. Flying units sux.

To unlock World IV (Sky), you need to be promoted twice from Gold League. I did this by getting to Platinum League the week I got Helios. Then to Diamond the next week. In a month, with 4 leagues, once a week, you can get to Diamond.

In World IV, make sure to upgrade pyro towers with Cleanse ability. Attacking mobs can now debuff (slow) your towers and characters. Also, despite not being able to hit flying types, the boomerang towers once maxed with SLOW can kill. I remember starting a wave with just my heroes and a max boomerang with slow.

All your accumulated gems since buying Helios (or not) should be saved for your next hero to replace Lance which could either be: Yan (Ranged-Disabler-Support, Active: Break Armor & Slow) or Narlax (Melee-Tank-Nuker, Void Teleport and Suck) for 7500 gems; your call. You unlock Yan by 90 and Narlax by 110, currently the last level.

Remember, when the going gets tough, meteors are enough lol.

I chose Narlax ftw, hope he doesn’t get nerfed soon. With this new Arsenal you have better chances getting to Diamond League -> Master League -> Legendary League

As f2p the gems are hard to come by but I definitely had help from the Dailies especially nearing 30 days. You do the math.

Daily Trial

  • Day 23 – 40 gems *you should be saving for 7500 gems here
  • Day 24 – 130 gems
  • Day 27 – 130 gems
  • Day 28 – 200 gems
  • Day 29 – 300 gems
  • Day 30 – 500 gems
    and so on.. with new heroes and levels.

Daily Login

  • Day 1 – 70 gems
  • Day 3 – 90 gems
  • Day 7 – 100 gems
  • Day 14 – 150 gems *get ur Mabyn
  • Day 21 – 200 gems *get ur Helios
  • Day 28 – 300 gems
  • Day 30 – 500 gems *get ur Narlax
  • Day 1 – Sry doesn’t reroll.What you can do during your 1ST MONTH in RD


As a disclaimer, this section is going to assume that if you are reading this, you are a mostly new F2P player who hasn’t unlocked World 3 and therefore this list will not take Helios/Sethos into account. If you CAN buy Helios/Sethos, then for the love of Pharaoh buy Helios/Sethos first. Also this isn’t taking Blessed Status into count. For those new players, every week in a tournament one hero is considered Blessed wherein they get buffed in essentially every area. This technically makes every hero useful sometime, however this guide is not taking that into account, rather just looking at every hero on an even playing field:


Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself – hey Nosajje, why not get Mabyn first? After all you have her listed as part of the Holy Trinity and you have spent the last 10 minutes fawning all over her about how she’s the best hero since sliced bread. The reason being that while Mabyn is undoubtedly great, one thing you need more than anything else in this game is Anti-Air, and the two best units in the game at Anti-Air are Helios and Smoulder. Until you unlock Helios, there is no other hero that can perform that task better than Smoulder, hence why he must be the priority. Additionally, Smoulder is still a great unit. While outclassed by Helios, Smoulder is still fantastic and one of the best overall heroes.


See everything above for why Mabyn is awesome sauce.
(As a Disclaimer – after getting Mabyn I would begin saving gems to buy Helios/Sethos, however if you are desperate to keep buying heroes for some reason, here is the order in which I would continue to get them)


Obsidian is a good tank, and better than Lancelot. The issue, as I elaborated on further above, is that Obsidian is the poor man’s Sethos. However Obsidian is undoubtedly an upgrade over Lancelot. Additionally as mentioned on above, Obsidian will unlock Level 2 Abilities for Mabyn.


She is a great hero and very useful in almost all situations (vastly superior to any 1500 gem hero), the problem of course is that Mabyn is better. Also Efrigid will unlock Level 2 Abilities for Smoulder (and vice versa)


He is in a way…the poor man’s Efrigid/Mabyn. If you need a cheap semi DPS/semi CC unit, Bolton can sort of/maybe get the job done. However Efrigid and Mabyn are just overall vastly superior to him in every way. Back when I started and was ignorant of the game I bought Bolton first…and that was a mistake I regret.


Her DPS is negligible, however her bunny spawns can help stop break away units and to plug a weakening line. She is a useful unit in a way, and is unique in that no other hero can spawn as many units as she can in a pinch, but she ultimately suffers the same fate as Bolton – that Efrigid and Mabyn essentially do the same thing (stop units) and do it exponentially better.


He’s really kind of bad. His teleport ability can be useful and his shadow clones are cute, but really he just doesn’t bring enough to the table. He’s too fragile and while his DPS isn’t horrific, it doesn’t justify him being on your team.


He’s just bad. You shouldn’t get Hogan. He has no stopping power and horrible HP. He is DPS on a stick. However the saddest thing about Hogan is that the only thing he is supposed to do: DPS, he’s not even that great at. The reason his best friend is a pig is because this hero is garbage.

Elixir required to level up heroes

  • Fee: 2. 10 3. 18 4. 45 5. 81 6. 121 7. 163 8. 208 9. 253 10. 298 11. 313 12. 329 13. 345 14. 362 15. 380 16. 399 17. 419 18. 440 19. 462 20. 485 21. 655 22. 885 23. 1194 24. 1612 25. 2177 TOTAL: 11,654
  • Lancelot: 2. 0 3. 36 4. 65 5. 117 6. 210 7. 378 8. 380 9. 382 10. 384 11. 403 12. 423 13. 444 14. 466 15. 490 16. 514 17. 540 18. 567 19. 595 20. 625 21. 844 22. 1139 23. 1537 24. 2075 25. 2802 TOTAL: 15,416
  • 1.5k Heroes 2. 30 3. 54 4. 97 5. 175 6. 315 7. 567 8. 570 9. 573 10. 575 11. 604 12. 634 13. 666 14. 699 15. 734 16. 771 17. 810 18. 850 19. 893 20. 937 21. 1265 22. 1708 23. 2306 24. 3113 25. 4203 TOTAL: 23,149
  • 3k Heroes 2. 40 3. 72 4. 130 5. 233 6. 420 7. 756 8. 760 9. 763 10. 767 11. 806 12. 846 13. 888 14. 933 15. 979 16. 1028 17. 1080 18. 1134 19. 1190 20. 1250 21. 1687 22. 2278 23. 3075 24. 4151 25. 5604 TOTAL: 30,870
  • 7.5k (Yan) 2. 60 3. 108 4. 194 5. 350 6. 630 7. 1134 8. 1139 9. 1145 10. 1151 11. 1208 12. 1269 13. 1332 14. 1399 15. 1469 16. 1542 17. 1619 18. 1700 19. 1785 20. 1875 21. 2531 22. 3416 23. 4612 24. 6226 25. 8406 TOTAL: 46,300

I did not collect this data, found it on Facebook. Just thought I’d share it since it would get lost in the sea of comments.

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