Romance Club Walkthrough. Kali: Flame of Samsara Season 2


Walkthrough Club of Romance . Kali: Flame of Samsara Season 2

Detailed guide and walkthrough Romance Club. Kali: Flame of Samsara Season 2, with which you can find out what decisions and answers you should choose to get the best ending and start a romance with your favorite character. We will tell you about all the options that make it possible to increase the Pride, Passion, Heritage, Freedom and Dignity of the main character.

The second season continues the story of Devi, who is forced to marry a British lord. Let us remind you that we are talking about the prequel to Kali: Call of Darkness. The game takes place during the colonial occupation of India by the British army.

Walkthrough of the Romance Club of Kali: Flame of Samsara Season 2

Remember that in this game you will not be able to immediately follow all the existing routes, Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing your main chosen one, storyline and attributes for development as early as possible. Let us add that we usually do not describe answers that do not affect the plot in any way.

Stories in visual novels, as a rule, have a large number of different branches, which makes it very problematic to consider them all within one playthrough. If you have information on any branches or answers that are not in the guide, you can tell about it in the comments to the article.

Link to the passage of the 1st season

Series 1

A detailed walkthrough of the first episodes will appear after the release of the update, which is scheduled for release on June 20-21, 2024…

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